Free Sex Story – Statistics

Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash
Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

“Well, Nina, do you know why you are here?”
Nina nodded. “Yes, Loyd explained you are running a study about sexuality?”
The man on the opposite side of the desk nodded. “Yes, that’s correct. We’re running a study on female sexuality and whether this can be influenced by intravenous medication. We hope this could prove to be tremendously helpful for women who have trouble becoming aroused as an effect of their medications. We understand you have no such issues?”
Nina felt her cheeks grow hot. She crossed her arms. “Erm, no, I don’t think so.”
“She’s perfectly healthy in all ways,” Loyd filled in. “She had her check-up last week, and everything was fine.”
The doctor nodded. “Well then. Oh, I do need to tell you this study is run double-blind, of course. Only a percentage of the participants get the medicine.”
Nina nodded. “Yes, that makes sense.”
“You still up for it?”
She met eyes with her boyfriend, who nodded at her.
“Yes, let’s do it,” she answered the doctor.
“Perfect. Please sit on this bench.”

Nina followed his instruction and kept her gaze locked on her boyfriend while the doctor put up her sleeve and gave her the injection. She had always hated needles, so she simply preferred not to see anything.
The doctor rubbed over the tiny wound and placed a bandaid over it.
“That’s it, we’re all done. You will receive an invitation to an online journal where you can mark everything you feel that’s different from usual, or whether there are no changes at all. I’ll see you here again next week.”

“Thank you, doctor. Until next week,” Nina replied.

They shook hands and Loyd, and Nina made for home.

On the way home, Nina felt a little queasy. What was going to happen? Did she feel a change already?

Once at home, Loyd took her into his arms. “I’m very proud of you, Nina. Maybe things will get more exciting between us.”
She took a step back. “What do you mean?”
“Nothing, love, nothing. I’m content with you the way you are.”
“Hrmph.” She stalked away. She had been injected with a foreign substance, and now her boyfriend was complaining about their sex life. She picked up her book and sat down on the couch. Maybe her romance novel could give her some distraction.

The longer she read, the hotter she became. Her story was arousing, sure, but not that much. It was that damned shot she had gotten earlier. She put her book away and went over to Loyd, who was working on his laptop on the dining table.

“Hey Nin, you all right? You look flustered.”
“Loyd, it’s so warm here. Is it just me?”
She took off her vest.
“I don’t know, babe.”
“Here, feel my cheek.” She rubbed her cheek over his.
“You’re burning up,” he said with slight alarm.

Instead of her cheek, her lips were now sliding over his face until she reached her destination. She kissed him passionately once her lips met his, entering his mouth forcefully.

Loyd accepted the kiss and let his hands roam over her back.
Almost impatiently, Nina placed his hands on her boobs. That was where she needed his attention. She pushed her body into his hands and uttered soft moans of pleasure at every move he made.

Loyd pushed the chair back and pulled Nina onto his lap. She loved it. Her need for him was desperate. She loved the feel of his hard cock underneath her. There were too many layers of clothing in between them.

Her one hand gripped his neck, while her other massaged the hard flesh underneath her. Their kiss had never been this intense.

“Loyd, oh, I need you. I want you deep inside me.”
“Yes, babe.” He hurriedly undid his pants and tore hers away as well. “But the lube is in the bedroom?”
“Forget the lube. I can’t wait that long.”

He shoved her panties down and carefully entered her with a finger. She moaned as his finger easily slid inside of her. “No lube needed,” she breathed, “now fuck me.”
He took his penis in his hand. The sudden tryst had made him rock hard and dripping with pre-cum.

“Slide down on me,” he invited.
Nina positioned her pussy over his dick and, with a little help of Loyd, empaled herself completely.
Her head fell back in ecstasy. “Yes, oh yes, this is what I needed.”
“Ride me, babe,” Loyd suggested. And ride him, she did.

She moved up and down on him, like the best trained intimate lap dancer in the world. She gave him the best performance ever. She gyrated into him as if it was all she had ever done.

She stood up and wiped the papers from the table before lowering her upper body on the plateau. “Fuck me here.”
Loyd licked his lips and took place behind her and pushed his cock back into her.
Nina groaned at the deeper intrusion. “Yes, take me.”

Loyd was pounding her harder than ever before. Over and over, he thrust into her. The sounds of their juices mushing up filled the room. Nina felt so nasty, and she loved it.

Finally, Loyd couldn’t hold back any longer. Just in time, he pulled out and shot his load over her bared ass.

“Oh yes, Loyd, cum for me.”

It took them both a few minutes to regain their breaths and come back to earth.

Loyd had sat back down on the chair and invited Nina onto his lap. “I don’t know what happened, babe, but if you ever feel like this again, please come to me. I love to help.” He pinched her cheek lovingly.
“I will, Loyd. You were amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome,” she replied lovingly, her face still glowing.
“I’ll make you cum later,” he replied as he tapped her nose.
Her face transformed into a big smile. “Awesome, I’ll hold you to that. I think this shot the doctor gave me is going to help a lot of women, what do you think?”
“If they’re all as susceptible as you are, then yes, I would say so.”
“Great, then we just had sex in the name of science.” She gave him a kiss on his lips before walking off with a big smile. She knew one thing for sure: she was not part of the control group.


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