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21/03/2018 @ 14:43
"I looked at the pictures. I understand why men would find that attractive, but why the giggling, the flirting? Don't you become jealous?" Richard smiled. "Clarissa is mine." It was a simple statement that seemed to contain the entire answer to the question.
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21/03/2018 @ 5:49
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21/03/2018 @ 5:49
Ready to spend some time #tiedup in the #dungeon with the captive queen?


A VERY #naughty adult #fantasy tale, only 99ยข: https://t.co/7HG05d5bny

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20/03/2018 @ 11:08
I forgot how tedious it is to build a website. But, I've got social media icons now and a functional footer. Yay!