Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell by Athena Wright

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Kiss and Tell by Athena Wright

So far I’ve read many novels by Athena Wright, and except for ‘Accepted,’ they were all rockstar romances. My curiosity was piqued when I saw this book wasn’t about rock stars. Well, they do appear in the novel, but the protagonist isn’t a performing artist himself. Anymore. So what did I think of this not-rock star-romance?

The story is about Quinn who has worked hard to land a job as bar-designer. She’s fighting hard to rise in her career and is elated to get her first solo job. The guy she needs to work with is quite a tough nut since other designers before Quinn have quit the job because of him. Quinn is shocked when she first meets Connor because the attraction between the two of them is palpable. But she can’t start an affair with him, while he is overseeing her first solo assignment. Especially when a guy at work is making her life hard and will do anything to see her fail.

I enjoyed reading ‘Kiss and Tell.’ It’s a perfect start to a new series, and it somehow felt more mature than previous novels. Being a not-so-assertive person myself, I honestly wondered how Quinn was going to resolve the situation, and I loved her solution. And the attraction between Quinn and Connor was real intense and exciting. Athena Wright always has the perfect ingredients to make the characters come alive.

The only character who was too flat was the bad guy since that was really all he was. There’s no insight into what drives him to be such a prick to her co-worker. And the hot scene starting in the kitchen while Connor is making pasta was real familiar. I’m quite sure I’ve read a scene just like it in one of Athena’s earlier works. But that’s okay.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this book. It wasn’t as predictable as some of Athena’s other books are. I believed Quinn’s motivations, and I’m glad I got to enjoy the ride together with her. It’s a definite recommend, even if you’re more into the rock star romances. There’s enough music in this book.

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