Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney movies, and I mean the cartoon one, not the live-action remake. This was actually one of the few we owned on VCR (VHS here in Holland).

Disney movies were always expensive, and we weren’t allowed to watch cartoons featuring a lot of violence, and my mother deemed this movie appropriate. I actually identified a lot with Belle. She’s portrayed as a weird girl who loves to read books and never really fits in. Like ‘Matilda‘, I often felt this way. So I loved the fairytale portrayed here, where the weird girl ends up with the prince.

I think, too, it’s an important fairytale about going beyond looks. One may seem a monster, but what is the background? What has happened to make him act this way? He may have had a rough upbringing or, like in this story, been bewitched by an evil witch. You never know what happened, and often, it’s essential to find out. Who knows, you may find a prince underneath…

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