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20/03/2019 @ 19:41
It’s Ostara! Happy spring equinox, witches! May the start of the new season bring you joy, success, love and gratitude ✨

Take what you need and RT for other witches 🌈
20/03/2019 @ 13:56
“Does it ever get better?”

“Easier, but not better. When enough time passes, it’ll just be the new normal. It’ll still hurt, but you’ll numb to the pain. You get used it, and you’ll hate that you get used to it, but it’ll be easier.”
07/03/2019 @ 15:40
ONE MILLION sweet insomniacs & tingle lovers. A huge THANK YOU to each and every single one of you! There will be an appropriate celebration video soon! ❤️ Lizblackx photo
05/03/2019 @ 7:39
This is too accurate 😣
Lizblackx photo
Gaiidraws @gaiidraws2
Yikes. Am I the only one living my entire life somewhere on this cycle? @futomomomoe maybe you can relate?

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