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22/06/2018 @ 19:59
Our tongues circled each other, dancing to a song ignited by our passion. He massaged my breasts, teetering on the brink of pain and pleasure. I didn't care. I wanted all of him.

#amwriting #Erotica #rockstar #hot
22/06/2018 @ 19:38
@frankthorp A brief history of the cultural impact of the film IDIOCRACY:

2006: It's an unseen masterpiece!

2016: It was grossly elitist, really!

2018: Turns out it was unbearably optimistic!
21/06/2018 @ 21:51
Lovely @LesleyAnnBrandt is taking action to help children separated from their parents with her @gofundme page ‘Care Like a Demon’ Do good feel good. Thank you @LesleyAnnBrandt❤️
21/06/2018 @ 14:25
He was there—right there where she could reach out and touch him—the man she’d longed for and fantasized about all her life. But she couldn’t get close to him.
That running-up-and-jumping-on-him caper probably wouldn’t fly a second time.

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21/06/2018 @ 12:35
Today I talked with and cuddled with this dog on the street.

It wasn't until later I realized I hadn't greeted or even acknowledged his human. Sorry human!

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