Only one more day of relaxation, Lindy mused while she was folding the laundry. Tomorrow she would have to go back to work. The first day after the holidays

always seemed the hardest.
Her holidays had been great, spending time with family. The other days of her time off, she had spent at home together with her husband, Stan.

“Lin, is there any coffee left?” He yelled from the other room.
“Yeah, I think so,” she replied.
She put the dress she had worn at Christmas on a hanger. It would be put away until the next party.

She jumped as Stan cleared his throat from the door opening. “Let me ask you this again. Is there any coffee left?”
Uhoh. Lindy didn’t need to look at her husband to realise her mistake. He was wearing his Dominant’s expression.
“There is some left, I think…sir.” She added his title to try and put things at ease.
“I suggest you pour me another cup then and offer it to me in the appropriate fashion.” He didn’t move, he didn’t touch her, but his words alone had a definite effect on her. She felt tingles all throughout her body.
“Yes, sir.”

Lindy dropped the T-shirt she had been holding and quickly made her way to the kitchen. She had messed up, and she knew it. It was her task to supply her Master with coffee in the morning. However, because of the holidays, she had forsaken some of her duties.

Holding one cup of coffee, she made her way into the living room. Stan sat relaxed in his chair. She offered him the cup which he took from her.
He pointed to the floor. Lindy sank to her knees.
She kept her gaze firmly on the ground. The tension between them was tangible.
Stan took his time drinking his coffee. He handed his wife the empty cup. She held it in her hands, unsure of what to do.
“Tell me, Lindy, what did you say your resolutions were for this year?” He did not sound unfriendly.
“That I wanted to eat more healthily, sir.” She knew that was not the answer he wanted to hear.
“And what else?” He sat up straight and reached forward.
“I wanted to exercise more.” Lindy’s voice had turned significantly softer.
“Don’t play games.” His voice bellowed through the room.
“That I would be a better submissive to you, sir.” She nearly whispered the words.
“Where was my coffee?”
“I’m sorry, sir. I just figured I would first do the laundry, and then…”
“Go get the paddle.”
Lindy cringed. That was not what she had wanted to hear.
“No, I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to…” She looked at him and grew smaller by the second. She could feel his stare bore inside of her.
“Go get the paddle and the cane then.” He emphasised the second implement.
Lindy cringed even further and quickly scrambled to her feet. If she offered more excuses, things would become even worse for her.

With her heart drumming in her ears, she returned with the two instruments. She knelt back down before her Master.
He took them from her. “Very well. Bare your ass and take your position on the couch.”
“Yes, sir.”
Lindy took off her lounge pants and underwear. Somehow not being allowed to strip off everything made it even more humiliating.
She bent over the side of the couch, getting her ass into the perfect position to be spanked.
Stan didn’t come over straight away. He always did this to her, letting her bask in humiliation.
Lindy both hated and loved these moments before the actual play began. She hated having to wait, but she loved the tingles that spread throughout her body. She knew it was going to hurt, but she also knew the feelings of pain would quickly transform into pleasure. And she loved pleasing her Master with her body.

Finally, Stan rose.
Nerves coursed through Lindy’s body. This was it.
Stan stood behind her and softly caressed her ass.
“What a lovely sight I have from here. I’m only sorry this had to be on account of you disregarding the rules.”
Without further preparation, the paddle connected with her flesh. Lindy yelped in surprise. She had known it was coming, but the first hit was always a shock. The broad pain dissipated quickly.
The second and third hits followed quickly. In a way, Lindy hoped her Master would get it over with and gave her all the spanks he felt she deserved. But on the other hand, it hurt too much to beg for a quicker and harder spanking.
After the fifth hit, her Master paused. He rubbed the affected skin. “Are you holding up, girl?” he asked.
“Yes, Sir.”
He hit her again. “Good girl.”
He continued until he had hit her ten times.
Lindy was gasping for breath. She so hated the pain, though she welcomed the warm feeling that was starting to spread through her body.
Master slid his finger inside her wet pussy. Sloppy sounds filled the room. “What is this, girl? Can you hear it?”
“Yes, sir.”
“So would you say you’re enjoying suffering for me?”
“Yes, sir.”
He chuckled. “Let us continue then.”
He gave her another ten swats in quicker succession.
Tears had sprung to her eyes at the end of this round. Her squeals became louder with every hit. She was doing this for her Master, she reminded herself. She needed to be a good girl for him.
Without warning, the sharp pain of the cane hit her. She screamed this time, both of shock and of pain.
“I wish you could see the stripes. They’re the perfect decoration for an unruly submissive.”
Lindy mewled and gasped every time the cane hit her. She so hated this instrument.
Her Master stopped and stroked her labia. He entered her with a finger. “I’m very proud of you. Can you take five more?”
Lindy’s heart sank. She had hoped they were finished.
She knew she could take more, she wanted to please her Master, but why did it have to hurt so much?
“Yes, Master, I can take five more.”
“Ask for it.”
She heard the grin in his voice. That evil sadistic grin. How he loved to humiliate her even more.
“May I have five more?”
“What was that, girl?”
At times like this, she wanted to strangle him. But that was not her place.
“Will you please spank me five more times, sir?”
“With what?”
Now he was just evil.
“Will you please spank me five more times with the cane, sir?” She hoped her reluctance didn’t shine through too much.
“But of course, my dear girl. Thank you for asking.”
She yelped as he withdrew his finger from her and hit her hard with the bamboo rod.
The remaining four followed in quick succession.
“You’re a very good girl,” Stan remarked while he rubbed her ass.
He moved to the other side of the couch and sat down. He spread his arms. “Come here.”
Lindy wiped the tears from her eyes before nestling into her Master’s arms. She winced as her buttocks made contact with the fabric of the couch.
Her Master chuckled. “Is it sensitive, dear?”
“Yes, sir.” She rested her head on his chest.
He stroked her hair. “You have made me proud, Lindy. I wanted our new year to start the right way. Sometimes you need to be reminded of your place in this household, isn’t that right?”
“Yes, Sir.” She sniffed. “Thank you.”
She hated to be spanked. She hated the pain and humiliation of it, but she hated it even more that she needed it. Because she did need it. Just as she needed to obey her dominant and make him happy. The glowing pain of her backside reminded her of these facts. Today she had made him happy, and she had paid for her mistakes. And she had vowed to be a good girl for the rest of the year.

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  1. I liked this – her wanting to please yet not wanting any more pain but knowing it is good for her – that is often how it feels. My MM story had a girl called Lin as a character too! Great minds.
    This would work for tell me about if u ask Missy/sweet if u allowed fiction.
    Also KOTW as you mention ‘marks’ and I know that does allow fiction

    1. Lol, May, you can tell I’ve been sick. I never read your full comment until now and only now do I realise what you said ?
      Thank you so much for your suggestions. I did manage a separate post for Tell Me About ?


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