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“Happy birthday, Bart, now blow out your candles!” His mother instructed.

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Image by Ventus17 from Pixabay
Image by Ventus17 from Pixabay 

Bart inhaled deeply, and, with some trouble, blew out the candles in one blow.
“Remember to make a wish,” his mother prompted.

The first thing that popped into his mind was ‘Safira.’ A faint smile formed over his lips. ‘Sure, let’s go with that. My wish is for Safira to love me back.’

“Did you make your wish?”
“Yes, mom.” Bart loved his mother dearly, but it was embarrassing enough to celebrate his forty-third birthday with his mother. Especially with bunting, balloons and a cake with candles. He was glad no one from work was around. They would bully him forever, had they known. And it was an endearing move after all.

“I won’t ask what you wished for, else it won’t come true,” his mother said while letting the knife sink into the cake, “But I do wish you’ll find a nice girl soon. It’s about time you settled down and started a family.”
“Yes, mom. I know.” He had heard this a thousand times before. He had given up hope he would find someone. And he didn’t need anyone really. He had Safira after all. She was everything he had ever dreamed of.

Her long blond hair and blue eyes had put a spell on him from the first time he laid eyes on her. The way she invited him into her arms with her submissive glance was all he could ever need. He loved the way she wore her subtle make-up, which only enhanced her attractiveness. Her slight body enveloped him perfectly every time they made love.

“Bart? Hello?”

Bart blinked and returned to earth. His mother held out his piece of cake. He took the plate, and apologised. “Sorry, what was that?”
His mother sighed. “I asked whether you had any plans for your birthday. Are you gonna celebrate with friends? Or maybe guys from work?”
She knew full well he didn’t have any friends. “No, not really. No plans.” He longed to go back to Safira’s warm body. Well, that is if he remembered to plug in her heating element.

He finished his cake and drank another cup of coffee before leaving. It was with a sense of relief he left her house an hour later. He loved his mother and he was grateful for everything she did for him, but he was forever thankful for buying his own house three years earlier. Eleanor had been right, this had been the right move. He swallowed as he thought back to his former fiancée. Her last days in the hospital. He angrily wiped away a stray tear. This was his birthday, only happy thoughts were allowed. Safira was waiting for him.

After a quick visit to the supermarket, he returned home and found Safira where he had left her this morning, sitting on the couch. Her smile was a sight for sore eyes. “Hey, girl,” he said before going to the kitchen to put away his groceries. After making himself a cup of coffee, he returned to the living room. He sat down next to his synthetic friend.
“So. Finally back home with you, girl.” He stroked her cheek softly. She was the most constant factor in his life right now. She never berated him, belittled him or expected anything, only love. “Oh Safira, my mother was going on about finding a girlfriend, about marriage, children. Why would I want that when I have you?”
His eyes quickly glanced to the picture of Eleanor. She would have agreed with his relationship with Safira, he was certain of it.
He bent forward and gave a quick kiss on her forehead and stroked her hair. “My secret birthday wish was about you,” he whispered. In his mind, she smiled back at him appreciatively.

The night passed faster than he had planned. He had meant to go online after dinner just to check his e-mail and birthday messages on social media, but instead lost track of time and before he knew it, the church bells chimed midnight. Time to go to bed.
He closed off the computer, brushed his teeth and entered his bed.

“Hey, Safira darling, I’m here. Sorry to have kept you waiting.”
Earlier that evening, he had already placed her in bed and had connected her warming element.
“I hope you don’t mind that much. Don’t give me that look. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” He kissed her on her lips, while he stroked her all over.
“Your breasts, girl, they never cease to amaze me.” He massaged them lovingly.
“Ah, I bet you want me to focus elsewhere, don’t you, girl?”

Slowly his hand traveled downwards and slid between her legs. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”
He pulled out and squirted some lube from the bottle on the nightstand on his fingers. He lubricated her vagina. “You’re all wet already, just a little longer.”
Bart positioned himself between her legs. “Oh Safira, you’re so perfect. Get ready.”
He pushed his hard cock inside of her. Her narrow tunnel fit perfectly around his stiff meat.
“You like that, huh?” He rocked in and out of her, slowly, wanting this feeling to last forever.
“We fit together perfectly.” He held her shoulders while increasing his pounding. Her nubbed vagina stimulated every nerve inside of him. Again, sooner than he had planned, he reached his orgasm.
He could have sworn he felt her vagina tighten around him, just like Eleanor used to do. She always milked the last drop of cum out of him.
“Thank you, Master,” a high girlish voice sounded from underneath him.

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