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DIY Bra of Torture - Hypoallergenic - Without Metal

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For years I’ve wanted a bra of torture. I saw how easy it is to make one: take a bra and place thumbtacks through the fabric. It looked like something even I could do. There was, however, one caveat: I’m allergic to metal. Many cuffs and collars have clasps of metal, but I tend to choose ones where the metal doesn’t touch my skin. And my allergy is such that short contact isn’t that bad. But the idea with this bra of torture is that you want to wear it for extended periods. In my dreams, at least, for hours at a time. And I didn’t dare to try it with cheap thumbtacks.

Plastic Rivets

So for years, I’ve been searching for an answer to this problem. Plastic thumb tacks perhaps? Any other sharp objects? 3D printed hooks? Even online searches couldn’t help me. And then I found cone-shaped, pointy rivets on AliExpress. There was my answer!
I ordered the bright-coloured ones so I could be sure they were made of plastic. The metal coloured ones would have looked cooler, but sometimes Ali will still add a layer of alloy even though the description says they’re plastic.
Now I only had one last hurdle to cross: how to attach them to the bra. The plastic rivets aren’t sharp enough to puncture through the fabric, so I had to come up with a way to fix them on the inside. Sowing them didn’t work, at least for me. But my husband came with the perfect solution: A Hot Glue Gun. It worked!

Figuring It Out

DIY Bra of Torture - Hypoallergenic - Without Metal

Copyright Liz BlackX

One lazy Sunday afternoon, my husband set up the hot glue gun at his working station. He showed me how it worked, and I began. Earlier, I had tried on the bra and marked the exact location, using needles in the bra, of where my nipples met with the fabric. My plan was to make that the place of most impact. It was my only marker, the rest of the decoration is free-hand. That’s why the two cups have such different designs. With the first half, I was still trying out the glue gun and watching how the rivets adhered to the garment.

One Hot Process

I loved working on this task. In a way, it was meditative, but also arousing, knowing I was designing my own torture. I was considering what would make the most impact, what would hurt the most. For a masochist like me, that’s extremely exciting. I only had one hundred rivets, so I had to choose carefully. Since I didn’t have any designs I could copy, I had to depend on my own choices, on what I thought would be best. It was definitely a satisfying process.

The bra is one size too small. I bought it a while ago, and I’ve since grown bigger, but for this purpose that doesn’t matter. It makes things easier even.

What It Was Like

DIY Bra of Torture - Hypoallergenic - Without Metal

Copyright Liz BlackX

The effect of this bra of torture is impressive. It’s everything I dreamed of, and more. The first time wearing it, I even went for a walk outside. It feels so extremely naughty and exhilarating, knowing you wear an instrument of torture underneath your clothing. And yes, it hurt, but in the nice, prickly way. What was less nice, was when my husband gave me tight cuddles every five minutes. That really hurt.

After wearing the bra for close to two hours, it was both a relief and a disappointment to take it off. A couple of rivets came off with it, but only four. The hot glue had done its job perfectly. My skin wasn’t punctured. I thought it had at a couple points, but that wasn’t the case. I loved to see the pattern the bra had made. It definitely made me proud.

Worth the Wait

So was it worth all these years of waiting? Yes, most definitely. The experience was everything I had hoped for it to be, maybe even more than that. It was less annoying than I had imagined. It fully depends on my mood, of course. If you ask me to wear it early in the morning, my response would be quite different.
Both making the bra of torture and wearing it made me feel submissive like it was right for me to wear such a garment and endure this type of pain.

More To Come

DIY Bra of Torture - Hypoallergenic - Without Metal

Copyright Liz BlackX

I ordered a thousand more of these rivets. I found an old bra with sturdier cups that I can transform into such an instrument of torture. I hope to plan it better this time around and make it look more appealing.
I also plan to make a strip of these sharp points that can be placed in my underwear, though I’m not so keen on trying that one. It sounds like something I’m gonna hate. But isn’t that the whole idea?

But for other masochist submissives out there: I can definitely recommend this bra of torture. It’s uncomfortable, it hurts, but the bliss is addictive. So don’t let your metal allergy hold you back. With these rivets, there’s no excuse!

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    1. It’s an annoying allergy to have, for me it’s mainly nickel and things like perfume. My husband always calls me (lovingly) a posh bitch, since I can only wear Titanium and Gold. And within the world of BDSM sometimes it requires workarounds ?
      I’m glad I was able to find this solution ?

  1. How interesting. A torture bra is not something I have ever really thought about but you have definitely piqued my interest now and I like the idea of feeling naughty as I wear it. Great post and thank you for linking it. Missy x

    1. Thanks, Missy ?
      I’d come across the one made with simple tacks many times and I’d been intrigued ever since. I’m glad I finally got to make a version I could wear ?

  2. I like my torture bra, made with traditional drawing pins. But I’ve always drawn the line at torture panties, because… pins! However, I would happily (if not comfortable) use plastic rivets. And I’m a BIG fan of aliexpress.

    Torture bra wise… instead of a hug a couple of wraps of duct tape are magnificent for increasing the intensity.

    1. I have several items which I could pervert into torture panties, with still a thousand rivets waiting to be used, but I’m hesitant ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

      I like your duct tape idea ๐Ÿ™‚


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