Master wanted to show Celine a day at the office can be just as hard a job as any. He enlisted employees of his to help convey the message…

In Part 1, Master had taken Celine with him to the office. Since he had important work to do, he had sent her off with his employees Edgar and Jasper. Celine had to service them in whatever way they pleased. Part 1 ended with her boobs bound with elastic bands, her arms tied behind her back and a vibrator whirring in her pussy.

Celine shrieked as Edgar hit a particularly sensitive spot with the ruler.

“Music to my ears, girl. You know, I did have some dreams about you since we last met.”

“Yes, sir. Ow, thank you, sir.” She tried to keep up with the lessons learned by her Master.

He stroked her ass. “Finally marked by me. If only I had you back at my place and I could give you a proper whipping. For now, this will have to do.”

“Get up. Time for a lap dance.”

He helped her to stand upright before sitting down in his chair. He pulled Celine on his lap with her back to him.

Celine met eyes with Jasper, who was eyeing the scene with great interest.

“Mmm, look at your boobs. I love the red colour, don’t you?” Edgar said, assessing them from over her shoulder.

“Yes, sir.” She was relieved to see they were only slightly discoloured.

Edgar stroked the side of her boob with his nails. “Is it sensitive?” He asked as Celine tightened her mouth at the touch. “We’re gonna have some fun with these. Now, where is that remote?”

Jasper held it up. “Got it here.”

“Well, J, it’s time for our girl to cum. You control the vibrator while I add some extra sensations.” He pinched her nipple for effect.

Celine jolted as the vibrator came back to life.

“Play her like an instrument, J. We’re gonna work this girl hard. Teach her what office life can be like.”

Celine’s moaning intensified as the vibrator inside of her buzzed hard. Edgar’s arms were around her, and he pinched and twisted her nipples. When he took hold of her tits and massaged them roughly, her entire body twisted and turned on his lap.
“That’s it. Give yourself over to me. Submit to me.”

Celine tried to fight it, but there was no escape. Her world exploded in a thousand colours as she came hard at the stranger’s hands.

“Good girl. Go on, ride me as if I were fucking you and was filling you with all my hot seed.”

Celine tried to get back to reality, but the vibrator was still hard at work inside of her. She winced at the tightness of her breasts and the continuing stimulations inside of her.

Jasper held up the remote. “Want me to turn it off?”

Edgar slid his finger over her cheek. “Does this girl look like she’s had enough?”

‘Yes, yes,’ Celine wanted to shout but didn’t. She knew full well Master wanted her to learn a lesson.

“I don’t think so.” Edgar thought for a moment. “I want her boobs spanked. Are you willing to do that? I’d love to feel her response.”

Jasper’s eyes went as wide as saucers. “I can do a spank here and there, but I don’t think that’s what you’re after.”

Edgar let out a menacing grin. “Oh no, not at all. Come, we’ll change spots.”

Edgar supported Celine, who was still in a far away bliss and helped her sit down on Jasper’s lap.

“Don’t come near her tits with your fingers; it may hurt.”

Jasper frowned but held Celine by her stomach.

Edgar flicked the ruler over both her tits. She yelped in surprise.

“That feels kinda nice,” Jasper remarked at Celine’s shudders.

“I know, right.” Edgar continued to tap and hit the fleshy bits of the girl’s boobs.

Soon, Celine was constantly moaning while her hips were gyrating from the continuing vibrations. One spank on her nipples took her over the edge, and she went off into her second orgasm.

The two men varied Celine’s positions and had her bend over the desk, kneel on the floor, and finally lay face-up on the desk. Celine had orgasm after orgasm and could hardly differentiate left from right. Edgar was standing between her legs when Jasper intervened.
“Ed, maybe it’s time we return her. We cannot fuck her, remember?”

Edgar looked at her crotch with a pained face. “We don’t have to tell.”

“Come on, let’s go.”

“One day, I’ll get to fuck your tight cunt, I promise you that,” Edgar whispered to Celine before helping her off the desk.

“Don’t forget her pants, J.”

Edgar guided Celine to her Master’s office.

Celine stumbled the last steps. Her Master caught her in his arms. “It’s all right. You’re back safe with me.”
She leaned against him and rested her head on his shoulder. Just smelling her Master again was magnificent. It was the scent of safety.

Master pushed her softly away until she was at an arm’s length. “Boobs marked, ass decorated. Anything else I need to see?”

Jasper placed Celine’s jeans on a chair. “No, that was it.”

“No one fucked her?”

Edgar shook his head. “This asshole wouldn’t let me.”

Master nodded. “Good, that’s what I asked him to do. Right. Her eyes tell me she’s exhausted, her boobs need to be released soon, and so do her arms. This means we have little time.” He grabbed two small foil packages from the table and threw one to each man. “One of you gets to fuck her, and one gets to use her mouth. I’ll toss a coin who’s gonna be what. Edgar, you call.”


They watched the coin intently until Master called it. “Tails.”

Edgar’s face fell. “For real? After all the work I did, all I get is her mouth.”

“This is my woman you are talking about. Behave, or you get nothing.”

Suppressing a sigh, he pulled down his pants and put on the condom. In the meantime, Jasper had done the same.

“Celine, I want you to lie face down on the desk.”

“Yes, Master.”

Jasper helped her to get in the proper position and showed the remote to his employer. “She’s still wearing this. Want me to remove it?”

“Yes.” Master went to stand by her head. “Celine, you’re doing very well. This is the last thing I ask of you today. Service these two men, and I’ll consider it a lesson learned, all right?”

“Yes, Sir.” Celine was tired, but she wanted to make her Master proud.

Edgar took Master’s place and rubbed his dick over Celine’s lips.
Celine obediently opened her lips and granted him access. Just as he entered her, Jasper pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and replaced it with his hard dick.

Celine moaned in pleasure as the two men spit-roasted her. Her breasts and ass hurt with every movement, which added to her arousal. Knowing Master was watching, knowing she was making him proud, made the whole thing even more special to her.

“Wow, Celine, you’re so tight. You’re even better than I imagined.”

“Suck me, girl. At least try to give it some effort.”

The two men responded differently to having sex with the woman.

Celine did her best to suck Edgar’s dick properly, but Jasper’s hard pounding in her pussy was distracting. Celine hardly knew where to pay attention to. The sensations from all entrances were overwhelming. The room was filled with sloshing sounds and smells of sweat.

Since they had played with her for so long, it didn’t take much time before both men reached their orgasms. One after the other let out their moans of release and spewed their seed inside the condoms.

“All right, men, time to clean up, and I’ll see you tomorrow at 9 AM.”

Edgar bent close to Celine. “Thanks for the bj, but I will fuck you one day. And give you a proper strapping.”

“Okay,” Celine managed to utter. She was too spent to form a decent sentence.

Jasper stroked her ass. “Thanks so much, Celine, and Mr Browning, of course. I really appreciate it. Maybe there is something to this spanking.”

Master grinned. “Let me know if you want to learn more. But not today. We’re going home. She needs a proper bath. She deserves it.”

“She definitely does, sir. Thanks for, well, everything.” Jasper and Edgar left the room.

Master helped Celine off the table. “Here, let me remove these for you. This is gonna hurt. Keep breathing.”
Celine braced herself for the pain as Master removed the elastic bands from her breasts. She hissed as the blood rushed back in. The same went for her wrists.

Master pulled her into a tight embrace. “You’ve done so well, Celine. You’ve made me very proud. I wanted you to learn a day’s work at the office can be pretty tiresome too. Did that come across?”
“Yes, Master,” she replied with a sigh. “I think I’ve learned my lesson.”
“Good. Let’s get you dressed and home. You’ve been a good girl.”



    1. Celine was a very good girl.
      The weekend after next Kitten and I are going away for 3 nights. I think there will be some training involved with this trip…..
      Thanks for some lovely ideas.

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