Strange Times

Photo by Alexander Smith on Unsplash
My life is calm now, but you never know what’s looming ahead
Photo by Alexander Smith on Unsplash

All you hear on TV, on the news, and even during commercials is: we’re living in strange times. And yes, they definitely are. In my day to day life, not much has changed. My husband works from home instead of from the office, and I don’t go out shopping anymore. That’s it. Our sex life doesn’t suffer from these new circumstances. But to say my libido wasn’t affected by the pandemic at all, would be a lie.


In the beginning, the news in my country said: everyone will get Covid19 at some point. I became terrified. I’m a hypochondriac as it is. Overall, I’m quite in control of these fears. Still, telling me it’s guaranteed I’m going to contract a potentially fatal disease was harrowing. Especially after seeing the images of people lying face down in their hospital beds, not able to do anything and needing a ventilator for survival. I’ll be honest, it gave me nightmares. And no, during those days, sex couldn’t distract me either.


By now, that fear has diminished somewhat. It’s still present, of course, but it has become less prevalent.
In general, I’ve reached a more relaxed state of being, even more comfortable than before the lockdown. It’s pleasant to have my husband home at all times. I don’t have to worry about having anything happen to him on and from the way to work.
I don’t go out shopping anymore. I have all groceries delivered home. This too, is making me more at ease. Where before, I would lose a full day for doing groceries, which I’m now using for more blog-writing instead. Win-win, I would say.

Somewhat Sexier

My libido is at normal levels. I test toys for reviews like I used to do. When on my period, I’m extra horny as per usual. My husband and I have done several bondage- and spanking sessions these past few weeks, I think a little more than it was pre-corona. With both of us more relaxed, it’s easier to tune into the other’s feelings. We’re pretty in-sync at the moment. We still communicate a lot, especially now.

Uncertain Future

I hope and expect to go back to how things were before. I miss my friends, the munches and events like peer-ropes. At the same time, I hope we won’t go back too soon, which might cause a resurgence of the disease and will cause more victims. I know I’m able to keep up with this lockdown a little longer. I hope others will be able to as well, should the need arise. I only hope my well-spanked bottom won’t mind too much ?



  1. I get why the fear would get to you. Countries really haven’t dealt with it well and then overcompensated once they realised that actually it wasn’t just a flu, lol. I’m glad you feel more at ease now. I’m sure we’ll all get through this and for the moment, I’m glad your libido hasn’t gone!

  2. It’s good that you have put the lockdown to good use by engaging in kink a bit more! And like you, I won’t mind for the lockdown to last a bit longer. I don’t mind working from home 😉
    Good thing your libido is still with you!

  3. I am so happy the lockdown has proved positive for you – it is the same for my eldest daughter. A whole domestic situation opened up for her which she would never have allowed herself b4 the lock down. And she is obviously enjoying her days. That makes me happy x

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