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‘Bart Gets Lucky’ is a fun story about a sex doll come to life. You can find Part 1 here.

Bart Gets Lucky – Part 2

In an instant, he scooted out of her and was on the other side of the bed. He had had a busy day, it was late already. He must have imagined it. He rubbed his face and quickly left the room.

In the bathroom, he splashed water in his face before looking at himself in the mirror. This was it. He had lost his mind. He had been focused so hard on this whole sex doll thing, it was time for him to move on. The thought alone broke his heart, but Safira had to go. He would wrap her in plastic for tonight and bring her to the dump tomorrow.
He retrieved the roll of garbage bags from the kitchen and returned to the bedroom to fulfil his mission, even though it broke his heart.

“Good to see you, Master,” she said with a polite bow of the head when he opened the door. He slammed the door shut.
This couldn’t be. Now what was he to do? Hallucinating of sex dolls talking…
He was in love with Safira, yes. He enjoyed making love to her, and he would pretend that she was the real deal, but of course, he knew she wasn’t. He liked her as a tool so that he felt less lonely, but he knew he was tricking himself. But now his tool, his synthetic doll was talking back to him.
Maybe he could just go with it for tonight. He had had a long day. Birthdays were always rough, and it made him realise everything he didn’t have. So what harm could it do to have fun with her doll within his lunacy, just for one night? He could still throw her out tomorrow if his mirage prolonged.

He took a deep breath and entered his bedroom. “Hi Safira.”

His sex doll was sitting up on the bed, the sheets pulled modestly over her legs. “Hello, Master, I hope you’re all right.”
Her voice was crisp and clear, everything he had ever imagined it to be.
“I’m all right, thank you, Safira. That is your name, right?” He asked with a prudent smile.
She bowed her head. “Of course, Sir. Whatever you call me, is your name.”
“Well, erm, Safira, I…” He let out a nervous huff. “I don’t really know where to begin.”
She looked at him with her ever-pleasant smile. Though still vacant, a small spark of life shone through. “Take your time, Master. I’m here for you.”
“But, well, how did you get here?” He rubbed his chin.
“You brought me here, Master.”
“Yes, yes, I know that part.” He pinched the upper bridge of his nose.
“How come you can talk? And move?”
She shrugged. “It is my task to please you, Master. That is all I know.”
Bart felt a headache coming on. Maybe one of his friends was pranking him? Or some weird, NSFW Tv-show or YouTube channel?

“Can I, could I touch you? Pinch your skin?” Technology was good nowadays, but how they could have exchanged his sex doll with an exact robot replica baffled him.
“You don’t have to ask, Master.” She held out her arm.

Bart carefully sat down on the bed next to her and took her hand in his. It felt the same way it had always felt. “Can you squeeze my fingers?”
Safira squeezed his hand. It didn’t show much strength, but it was undeniably there.

“Do you know what year it is?” He asked, wondering about her extent of knowledge.
“What’s a year, Master?”
“Can you count?” He asked next.
She gave a weak smile and shook her head.
“So what can you do?”
He wondered if it was rude to ask, but she didn’t flinch.

“I can serve you, Master. I can please your body with mine, just like we did tonight.”
Bart blanched. “You remember that?”
“Of course, Sir. You were magnificent.”

He rubbed his temples. Someone must be playing some very elaborate joke on him. She felt real, she sounded genuine enough. Safira was still Safira, but now…alive?

“Do you want to fuck me again, Sir?” She asked coyly.

Bart considered her question. The idea was alluring, but he didn’t feel quite up for it yet. What if this was some strange Pornhub channel joke, then his bare ass would be shared with the world. Maybe a blowjob would be better. That wouldn’t be too embarrassing if it ever came out.

“Not right now, Safira, but can you suck my dick?” It felt weird to ask this question of his lifeless sex doll, but she got into motion and knelt before him on the floor.

She took his dick and slid him into her mouth. She made the rocking motion he always made when using her oral orifice.

He closed his eyes and savoured the feeling. It couldn’t compare to a blowjob by a human, it was almost too mechanical for that. But it was still enjoyable enough.

It was almost like she had memorised his every move the last time he had done this to her. The rhythm was the same, she increased pressure the way he liked it. His hands found her boobs and massaged them while she sucked. She was still his perfect girl, now that she moved she was even more perfect. He closed his eyes and felt his orgasm get closer. Only a few moments later, he went over the edge.

When he next looked at her, she was smiling at him happily with his cum dripping out of her mouth. Apparently, she still could not swallow.
“Was that all right, Master?”
As she spoke, spurts of his jizz flew over the bed.
“Yes, yes, perfect, Safira, hold still.” He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed some tissues. He wiped her face. “Open up.”
He cleaned her mouth as he was used to doing. That was better.
“Thank you, Safira. I think I’m gonna turn in now. Can you sleep here tonight?”
“Of course, Sir. Whatever makes you happy.”

He sighed and turned over. Maybe tomorrow things would be normal again. Perhaps it really was a dream. But for now, the love of his life was alive, in whatever capacity it was.


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