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Picture from Depositphotos.com
A Young Couple in Love, Celebrating Their Time Together

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“Hey sunshine, you looking fly today.”

Carol beamed a big smile and flung herself around Dale’s neck. “You too, stud, as always.” She pulled at his flowered shirt and brushed his long dark-blond hair behind his ear. “But I want to see you in less.”

“Always eager, aren’t you, foxy lady?”

“Come, it’s been too long.” Carol pulled him to the bedroom and pushed her boyfriend on the bed. She pulled up her long skirts and covered his body with hers, and planted her lips on his. He gladly accepted the love and groped her ass.

“Let me see your rocket,” she giggled.

“Ready for take-off, Houston,” he replied, looking quasi-stern.

Carol pulled down Dale’s pants and underwear and swooned when she found his penis. She cupped it with two hands and stroked the tip over her cheek. “I missed your rocket so much.” She took the glans in her mouth and sucked it briefly.

Dale gasped at the sudden love.

“We’ll need to check if all the mechanisms are still working.” She bent over his cock and took him deep into her mouth. She bobbed her head slowly up and down.

“Oh, Carol, slow down. We can’t lose power too soon.”

“Is it for one use only? That’s a feeble rocket.” She looked at him defiantly as she grabbed his dick hard and jerked it up and down. “But it’s so hard.”

Dale’s breathing intensified, and he shook his head from left to right.

Again, she stroked his dick over her cheek. “Mechanics look all right. Let me check if it’s fully operational.” She wriggled out of her panties, lifted her skirts and sunk down with her pussy over his hard meat.

She stretched her torso, threw her head back and shook her hair loose. “Oh, Dale, nothing wrong here. What’s it like on your side?”

Dale placed his hands on her ass. “Oh, silly girl, keep riding me. You’re just amazing. Wait.” He moved until he sat up straight and pulled her back down on his cock. He wrapped his arms around her and pushed his tongue between her lips. He thrust inside her pussy slowly while she rode him in the exact same rhythm. They made love in unison for what seemed like forever.

He pushed his girl back on the bed and pounded her hard. Soon he emitted a loud moan and shot his spunk deep inside her.

He rolled off of her, stroked his hair out of his face and stared at the ceiling.

Carol turned to her side and placed a hand on his chest. “All mechanisms are in good order. No problems here, Houston.”

“I love you, Carol. Next time I’ll pleasure you.”

“Oh, you bet you will. But I love you, Dale, from here to the moon and back.”

“To the moon and stars forever.”



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