About Liz BlackX

I’m Liz, I’m a thirty-something woman from the Netherlands.

I’m a blogger, fiction writer and reviewer of sex toys.

My current interests are writing erotica about bimbofication and reviewing sex dolls.

Sex has always played a big part in my life, and when I discovered sex toys when I was eighteen years old, I was hooked.

My husband and I are in a 24/7 BDSM relationship where he is my Dominant.

I’m a writer foremost. I love escaping into my own world of tantalizing erotica.
Next to writing, I’m also a gamer. You can usually find me immersed in Tolkien’s Middle Earth while playing Lord of the Rings Online.
I love reading, mostly fantasy, historical fiction and rock star romances, which brings me to my next love: music. I’m a fangirl at heart with interests ranging from medieval-inspired Corvus Corax to metal bands Oomph!, Eluveitie and Epica, to the Northern Viking music of Wardruna and Danheim. I love visiting concerts and festivals. Nothing makes me happier than a minute or two of undivided attention from the artist I’m inspired by.
I also cross-stitch, and I have started a small vegetable garden in our backyard.

My four cats are my loyal companions, and you might occasionally see a tail of one of them on the pictures. Especially my black and white boy Vilir loves sex toys since he is addicted to silicone (don’t ask :p). He will catch one whenever he gets the chance.

I love taking walks in nature, and I’m most at ease when walking through a park or forest. For sports I do yoga, and I try to meditate to calm my ever-busy mind.

Apart from some mead and whiskey now and then, I don’t drink a lot.

I’m an introvert who’s most at ease in my own room typing away at my computer, whether they’re reviews or fiction.

In my blog posts, I share my view of the world and how I experience my BDSM lifestyle. I love sharing my experiences with you and hope to continue doing so for a long time to come.

E-mail: liz@lizblackx.nl

You can find my reviews of sex toys and books here: https://www.lizxlikes.com