Work With Me

Are you looking for a knowledgeable and open-minded writer in the realm of anything erotic? Then read ahead. I would love to work for you.

Guest Posts

I can write blog posts for you on the topics of sex, mental health, and BDSM in all its facets. The rate will depend on word count and how fast you would like the piece.

Samples of my non-fiction blog posts are:


I also write fiction. Most of my work is about BDSM, but I can write vanilla content too. I have written for, I have published audiobooks through Wordwooze Publishing, I have published e-books, and I would love to write for you.

I can write for you personally, for a fee, or for the website you host. I can also write a story for your erotica-themed anthology or other collaboration.

Samples of my fiction are:


I’ve been a sex toy reviewer since 2012, so I’m also open to reviewing sex toys for you. I review books and audiobooks too, preferably in the genres of erotica, romance, fantasy or science fiction.

Samples of my reviews are:

My preferences regarding sex toys to review are:

  • All products sent to me are free and will not be returned after use.
  • The products are safe to be used, which means made from non-porous materials like silicone, and lubricants without glycerine. I do not test anal toys or XL toys, simply because my body doesn’t agree with them.
  • My reviews are always honest. This may lead to a negative review of your product, but I still have the right to post this, without having to return the product to you.
  • I reserve the right to use pictures of your product in comparison blogs.
  • Any costs for postage and shipment are for the sender.

If you have any other idea to work with me, get in touch, and we can see if we can get to an agreement.

I would love to hear from you!

Liz BlackX

Twitter: @LizBlackX