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BDSM Punishment Sex Story

Master entered the living room and tossed Celine a package. “Here, this came for you in the mail today. What did you order now?”

Celine looked up at him lazily. “Oh, dunno.” She turned the package round in her hands and squeezed it. “A bra, I guess, or panties. Don’t care.” She threw the package to the other couch.

Master cocked his head to the side. “Are you sure you want to do that?”

Celine shrugged. “It’s not breakable,” and returned to the Instagram feed on her phone.

“You do realize it was paid for with my money?”

Celine swallowed and was aware she had to tread carefully now. “Yes, I know. I’ll pay it back as soon as I get a job.”

Master shook his head. “I don’t like your attitude, young lady. It’s time we teach you another lesson.”

Celine both cringed and felt a pang of excitement. Her previous lessons hadn’t been that bad. She had probably enjoyed them a little too much.

Master held up another package. “This arrived in the mail today for me. If this is what I think it is, we’ll use it right now. 
Come here and take off your shirt and bra.”

Celine sighed. “But you don’t even know what’s inside the package.”

“Celine,” he said in his sternest voice.

Uhoh, she really was stretching it. She quickly scrambled out of her seat, took off her shirt and bra and approached her dominant. She stood before him with her head down, trying to portray at least a little submission.

Master opened the package and took out what resembled a leather garment. He unfolded it. 
“Perfect. Just what I was hoping for. Put this on.”

Celine took the garment and turned it round in her hands. It was indeed a leather bra, though possibly fake leather judging by the smell. It was black, and one side of the cups had a layer of metal spikes. She wouldn’t have guessed this to be Master’s taste, but she would wear it nonetheless.

She tried it on but couldn’t get the clasp closed. She fiddled with it long enough to manage it somehow.

She looked up into Master’s amused look. He nodded. “Nicely done, submissive. But you’re wearing it inside out.”

Celine felt the blood drain from her face. Surely he was joking?

Master turned her around and undid the hook. He took the bra from her shoulders, turned it inside out and helped her put it on.

Celine’s eyes widened when the spikes hit the soft flesh of her boobs. “Master, ouch. Are you sure this is right?”

Master tugged at the straps to make it extra tight. The shaped fabric cups holding the spikes bit deep into her skin. The side of her boob was squashed aside.

Celine inhaled sharply while Master placed his hands over the pads and squeezed them even harder.

“Oh, Master, please.”

“It looks lovely, dear. You can go back to what you were doing. I’ll check back in later.”

“Yes, Master,” Celine replied demurely. She knew better than to defy him even further.

Celine resumed her seat on the couch and picked up her phone. The spiked bra was uncomfortable, but at this point, not much more than that.

She discovered that as long as she sat still, it didn’t really hurt. Only when she changed position, the spikes pressed into her differently, and that was unpleasant.

She went to the toilet and carefully checked her breasts’ skin to see how it was afflicted. The spikes didn’t break the skin, it was only dented.

About an hour after she had first put on the garment, Master called her over.

“How are you doing?”

“Good, Sir,” she answered demurely.

“Does it hurt much?” he asked while gazing at her chest.

“A little, Sir.”

“Hmm, let’s see if we can change that. It is still a lesson, after all.”

Master rose and opened his arms for an embrace. He pulled her into a tight hug. Celine mewled at the pain this caused. She was being prodded by hundreds of small spears.

“How’s that?”

“That hurts, Sir,” she replied, still digesting the current of pain coursing through her body.

Master placed his hands over the bra’s cups. “Will you show some respect for items bought with my money?” He squeezed hard.

“Yes, yes, yes, Sir.” She bent forward while panting.

“Mmm, you turn me on, girl,” Master said as he rubbed his groin. “Bend over the table for me.”

Celine carefully took the position but shielded her afflicted breasts by leaning on her arms.

“Let me see if this turned you on even a little.”

Master pulled down her jeans and panties and stroked through her labia. “It’s certainly hot down here.” He pushed his finger inside of her.
The sloshing sound filled the silence. Master grinned. “Do you hear that? I would say someone is turned on.” He thrust his finger in and out of her several times before adding a second.

Celine moaned at the intrusion. She most definitely didn’t want to admit it, but she had become excited by this new form of torture. After all, her body didn’t lie. It gave her a pain she had never had before. The slightly increasing but ever present stings of the spikes, which spread through her boob and got more and more intense. And what’s worse, it could be removed in an instant, if not for the love for her dominant.

Master removed his fingers from her pussy and took his dick out of his pants.

“Ah, someone thinks she is clever. Now, we can’t have that.”

He grabbed her upper arms and forced her arms behind her back. He pushed her down, so she rested on her hurt boobs.

While she moaned in discomfort, Master thrust his dick inside her pussy.

Celine hardly knew what was happening anymore. She was riding this new wave of pain, while at the same time, she was brought pleasure from below. Her body was confused, not knowing which sensation demanded more attention.

Master began pounding her hard. He had grabbed her ponytail with one hand and pulled her head back. He made sure her boobs were rocked over the table with every move he made.

He fucked her harder and harder until, to her surprise, Celine exploded into a world-shattering orgasm. As she was set off into the galaxy of stars, from far away, she heard her Master cum too.

Master kissed her softly on her neck when the two of them had returned to earth.

Celine winced at the sharp sensations the spiked bra was still imparting.

“Is it sensitive, love?” he asked as he stroked one finger over the outline of her breast.

She hissed. “Yes, Sir.”

“Do you still remember your lesson?”

“I will show more respect for items bought with your money, Master.”

“Good girl. Come, I’ll take off the bra.”

Celine stood up straight and hissed again when Master removed the spikes from her skin. Hundreds of minor dents were visible on her boobs. She winced once more when her dominant closed his hands around her boobs and massaged them hard.

“Nope, they don’t seem too damaged. I like this bra. We’ll use it again soon.” Master chuckled when he saw Celine’s shocked expression. “Relax, not now, not today. And you know, as long as you’re a good girl, I won’t have any need to teach you a lesson.”

“I know, Master,” she replied with a sigh and hung her head in defeat.

She really was trying to be a good girl, but some lessons were too enjoyable to try to escape — the eternal struggles of a good submissive.



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