Image by Christopher White from Pixabay
Image by Christopher White from Pixabay 

Miranda placed her hand on the touchpad. The front door clicked open. Andy stood waiting for her in the hallway. She held still as he scanned her face.

“Good afternoon, Miss Miranda. I’m happy you returned home safe. Judging by your body temperature, tension in your body, slightly elevated heart rate and blush on your cheeks, you are in need of some release. Will you follow me to the bedroom?”

“Yes, Andy, I will.”

She followed him willingly. From the other bedroom, she heard her husband’s moans of pleasure. It sounded like his android Andrea was also doing her task of relieving overburdened stress.

Once in her bedroom, Andy carefully stripped her from her work outfit. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs.

“You look lovely as ever, Miss Miranda,” the android said.

Miranda knew it was fake, that he was simply programmed to praise her, but it made her heart flutter anyway.

“Thank you, Andy, you too.”

He cupped her mons with his hand and set off the vibrations. How convenient was it that he had all of her favourite toys built-in and always at her disposal?

Miranda closed her eyes and drifted off when the vibrations seared through her body.

“I gather you are sufficiently wet. Your last sex by penetration was three days ago. Would you like some today?”

Miranda considered the offer. Did she want to be fucked today? Spurred on by the happy sounds from the other room, she consented. “Yes, Andy, please penetrate me.”


He squirted lube into her pussy from his ring finger before positioning himself on top of her. In one smooth motion, he guided his dildo appendage inside her. Miranda gripped his upper arms. The warm skin consisting of TPX and Silicone felt real enough for her. He fucked her slowly and mechanically.

Miranda enjoyed being filled; Andy had been right. It was a biological function that needed to be sated now and then.

Only a couple of weeks ago, she had tried the same function with her husband, the flesh and blood one. They had nearly died giggling as it was so messy with lube and sweat. She honestly couldn’t fathom how people managed to do this in the old days. It was tiring and disgusting and way less pleasurable than when Andy did the job. The android was efficient, which couldn’t be said of her human partner. He had reached his orgasm within two minutes, which was utterly ridiculous. She had been more than happy to invite Andy to finish the job properly.

“Changing into orgasm mode,” Andy stated.

“Yes, please, with suction.”


Andy’s left hand covered her clit, and the suction device turned into action.

Combined with the hard dildo inside her pussy, Miranda’s orgasm overwhelmed her quickly. Soon her groans were just as loud and happy as her husband’s.

When her waves of pleasure had subsided, Andy wiped away any excess fluids. “Annie is ready for you in the kitchen, Miss Miranda. Dinner is ready and waiting for you.”

“Thank you, Andy. This was another five-star service. I will see you tonight for my before-bedtime cooldown.”

“Yes, Miss Miranda. Standing by.”

Miranda got up from the bed and redressed herself. She really couldn’t understand how people had lived their lives without any androids. The thought of having to cook her own dinner. Too absurd, really. With a slight smile, she went to the kitchen and took place at the table. “Ready for dinner, Annie.”

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