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Picture from Depositphotos.com

Judith earned a special punishment, but she hadn’t foreseen this predicament

“Judith, get your ass over here!”

Judith rushed to his office, dropping what she had been doing.

“My meeting has ended early, so I suggest we do that spanking I promised you right now. Is that okay with you?”

A blush rose to her cheeks. “Oh, of course, Sir.”

“Get in the bedroom, strip naked and wait for me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She went to the bedroom and took off her clothes. It wasn’t what she had expected to happen this day, but they had agreed on this.

Her husband entered the room. “Spanking position one,” he ordered.

She faced the wall and stuck her ass back. The sound of him pulling the belt out of his trousers made her wet already.

“I promised to go a step further than usual, so brace yourself.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her words went over into a yelp as the belt hit her for the first time.

Ten hits later, she was nearly out of breath already.

“Good girl, you’re doing fine so far. Turn around. We’re gonna add another torture.” He added an elastic band around each of her breasts. She mewled as he twisted the band, restricting the blood flow into her boob.

“Look at that, the skin nice and taut. Just the way I like it.”

Her breathing was still quickened from the added bondage when he grabbed her labia and placed a clip, catching them both together. She cried out at the pain.

“I’ll give you a distraction. Turn back around.”

She did, and he resumed the spanking. She could hardly tell what hurt more: her bound boobs, the clip on her cunt or the spanks on her ass. He seemed relentless, hitting her harder than ever.

The doorbell rang. It took a few moments and in between swats before she realized that was what she heard. “Jon, wait, the door.”

He paused the spanking and heard the chime. “Fuck, you’re right.” He hurriedly began to put the belt back through his trousers. “Here, put this on.” He threw her her dress. She put it on. She had utterly forgotten her mother would be here that evening, together with her new husband. She couldn’t miss it, or there would be hell to pay.

Judith darted over to the bathroom and splashed water in her face. She straightened her dress and made her way downstairs. “Mother, how lovely to see you!”

Later, while they had tea and biscuits, Judith realized all too well what they had forgotten to remove after the spanking. Her boobs protested against the tight bondage, her ass throbbed from the spanking, and the clamp on her labia hurt like hell. And judging by the devious looks Jon was giving her, he knew all too well about her predicament.

“Are you all right, love? You look flustered,” he asked.

“Doing just fine, thanks for asking.” She wanted to strangle him, but right now, he was the one holding her in a deadlock.

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    1. I know, right? And I’m sure she didn’t forget the bondage, but, as you know, you can’t just remove torture your Dom has placed on you 😉

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