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13/09/2018 @ 0:00
'From Deirdre to Deedee' - an Erotic Bimbofication Tale Will Deirdre submit to him? Will she conform to all his wishes? Will she give it all up, even if it means losing her all? #Erotica #Bimbofication #Bimbo #EARTG #IARTG Lizblackx photo
07/09/2018 @ 16:44
Now available for pre-order!

'Bimbo in a Day' - Wayward Wives Modified No. 1

Ruben is fed up with his wife's lazy behavior. It's time for her to be modified.
Is bimbo Candy good enough to earn her husband a promotion at work?

#Bimbo #Erotica
Lizblackx photo
02/09/2018 @ 10:51
"Hand on her throat, my breath in her ear, her body held tight to mine, and me deep inside her" Single line drawing, ink on paper. Lizblackx photo
28/08/2018 @ 21:03
Dear Creative People,

It's easy to feel like you're not good enough when you spend your time studying the work of other people you admire.

But your work matters. To the people outside of your creative bubble, what you do is unique and wonderful.

You are not an imposter.
28/08/2018 @ 17:58
for every retweet i will pet this kitten and tell him he's a cute kitty Lizblackx photo

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