Bare feet with toe tag in a morgue

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Content warning: It’s a crime story, there is aggression and murder in the following tale.

“Hi Nessa, so glad you could make it. Come in, sit down.”

Nessa followed him and took place at the other side of the desk.

“Did you have a good trip?” he asked to make her more comfortable.

Her smile radiated her face. “Yes, all was fine.” The twitching of her thumb over her skirt’s fabric gave her nerves away.

“I’m glad you’re here. Out of all the applicants I received for the video, I liked your pictures best. And you look just as fine in real life as you had on the photos.”

She smiled shyly at him. No girl could resist a compliment like that.

“Did you tell anyone of this audition?”

She shook her head. “No, I didn’t. I followed your instruction in the e-mail.”

He had mentioned his project was secret as he planned on doing a surprise reveal on his website.

He smiled reassuringly. “I see few reasons why you wouldn’t get the job. We’re going to do some test shots and see how you come across on camera. Are you comfortable with that?”

Nessa nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“We discussed the safewords and your limits in the e-mail. Is everything still up to date?”

“Yes, no chances,” she replied.

“Good, then let us begin.” He stood up and opened a door that led to a changing room. “Over here, you can undress. When you’re finished, you can continue to the studio here.” Nessa had followed him into the changing room and placed her bag on the bench.

“Okay,” she said with a small voice. She looked from left to right. “There’s no one else here?”

“No, my dear girl, this shoot is all about you.”

It must be pretty intimidating for her to be alone in a studio with a big man like him. If only she knew.

He continued into the studio and ran by the equipment. He had set up everything earlier. Everything looked fine; he only needed to finetune it when she was in position.

Nessa, now fully naked, gasped when she came in and took in the scene he had prepared. “Oh, I didn’t know…”

“The scene we’re going to do is set in a mortician’s lab. Nothing weird, I promise. I thought you were okay with bondage?”

She glanced and scanned the room. “Yes, but, ehm, when is your crew coming? Shouldn’t we wait for them?” She crossed her arms, trying to hide her boobs.

Her instincts were so right, but it was too late.

“They sent me a message they were delayed in traffic. I figured I’d better get started without them. If you lie down, I can begin with the test shots.”

She giggled nervously when she climbed onto the bed. “Oh, that’s cold.”

“The corpses who lie on it usually don’t complain much.”

Her eyes went large.

“Just kidding. Lie down, so I can set the cameras.” He turned the lens of the camera and clicked on some settings. It didn’t need much adjusting, but he had to make it look real.

“Okay, let’s see if the cuffs are the right size and fit.” He stepped in close to her and began fastening the wrist cuff closest to him. Goosebumps arose where he touched her arm. Her chest was heaving. He was glad she was submissive enough to let him tie her to the bed. She should have run away.

He fastened the other wrist cuff and two cuffs around her ankles. “Perfect. Now let’s get the cameras set.”

The moment was almost there. His chest began heaving, too, the anticipation nearly killing him. Her milky-white flesh was all available to him.

“So, do you know what the scene is going to be like?” she asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. Whatever the male model has in mind. He’ll probably like to fuck your tight pussy.”

She squinted at his sudden change of tone. “I like to know what is going to happen before the shoot.”

“No, you don’t,” he whispered as he took out his knife. Years of hunting had given him plenty of experience on what was the best tool to use. This large, serrated knife would have the job done in mere moments. He checked the cameras one last time. One was aimed for a full body shot while one focused on her face. All he had to do was one quick movement, step back and let the cameras record what happened. His manhood was dripping with excitement. He had her exactly where he needed her.

He stood behind her head. “Look up for me, present me your neck,” he instructed.

She responded immediately, giving him the best opportunity. One slice was all it took.

Her eyes widened, her mouth gasping uselessly. She knew it was over; he could see it in her eyes. He dropped the knife to the floor and took out his dick. It had been a long time since he had been this hard. He took a step back. He wanted to record her death, her exsanguination. Her blood flowed onto the slab like one final river of death. He was going to edit out all the blood. He was only interested in her facial expressions. They were unbelievable. Her expression too morphed from disbelief to panic to resignation.

He couldn’t hold it any longer. In a flash, he was on top of her and sank his hard dick deep into her dry pussy. He thought he saw a smile in her eyes when he had entered her. He pounded her hard as he gave her her final fuck. He shot his load deep inside of her.

When he got off of her and put his dick away, reality sank in on him. The recording was now ruined. Yet another failed actress. While closing her eyes, he knew what he had to do. Put out another ad and try again. One day he would get a full clip from when all blood left the body and how that morphed her facial features. One day he would be stronger and would not be seduced. And for another girl, it would be her final audition.


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