Image courtesy of Margot Alderton.
Image courtesy of Margot Alderton.

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Body Talk and Sexual Health

Hard To Come By- Barefoot’s Orgasm Journey

A very intense ride through a long period of Barefoot’s life, where she describes her journey of how she dealt with orgasms at different stages. It’s definitely a must-read 🙂

An interesting read about how to stretch when having a Prince Albert piercing. It is a very interesting read with exclusive information 😉

Sex Work

La Belle Horizontale

This post shares an intriguing trip through Paris including a hot picture of Dita Von Teese. I’d never considered a simple city trip to Paris could be this much fun!

Foxy Couple

A detailed description of a hot threesome in an Air Bnb where one participant should consider a career in professional porn. You’ll want to read this to the end 🤭

Birthday Gangbang

It reads like a perfect plan for a party, with lovely description of how it’s gonna sound and feel. It makes me reconsider my upcoming birthday plans.

I love Roleplay

This is a very creative selection of role-play options Josie has tried in her past. They’re very original and intriguing scenarios. 

Erotic Fiction

Stolen Love from Russia
Moon Feather: Part 48: Terms and Conditions
Strangers in a Bar
Bedroom Eyes 7
Tossing His Caber – Highland Spanking Romance

Erotic Non Fiction

Teaching Tommy

Product Reviews

TOY TEST – Nosakki Clitoral Stimulator with Thrusting Bullet Vibrator
13 Best Fun Factory Sex Toys (& 5 I dislike)

Books, TV and Movies

Review of Netflix show How to Build a Sex Room

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Betty’s Guide to Building Your Own Sex Room
All in the contract
Living Rent Free in my Head
BDSM Collars: Symbolism & Collaring Ceremonies

Writing about writing

Sex, Strawberries and Cream