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09/11/2018 @ 15:41
Okay, he was going to tell her about how his mother raised him on her own, but instead they started to share cookies and ended, well, elsewhere...
But I made my word count for today 😄
#amwriting #NaNoWriMo #Erotica
08/11/2018 @ 14:22
I made my daily word count! I so did not expect to make that today, since I have a social meeting this evening. I'm glad I saved the intense sex scene to write today 😆

#amwriting #NaNoWriMo #Erotica
07/11/2018 @ 21:43
I have a new guilty pleasure: the Netflix show ‘Insatiable.’
I don’t wanna stop watching, but I gotta get to bed. Maybe just one more...🤨
#amwatching #insatiable
Lizblackx photo
07/11/2018 @ 20:45
#Audiobook of Xander is getting rave reviews! “Xander and Liam are hot! Whether it's angry make-outs, the hot sex, or the explosive angst and emotions just bleeding out the story the two are great together.” Listen on Audible or iTunes! eBooks on KU! Lizblackx photo

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