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“Celine, how was your job interview?” Master asked as he entered the living room.
Celine pulled away from her smartphone. “I don’t think I’m gonna get the job.”
“But why? I thought you matched what they were looking for?”
“I didn’t go.”
“You what?” Master exclaimed. “Please tell me you’re joking.”
Celine shrugged. “I didn’t go. What’s the point anyway?”
Master shook his head in disbelief. “You know damn well why, Celine. Get your lazy ass off that couch and go apply to at least three other job listings.”
Celine rolled her eyes as she sluggishly got off the couch.
“Don’t you roll your eyes at me. I guess it’s time for me to plan another lesson.”
Celine suppressed a sigh as she made her way upstairs. In all honesty, she’d been afraid to be laughed at during the interview. The prospect of actually getting a job didn’t sound too good either. Getting another lesson from her Master was a risk she was well willing to take.

The next evening, Celine sat naked on a chair in the middle of the living room. Butterflies were doing summersaults inside her stomach.
Master had instructed her to prepare for the night. He had invited Jasper and Edgar. The house needed to be cleaned, her body perfectly groomed, and everything had to be set up for her next lesson.

All her torture implements were displayed on the dining room table. It was an impressive collection of whips in all forms and sizes and rope and her torture bra. Even a plastic ruler had been added since last time’s adventure. Celine hardly dared to look at the table right now. She hoped they weren’t going to use all of them tonight. She didn’t think she could handle it.

Master came to stand next to her after having appraised her work. “You’ve done well, Celine. Whatever is going to happen tonight, you know I love you, right?”
“Yes, Master,” she replied meekly.
“It’s important both for you and for us as a couple you get a job. Apart from the money, you need to have a life outside this house.”
The doorbell rang.
“Make me proud, all right?”
“Yes, Master.”
He kissed her on her lips and went to open the door.
Celine stared at the floor while she listened intently to who had arrived first.

“Edgar, welcome. Good to see you,” Master greeted him.
Celine’s heart sank. A small part of her had hoped he couldn’t make it. At the same time, a tiny part inside of her wondered what he would be up to tonight. He scared her, but the submissive inside of her loved it.

“Good to see you again, Celine,” Edgar said as he entered the room. “All of you,” he added with a grin.

Celine closed her legs tighter, feeling extra naked under his gaze. “Hi,” she said.

“Why don’t you pour our guest a drink?” Master suggested.

“What would you like, Edgar?” Celine asked.

“Bacardi coke.”

“No alcohol before play, Ed,” Master intervened.

“Well, that leaves a coke then.”

“Coming right up.” Celine went to the kitchen and returned with the requested drink moments later.

“I wish all my drinks were served by someone so lovely,” Edgar said with a wink.

Celine resumed her seat.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang again, and Master let in Jasper. The latter one’s eyes widened when he saw the naked submissive in the middle of the living room.
“Good evening,” he said and shot a friendly smile to Celine.

After Celine had brought him a drink too, Master rose. “Thanks again for coming tonight. Unfortunately, my dear girl has another lesson to learn. Life isn’t free and doesn’t come easy. We have brought our tools downstairs so you can choose what to use. Jasper, it has been brought to my attention you’ve never spanked anyone before. Is that correct?”

Jasper nodded. “Yes, that’s true. It has never come up in my relationships.”

“Would you like to learn?”

“Sure. What I saw last time was pretty entertaining.”

“Good. My girl Celine here, is all yours. Celine, turn around on the chair. We need your ass.”

Edgar chuckled.

Celine turned around, and Jasper went over to the table. He picked up several whips and turned them round in his hand, weighing how they felt.

Master went up to him and picked up the flogger. “I’d start with this one if I were you. It’s hard to go wrong with it.”

“Thank you.”

Jasper took the flogger and whooshed it through the air.

“The general rule says you have to try on yourself whatever you want to use on your submissive, but we’ll skip that for tonight now we have such a beautiful test subject waiting here. Go ahead, try it.”

Jasper stood next to Celine, looking lost at how to begin.

Edgar huffed, got up and took the flogger from Jasper. “It’s not difficult, man. You just go like this.” He swung the flogger, and the strands hit Celine’s backside. She moaned in response.

“Are you okay, Celine?” Jasper asked worriedly

“Yes, I’m fine. The first hit is always difficult. Please, go on.”

“Jasper, Celine knows her safe words if things go too far. The thing with spankings is that they’re supposed to hurt. Stop dawdling and hit her already,” Master instructed.

Finally, Jasper managed his first hit.

“Too soft. Do it again,” Edgar said.

His next swing was harder. Celine moaned at the impact.

“That’s it, Jasper. Now continue. DOn’t wait so long between strikes. The flogger is a tool you can use in quick succession because it’s a rather broad pain. Watch Celine closely and listen to her moans. They’ll tell you how she feels and if you can go on or not. Read her.”

The man hit her a couple of times in a row.

“Touch her ass. Feel how warm it’s become,” Master said.

A smile grew on Jasper’s face while he felt her red skin. “That feels rather nice.”

“You can hit her ass all you want. You can also hit her upper back if you’d like. Never hit her face, and be careful with her kidneys and other soft organs. Go ahead, colour more of her skin.”

Jasper did as he was asked. He grew more confident with every stroke.

Celine enjoyed the flogger. She loved the soft burning that arose and was able to float on the pain.

“I thought this was supposed to be a lesson,” Edgar said and took the cane off the table. “Move.” He pushed Jasper away and began to whip Celine with the cane. The hits came quickly, one right next to the other.

Celine squealed at the pain.

Edgar was relentless and continued to assault her.

“Ow, no, please stop,” Celine begged. This has been an abrupt change from only the loving strokes with the flogger.

“You know your safe words,” Master reminded her.

Celine knew them indeed. It was not yet that bad.

Edgar moved downwards from leaving stripes on her ass to her upper thighs. This was even more intense.

“What’s also fun is if you hit the same spot multiple times, like this.”

Celine shrieked as the cane hit her ass.

“This is how you learn a lesson.” Edgar went over all his earlier markings again. Celine’s shrieks became shriller and shriller with every hit. Tears had sprung to her eyes.

Master handed Jasper a condom. “Put this on. I want you to feel what it does to the spankee.”

“Okay,” Jasper said with a slightly confused smile.

When Jasper had lowered his pants and underwear and put on the condom, Master directed him to sit on the couch.

“Celine, you straddle and fuck him. Edgar, you continue spanking her. Careful not to hit his legs.”

“And again, he gets to fuck her,” Edgar sighed and walked over to the table. He picked up the tawse, a heavy, flat tool covered in leather.

Master frowned. “Only five with that one.”

Edgar rolled his eyes and made his way over to the now fucking couple.

“You’re so wet,” Jasper exclaimed in surprise as she let her pussy sink around his hard cock.

“That’s what spankings do for me.” Celine’s sentence morphed into a deep groan of pain as Edgar’s first hit reached her.

“No need to stop fucking him, girl. Work him,” Master instructed.

She quickly resumed her grinding, trying to brace herself for the pain she knew was coming. The second blow on her ass still took her by surprise.

Jasper’s eyes shot open too. “Wow, that feels amazing. The shock, the pain coursing through her body.”

Edgar snickered. “There’s a reason people do this, you know.” He hit her again.

Celine sank into the man she was straddling. She took a few moments to regain her breath and continued to move her pussy up and down. The following two hits nearly left her whimpering.

“My turn now, girl,” Jasper said. He took hold of her hips and began to pound her quickly. She squealed as his hands gripped her assaulted ass hard. Not long after, he shot his load deep inside of her.

Completely exhausted, Celine slouched over the man and let her head rest on the couch. Wow, that had been some journey.

A sharp pain once again shot through her ass.

“Get off him,” Edgar said. “It’s time for my fuck.”

Celine climbed off of Jasper’s lap. He gave her a thankful smile.

“Not today, Edgar. Celine has had enough. Some other time,” Master said. He opened his arms for Celine, and she quickly sought his warm embrace.

Edgar shook his head. “Seriously. My promise still stands, Celine. One day I’ll fuck you like there’s no tomorrow. After I give you a proper spanking. Maybe I’ll take you in the ass.”

“Not tonight, Ed. Go home. You too, Jasper. Thanks for helping me teach my girl another lesson.”

“Anytime, sir,” Jasper replied. He took off the condom and put his pants back up. “Thanks for tonight.”

The two men left their house.

“Celine, do you remember what this lesson was about?” Master asked in a serious tone.

Celine nodded. “Yes, Master. I should take my job-searching seriously. I won’t skip interviews ever again.”

“And don’t you forget it. I will say you’ve done well tonight. You’ve made me proud,” Master said while he stroked through her hair.

“Yes, Master.” Celine was all woozy from what happened that evening, but the feeling of bliss she found in her Master’s arms was worth everything.

“Good girl.”


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