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19/07/2018 @ 11:19
Funny how your brain works:

If I don’t go to the funeral, will my grandma be alive when I next visit her place?

#no #grievingsucks
17/07/2018 @ 13:19
My grandmother died last Thursday. I'm sorry for my silence on social media. It's a pretty hard blow. Next Friday is the funeral. The next couple of weeks my mind will not be entirely focused on sexy things. I'll soldier on.

#Sad #Heartbroken
12/07/2018 @ 22:08
"Thank you, Marissa, really." Again that weird sentence.
"For what?" I asked with a lazy smile.
"For being here. For being you. For being mine."
"For as long as you need me, Lars. For as long as you want me."

#amwritingRomance #Hot
12/07/2018 @ 12:33
We ordered a 3D printer, but instead we received three boxes with high speed spindles 😣

So that’s gonna be at least another week of waiting, if it’ll arrive at all. ☹️

#nothappy #waitingsucks

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