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Fiction – Bart Gets Lucky
Free Sex Story about Sex Toys "Happy birthday, Bart, now blow out your candles!" His mother instructed. Image by Ventus17 from Pixabay  Bart inhaled deeply, and, with some...
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The Music of my Love Life: From Merengue to Rock
Love and Music Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash Music has always played a significant role in my life. When I saw the prompt for this meme, I...
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Inseparable in my World: BDSM & Sex
BDSM and Sex These two concepts, BDSM and sex, are inseparable in my world. When I first learned about sex as a teenager, I soon...
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Pleasure in Many Ways
Always Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash There are many ways pleasure can be used in one's life. For me, it's something I always return to, even in...
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Looking for Alternatives As everyone in the adult business knows, Mark Zuckerberg is hostile against any sexual content. His websites Facebook and Instagram do their...
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Fiction – The Power of Suggestion
Free Sex Story - Statistics Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash "Well, Nina, do you know why you are here?"Nina nodded. "Yes, Loyd explained you are running a...
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Libido During Lockdown: Stay Calm and Sexy
Strange Times My life is calm now, but you never know what's looming aheadPhoto by Alexander Smith on Unsplash All you hear on TV, on the news, and...
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Review of ‘Aura Duo’ by CalExotics
New Sex Toy Review sponsored by Tally Ho Sex Toys on
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Liz BlackX: The Dark Horse From a Small Town
Life's Strange Roads Photo by Maxim Kharkovsky on Unsplash Liz BlackX was destined for a great future. The child of two nurses, both hard-working and intelligent, there was...
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A Happy Healthy Marriage With Masturbation
Married Life Photo by Lana Abie on Unsplash My husband and I are in a happy marriage with a healthy sex life. We both masturbate separately from one...
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