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It struck her as funny the gym had separate changing rooms for men and women considering the nature of the activities inside, but okay. At least it allowed her to shower peacefully and cleanse all her holes in preparation for today’s workout. Wearing nothing but her eve’s uniform, she sha-shayed in front of the mirror and decided she was good to go.

Where would she begin today? Cardio would be a good place to start. A group of women was already running circles in the room. She quickly joined. A male, dressed in a trainer’s outfit, stood in the middle wielding a bullwhip.

“Keep up, you dirty sluts. The dicks you crave are right around the corner.”

He lashed out with the whip and hit one lucky girl who screamed as the whip circled her at great speed. Ronda loved the excitement. What better enticement to go running than this?

A searing pain went through her ass when she was the lucky subject. After being hit another time only a few moments later, she left the room. This was enough cardio for today.

Ronda took place in the leg trainer. She took a clean dildo in her size from the cupboard, screwed it on the right spot and lubed it up. After installing the right weights, she sat down on the contraption.
Every time she extended her legs to lift the weights, the dildo pushed inside her wet cunt. Ronda could do this for hours, training her muscles while fucking herself. Whoever said gym exercises were boring?

The problem was that her leg muscles protested too much before reaching orgasm.
She tried a similar setup for her shoulders, but she couldn’t keep tension long enough for the penetration to last.

Ronda went to the human trainers’ hall. Time for some abdominal training. She laid down on one of the mats. A trainer straddled her, sitting on his knees next to her torso, holding his erect cock just out of reach. With her hands behind her neck, she tightened her abdominal muscles while her mouth circled his meat. Every crunch she made, she sucked his dick. He tried to be professional, but she could see him flinch when she sucked him just right. Again, who said working out was boring?

The trainer cleared his throat. “Okay, you’re done here.” He stepped away from her and even covered his groin with a towel. Surely he hadn’t cum?

As a finale, Ronda went to the room where the men trained. She took place in an OBGYN chair and waited for a man.
Soon enough, a man placed his cock at her pussy. His hands went next to her body on specifically placed holders.
Every time he did a push-up, his cock thrust inside of her. Ronda felt her orgasm rising up with every push-up, and finally, she went into the abyss.

The man did three more push-ups and grinned.
“This was a full exercise for all your muscles?”

“Oh yes,” she smiled in return. “I’ve had them all.”

She excused herself and left the chair.

“See you tomorrow!” she waved at the receptionist after showering and getting dressed. Her body had never been this toned up before. Finally, an exercise routine she would never get enough of!


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