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Today, Midgyth is called to ascend on Transition Day — a joyous occasion, but also final

Listen to this story:

“Midgyth, today is a joyous day. Your time has come to ascend on the journey.” Osmund stood before her with clasped hands and bowed his head.

The woman he was talking to glowed from happiness. A wide smile spread across her face, and she nearly hopped in her place because she couldn’t contain her excitement. “Yes, Leader, I can hardly wait.”

“It is a wonderful occasion. I wish I could trade places with you, but I have not yet been called. Winifreda, are you ready to take Midgyth’s place in our community and spend your days at my side?”

The dark-haired woman next to Midgyth reverently bowed. “Naturally, my Leader. I have been preparing for this honour all my life.”

“We’re very grateful for your service. I suggest you two go and prepare yourselves for tonight’s occasion, both mentally and physically.”

“Yes, my Leader,” the two women replied in unison and quickly left the room.

A group of four women entered and knelt before the stage. “Glory to you, Leader.”

“And glory shine upon you. Today is a momentous day, as all Transition Days are. It should have been called Transcendence Day, but that was not in the Books.” He chuckled at his own joke.

The four women smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Today, the task has fallen upon you to help me prepare for tonight. I will need to be nurtured and cleansed. Bring me my nourishment. Get to your tasks.”

The women scurried to their feet, bowed and went off to fulfil their assignments.

Osmund stretched his back and legs. He had trained his people well.

Only a few minutes later, one of the women of the second group returned, holding a plate with snacks. Without talking, she went up the stage, knelt next to his chair and held the plate so he could eat. He took a biscuit without acknowledging the woman and ate in silence.

A few minutes later, another woman from the group arrived, holding a large bowl of damping warm water. The eucalyptus and citric smell filled the room. She took a small towel from the woman next to her, wetted it and approached him.

“Dear Leader, I would like to offer you a body cleansing to prepare your vessel for tonight.”

“You have my permission,” Osmund replied with a nod. She carefully opened his robe. He rose so she could remove his pants. She respectfully cleaned every bit of his body with the wet cloth. The woman next to him started to dry his back.

“Do not dare to touch me!” he bellowed. The woman quickly took a few steps back and lowered her eyes.

“You have not yet ascended to the rank of touching me. Leia did show her competence. She alone can bathe me. Leave my sight and study the meditations. Clearly, you’re not ready to be in my presence yet.”

The woman left the room while sobbing. Leia continued her job, her hands shaking slightly from her Leader’s outburst.

Osmund took another biscuit from the plate before resuming his seat on the dais. “You may leave, Ethel. Thank you for the nourishments.”

“Thank you, Leader,” she replied, bowed and left the room.

“Good. Now that we’re alone, Leia, I want you to prepare for taking over Winifreda’s tasks. They will fall on your shoulders starting tonight, after the Transition. Do you accept your new position?”

Leia fidgeted with the towel in her hands. “I’m not certain I am worthy, Leader.”

Osmund smiled. “From what I have seen, you have grown immensely in the past two years. I have a task for you now, if you would be willing?”

“Of course, Leader.”

Osmund pushed his robe aside and spread his legs. He had not yet put on his pants after the bathing. “One of the secondary’s tasks is to worship my manhood.

Leia gasped. “It would be my honour, Leader.”

“Go ahead. See if you have cleaned it well,” he added with a wink.

Leia put the towel away and knelt between her Leader’s legs. “Can I touch it?” she whispered in awe. “I mean, now that I’m not cleaning.”

“Yes, you may touch it. You can even kiss it if you like. Mouth worship is definitely allowed.”

Leia carefully touched his cock with one finger. “It’s so beautiful and strong,” she whispered. “I already noticed that while washing, but I didn’t want to embarrass you.”

Osmund stroked her hair. “Compliments like that are always welcome, but they’re better in private. We don’t want to put shame on others.”

She nodded, bent forward and placed a kiss on his penis.

“Have you been with a man before you joined us?” he asked.

In shame, she looked away. “I have, Leader, but, like you told us, life before doesn’t count. And, in all honesty, my Leader could never compare to whatever human man I have been with before.”

“It pleases me to hear that, Leia. Continue the worship.”

Leia continued the stroking and finally gathered enough courage to take the Leader’s cock inside her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, stroking him with her tongue.

Osmund enjoyed her blowjob, and it didn’t take long before he reached his orgasm. Leia’s eyes widened in surprise but dutifully swallowed every drop of her Leader’s essence.

“Thank you, Leia. Take the bathing equipment and leave. I need to prepare for tonight.”

Leia nodded and did as he asked.

There was one task he needed to accomplish himself before tonight’s ceremony. He trusted his followers completely, but it was still safer to prepare the syringe himself.

When it was done, he locked the syringe away in his safe and washed his hands. All was set in motion for tonight’s ceremony. Only the players needed to fulfil their parts, even if it was their final one.

The already quiet crowd grew silent as Osmund slowly advanced to the stage – his hands clasped before him, a solemn expression on his face. The soft tapping of his slippers was the only sound that filled the room.

Once facing the group before him, he spread his arms.

“Glory shine upon you, my glorious congregation.”

“Glory upon you, Leader,” everyone answered.

“We have gathered here today to help Midgyth ascend on this beautiful Transition Day. Let’s all support her in making this the most wonderful day of her life. Midgyth, please join me.” He clapped his hands and then extended his hand to his follower. The group gave polite applause.

Midgyth smiled nervously as she entered the stage and took her Leader’s hand. She tried to straighten the creases from her white, cotton gown.

“Do you see how much she shines? Transition Day always gives a certain glow to the lucky person. Do you have a final message to your brothers and sisters?”

“A final message, huh?” Midgyrth giggled nervously. “That sounds so dramatic. I am certain I will see you once up there.” She pointed upwards and brushed away a stray tear. “I’ll wait for you and hope to see you soon. Yes, you too, Leia.” Leia laughed in return. Midgyrth shook her head slowly and shrugged. “I’ll be watching you from up there, so make sure you behave. Oh, I guess my time has come.”

At Osmund’s command, one of her brothers hit the gong.

“Take good care of our Dear Leader and stay on your path of Transition. See you soon, brothers and sisters.”

“Glory upon you, Midgyth,” Leia exclaimed as she stood and bowed her head, tears streaming over her cheeks.

Others in the group also uttered ‘glories’ and Midgyth’s name.

Osmund took Midgyth’s hand and led her to the sacred bed in the middle of the stage. Brother Bada was standing next to the bed, holding the syringe on a small pillow.

“Transitioning is like life itself. Being as naked as the day you were born when you go over to ascension, being adorned with the Vessel’s life-giving seed.” Osmund removed the gown from her shoulders, revealing her naked body as it dropped to the floor. “Winifreda, help Midgyth into position.”

Winifreda led Midgyth to lie down on the bed and spread the woman’s legs. Midgyth’s chest was heaving in fright.

Osmund bowed his head in prayer. “Dear Gods, thank you for this offer. Please accept Midgyth into your midst so she can continue her worship and piety at your sides. May her service be as well in the heavens as it has been on Earth. Glory upon you.”

“Glory upon you, Leader!” someone in the group shouted. Several others followed. A loud clapping began, the rhythm ever increasing.

Osmund’s robe was removed by Winifreda. He knelt down on the bed and pierced Midgyth’s pussy with his erection. He thrust slowly in and out of her. Once his hard cock was fully enveloped by her cunt, he nodded to Winifreda. She took the syringe and held it up to the crowd. They cheered in response.

“Happy transition, Midgyth,” she whispered as she plunged the needle in the woman’s thigh and injected the fluid.

Osmund intensified his pounding. Midgyth was so nervous she hardly responded. He noticed the first tremors when the poison was processed by her body. He fucked her harder, knowing soon she would have her final cramps. The crowd cheered harder, masking Midgyth’s final anguished screams. Osmund released himself inside her right before she let out her last breath.

Osmund rose and rose his arms into the air. “Midgyth has gone over. She has transitioned! May we all be happy for her.” The entire crowd cheered and cried in response. “Thank you, Leader! We love you, Leader! Glory upon you!”

Osmund nodded to Winifreda. She hurried over, holding a wet cloth and quickly cleaned his cock. Once done, she knelt before him and placed a kiss on his dick. “I pledge my life onto you, Dear Leader.”

“And glory upon you, dear child. May you follow Sister Midgyth one day in holy Transition,” he spoke as he rubbed her forehead with his thumb. Winifreda nodded.

“Now make your way to the mess hall for your one glass of spirits,” Osmund said to the group. “Remember this is a joyous day, and we should celebrate in honour of Sister Midgyth.”

Winifreda brought Osmund his robe and helped him into it. The two of them left the stage and led the way to the mess hall, exiting through the room’s centre aisle.

Osmund joined the group and ensured a big party, commemorating Midgyth’s sacrifice and happy Transition. He knew his loyal servants Bada and Leofstan were doing away with her body and disposing of it correctly. He gave Winifreda a happy smile. He was sure she would be loyal to him, and it was good to have younger, eager blood by his side. And looking at all the happy faces around him fulfilled him to his core. Life was good.


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