Erotic Crime Story

Content warning: This story contains mentions of cheating and scenes of violence and murder

Picture by Jerzy Górecki via Pixabay
Picture by Jerzy Górecki via Pixabay

I love squeezing the life out of them. It’s a struggle, but you can tell the moment the soul leaves the body. The one moment they’re still struggling, the next you’re handling a sack of meat. I try to cum at that exact moment. Their last life struggles. It’s not easy to control, but it’s a rush every time. The feeling is indescribable, the rush incomparable.
The next bit is a nuisance but, unfortunately, necessary. I take off the condom and burn it in the fireplace, the same fireplace I use to seduce them earlier. Too bad I can’t dispose of the body in it. Now that would be ironic. Every woman I bring into this cabin is immediately taken with the open fire. I would love for it to be their demise too. But no, I love choking them too much. The way their body spasms, the look of disbelief at what this polite gentleman is doing to them, the knowledge I am the last man in their life. You can see the moment their dreams and hopes for the future dissipates.
I dispose of their bodies where they’ll never be found. The hunt starts again.

“I’m done with men,” Emily fumed. “Never again,” she stated decidedly.
Her friend Flora grinned. “Isn’t that a bit long, never? I agree what Geoff did to you was bad, but surely not all men are bad.”
Emily took a big gulp of wine. “I swear it, Flor, never. I mean, he knew how hard I was working. Sixty hours a week, Flor, only to find two conversations with other girls on his phone. Including nudes!” She shook her head. “All men are pigs.”
“Let’s have fun tonight,” Flora decided.
“Oh, you’re right there. I won’t let him spoil one more night of my life.” Emily took another swig of wine to underline her statement.

Three glasses of wine later, Emily began to feel the effects of the alcohol.
“Fuck Geoff!” she cheered while raising her glass.
“Fuck Geoff,” Flora chanted along while giggling.
A man in a dark suit grinned as he walked past the cheering girls. He, too, raised his glass of whiskey. “Fuck Geoff.”
Emily eyed the stranger warily. “My ex. He screwed me over,” she explained.
“I guessed as much. Good of you to dump him. You deserve better.”
Emily rolled her eyes. “And I suppose you’re my knight in shining armour?”
The man in the suit raised his glass. “Not at all. Cheers.” He moved on and went to sit at a table by himself.
Emily shook her head at her friend. “What was that about?”
“I have no idea. Do you want another wine?”
“Fill me up!”

Another two wines later, Emily got up and stumbled to where the man was seated.
“Exactly what did you mean that I deserve better? Because I do, I know I do, but how could you know?” she asked, her speech slurred by the alcohol.
The man motioned for her to take a seat, which she gladly did.
“Don’t all women deserve better than their scum cheating boyfriends?”
“Scum cheating boyfriends, yes!” Emily cheered.
“Maybe it’s time for you to go home,” the man suggested.
Her eyes filled with tears. “To my scum cheating boyfriend?”
He gave her a look of pity and shrugged. “You got anywhere else to go?”
She shook her head.
“You know what? Let me give you a ride. Is your friend gonna be okay?”
Emily glanced over to her friend, who was busy discussing with a man of her own. “She’s fine. Flora’s always fine. She’s the smart one, you know?” She sniffed.
“Come on, let’s get out of here.”

He had known she would come to him. They always do. Women think they’re so emancipated and independent, but deep down, they all want a strong man to take care of them. This one was vulnerable. Easy prey, really, but in the end, it didn’t matter. He had a need that demanded to be filled. She would do just fine.

Before they left, Emily tried to say goodbye to Flora, but she was busy talking to a man herself. Emily shrugged.
“I’ll send her a message later.”

“Where are you taking me?” Emily asked the man a little later. Being out of the damp bar had awakened her senses somewhat.
“I thought you’d feel safer at my cabin. Away from your scum cheating boyfriend.”
Emily smiled. That did indeed sound good.
“What is your name, Mr Mysterious?”
“You can call me Angel,” he replied with a sly grin.
“Angel. Hmm, I like that name.”

“Is this place yours, Mr Angel?” She asked as they entered his cabin.
“It sure is.”
She nodded approvingly. “You’ve done well.”
The cabin was decorated in a rustic style with wooden furniture and walls constructed with logs. The atmosphere was both old-fashioned and modern at the same time. He had done little in the way of decoration, but with the warm-wooden elements, any additions would have been too much.
“Ooh, a fireplace!” Emily squealed. “Can you light it?”

Angel grinned. Every time.
“Sure. Get us both a drink, and I’ll see what I can do.”


She happily darted off to the kitchenette.

In ten minutes, Angel had a small fire going.
Emily handed him a tumbler with whiskey. “Do you live here?” she asked.
He shook his head. “I only come here to escape from the city life. Did you send your friend a message?”
“I’ll do that now.”
Emily grabbed her phone and send her friend: ‘I scored. I hope you too. See you tomorrow.’
She frowned. “I have no service here.”
“It will send tomorrow morning.”
“Tomorrow morning?” She repeated coyly. “Am I staying the night then?”
“Of course you are. It’s close to 2AM already. You really want to leave now?”
She giggled. “No.”
“Come here.”

Emily sat down on the floor next to Angel in front of the fire.
“It’s so hot!”
Angel stared into the flames. “Just look. Is there anything wilder and uncontrolled than fire?”
“Guess not,” Emily replied before taking another sip of whiskey.

It was nearly time, Angel realised. He had lured her into his trap, and he had acted like the kind stranger for long enough.
“You are so pretty,” he uttered with his most charming smile. Inside he barfed at the cheesiness of the line, but it worked.
Her demeanour changed. “You think so?”
“Oh yes, come here.”
He pulled her into an embrace.
“Wait, my whiskey,” she giggled as she quickly put it down.
She reclined into his arms.
He kissed her lips. She melted in his touch and opened her lips to him. Their tongues found each other, their breathing quickened.

Angel was going through the moves. He didn’t particularly enjoy this part, but it turned her on, which made things easier. He loved her sense of arousal. It was almost the same as her sense of fear which was nearly there.
He slipped his hand into her blouse and found her breast. Her mouth opened further, and she let out an involuntary moan while he stroked her flesh. It was a good start.
He yanked apart the blouse. Goosebumps erupted on her chest.
Her breasts were small and pert, nothing wrong with them at all. And she smelled good. Her perfume was so flowery, and even though her behaviour wasn’t, it smelled innocent. She was perfect for him to taint.
He grabbed both her tits and twisted her nipples hard.

“Ow,” she exclaimed. He let go.
His erection began to grow. This was what turned him on.
“Think you’re ready for me yet?”

A flicker of doubt went over her face but quickly passed. “Yes, I’m ready.”

“Are you really sure?” he asked with an evil grin. If only she knew his plans.
His hand slipped inside her panties and into her already wet pussy. He fingered her roughly.

She squirmed and moaned just as he had envisioned.

He pulled her panties and jeans away and lowered his own. From a small box on the table, he produced a condom. He locked eyes with his victim as he rolled the rubber around his dick.
“Think that’ll help you forget your scum cheating boyfriend?”

“Yes, definitely.” Emily spread her legs to invite the man.

“Let’s get to it then.” Angel lowered himself above her and entered his victim with one hard thrust. They both moaned at the intensity.

Angel loved this moment best. The girl had given herself over to him. She was now most vulnerable. Just at this moment, she was his.
He thrust a few more times to further establish the connection. Emily moans of lust intermingled with the sounds of sex.
When he deemed her to be the farthest away, taken in by the throes of lust, he closed his hands around her throat. He applied some pressure as he licked his lips. Nearly there.

Thinking it was merely light erotic play, Emily moaned and twisted her body slowly left and right at the touch. It wasn’t until the man on top intensified his touch and squeezed even more brutal that her eyes popped open. She made gasping sounds, tried to scream, but all air had escaped her.

The look of horror on her face, the realisation this was her last day here on earth – instinctively, he thrust even deeper inside of his victim. This bit hurt; it always did, but it hurt so deliciously.

She kicked and flailed. Her jeans ended up in the fireplace.

Just a little more. He squeezed harder and harder until finally, it was there. Her soul left her body. The sense of victory made him spew his load deep inside of her. He had done it. He had won. Her angel had become her final demon.

Through his bliss, Angel didn’t notice the jeans which had caught on fire. And it didn’t stop there. The fire took hold of the other clothes lying nearby. There was no stopping it.
Soon the fire spread to this cabin itself. The angel’s cabin of refuge was taken by the fires of hell.

On the night of 13th October, the former hunter's cabin in Largelake Wood was taken down by a large fire. Inside, the bodies of two unhappy campers were found. One body has been identified as Simon Wardrill, the owner of the cabin. The other body was too badly burned and has yet to be identified. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.


  1. Oh, yes! Perfectly wicked. You have written him and his motives so well. A hideously beautiful character. I could see a whole novel being written with him at the center. That moment when the girls lose life is when he feels it most intensely… from what I’ve read, this is true. I really loved this.

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