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Picture from Depositphotos.com

The key turned in the lock. I held my breath. He was here! I laid my head back on the floor. I hoped my preparations would be appreciated and accepted.

“Hmm, what have we here?” he asked and prodded my side with his heavy boot. “You think this will undo your mistake? Better think again.”

I held still as he left the hallway and closed the door. This had been the reaction I had feared the most. Still, all I could do was wait. I knew I should’ve known better.

An eternity later, he returned. “Follow me,” he instructed curtly.

As quick as I could, I scrambled from the floor while adjusting the cuffs around my wrists and ankles that had pressed into my skin. My muscles were stiff and cold, so it took longer than I had hoped. I managed to get up and followed him quickly.

He led me to the kitchen and handed me a ginger root. “Cut it into two insertables and find me when you’re done.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I quickly set to my task. Preparing your own torture was always extra humiliating. I cut the ginger into two small phallic shapes. The smell brought me back to previous times we had used this ingredient. Even though it hurt, my pussy creamed at the memory.

When I was satisfied with the shapes I had formed, I held them in my hand and made my way over to Master. I knelt and kept them in my open hands. He didn’t acknowledge me, so again, I waited.

Finally, he moved and took the ginger from my hands. “Spread,” he instructed. I lay on my back and spread my legs. I hissed as he stroked the stem over my clit before pushing it completely inside my vagina. The other phallus I had made disappeared into my ass. “Follow.”

My face contorted as I got up and rose. It didn’t hurt yet, but I couldn’t lose them.

My heart began racing as he opened the patio door and guided me outside. “Lie down,” he commanded. We had one area in the garden with four metal eyes inserted into the ground.

I took my position in the middle of them and spread my arms and legs wide so that Master could restrain me.

He clipped the cuffs to the metal fixtures. “Consider what you have done to me.” Master walked off.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied softly. As soon as he walked away, the burning inside me began. It started slow, but soon my entire crotch area felt like it was on fire. We would usually combine the ginger punishment with a spanking or something similar, but not today. I had no distraction at all, except for looking at the birds flying over. I shifted my ass on the ground, but it hardly gave me respite.

“What have you learned?” was all Master said when he returned and undid my bindings.

“I will never buy off-brand crackers again, Master.”

“Good girl. So what do you say?”

“I’m sorry, Master.”

“Apology accepted. But remember it well.”

And remember it, I would, as the throbbing continued in my cunt and ass. It was a stupid mistake that I would not make again. Master had made sure of that.


Wicked Wednesday


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