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20/06/2018 @ 13:00
I'm no expert, but when steam comes out of your underwear it might be time to visit a doctor...

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20/06/2018 @ 10:01
Great interview by a great band! I’m looking forward to their new album ☺️🎧🎼🎶
19/06/2018 @ 22:38
some art heals. some art soothes. some art shouts and screams and yells. some art just tries to help the days go by a little faster. whatever it is you're making, it doesn't need to do everything. whatever art is moving you, allow it be what it needs to be. keep going.
19/06/2018 @ 19:00
"Good, good, glad you enjoyed it." He laughed at my unease. He held out his hand. Confused by why he would want to shake hands, I gave him mine. He pulled me in close. "I was going to sign the picture you're holding, but this is also fine. Better even."

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19/06/2018 @ 16:55
I reread one of my old stories and immediately got inspiration for my Christmas Rockstar Anthology story. I forgot the fun of being in love with a rock star!

Christmas, here I come!

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