Liz Tried

I tried to comply

I tried, I really tried to comply with everyone’s wishes. I’m a people pleaser, even a submissive and I try to avoid conflict. The last few months people have told me my work should contain more consensual sex and the women I write about should be empowered.
The male vampire I wrote about was a waste of my talent as an artist. It should have been a story about a strong female vampire who abused and fed upon the lesser sex, males.

The stories I write for anthologies should not contain BDSM. What if people were to gain inspiration from these stories and got themselves hurt in the process? All stories containing BDSM should be more like guidelines, like handbooks with plenty of safety measures.

The BDSM stories themselves should be filled with consent. There has to be a spoken agreement, though preferably one in writing, signed by both parties. Safewords or gestures will have to be agreed upon. Of course only safe sex and no cheating! Perhaps the sex can be between the sheets and in the dark.
So, with all these requests in my mind, I started out writing a new story. My latest vampire story had already been un-sexed a lot, but I was confident this bimbo-story was going to make it all right. The topic itself was a bit controversial, but I was sure I could make a cute consensual story out of it, as long as I got both characters to agree on everything.

The Story was Nice Cute and Consensual

I tried. I really tried. And I failed.
I was about 7,000 words into the story, and I hit a block. I couldn’t continue writing. Especially the last scenes were boring as hell with only two people talking about how incredibly consensual their sex was going to be. I hated every word of it. I could not understand why it didn’t work.
Last weekend I talked to a guy on Tumblr who asked me for my darkest stories. I have two pretty explicit dark stories on that website. He told me he loved these two stories. I explained to him that I hardly write dark stories anymore since I have to comply with Amazon’s regulations and with the community’s rules and regulations. And it clicked.

No More Mr. Nice, Cute and Consensual

The story I was writing was way too nice, cute and consensual. That’s not me. That’s why it didn’t work. In my world – the fictional world – the man in the story has to take charge. He is the one making the decisions, and after an initial consent, the woman has to agree and do as she’s being told. I’m not talking rape here, but the women I write are not per se empowered.
So today I sat down and rewrote the last scene. And lo and behold: it worked. The man took charge and told the woman what to do. I wrote 1,500 words, and it was hot and sexual. It definitely wasn’t nice or cute, and the consent was dubious, the way I like it best!

So yeah, not for the first time and probably not for the last time either I have decided to go back to what I like best: dark and dubious consent stories. I know you can’t please everyone. I tried to please everyone, and in the process, I lost myself. The stories for the anthologies will not be too dark, I’ll keep that in mind, but there will be BDSM. If you want to read my stories, you will have to accept that. If not, no harm done, there’s plenty of other erotica writers out there. My genre is erotica in the dark BDSM dub-con niche. I tried to play nice, I really tried…but I failed.

Check out my dubcon bimbofication story:

From Deirdre to Deedee – An Erotic Bimbofication Tale

From Deirdre to Deedee – An Erotic Bimbofication Tale

$2.99Audiobook: $6.95

Deirdre Jonas’ labyrinthian life sees a new unfold of events as she’s about to be evicted. When she meets Neal Degras, a 45 year old CEO who can afford virtually anything without bathing an eyelash, Deirdre buoys up her hope and remains optimistic of a greener pasture. Neal, on the one hand, out of the loveless marriage that he had come from, seeks a new partner, a submissive partner, and most importantly a devoted girl. When he finally meets Deirdre, he finds her fit for the task and seeks her consent. Deirdre, on the other hand, gets propelled and finds muse in the benefits that surround the deal. However, she soon gets the real picture of what she is getting into and how uneasy and uncomfortable the deal might be. As the deal unfolds day after day and becomes so clear to Deidre, will she continue? Or opt out? Will she be able to satisfy Neal’s sexual thirst? And will she be submissive as Neal demands? Or are there other things that are hidden from Deirdre?

From Deirdre to Deedee is an Erotic Bimbofication Tale, dealing with bimbos, bimbofication, hypnosis, mind control and modification.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sex scenes and female humiliation. If this offends you, please don't buy this book. All characters are over 18. This is an erotic fantasy. It is a short story, about 100 pages long.

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