Instant Bimbofication

Content Warning: This story contains themes of modification and dubious consent. No characters were harmed during the recording of this tale.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

“Oh Nate, I’m so worried about tonight,” Cybil mused.
Nathaniel Peele put his pen down and turned his chair so he could face his colleague. “What’s tonight?”
“My date, remember?” Cybil shook her head. “I’m probably gonna mess it up again, just like I always do.”
“Remember to think positive, my dear. Keep your head up and imagine how you would want to portray yourself,” Nate advised her.
“If you want to be confident, think confident. Yeah, yeah, you’ve told me a thousand times. So far it hasn’t worked at all.” Cybil had failed more times than she could count, especially during dates with promising men. She was a data-analyst for the Psychology department but had little knowledge of the psychology of people themselves.

Nate tapped with a pencil to his lips. “You know, I do have this project I’m working on.”
“What? A book filled with more self-help one-line cliches?”
He sighed and shook his head. “Forget it. I shouldn’t.”
“Oh come on, Nate, spill it. You can’t keep vital information which could save my love-life from me,” she pressed him.
He hesitated. “It’s only in the early stages. I, I don’t think it’s safe yet.”
“Whatever it is, I’ll try it. What is it? A book I can read, a potion I can drink?”
“It’s a combination,” he answered reluctantly.
“A combination? How? Of what? Tell me.”
“It’s something I’ve been working on in the off-hours. It was inspired by you, actually, with your struggles of finding a decent date. It’s a procedure designed to make you better before a date.”
“Better? What the hell, Nate? We live in 2020. Women are free. We are allowed to show our ankles and hold a job. What is this misogynistic bullshit?”
Nate let out a sigh and turned back to his notebook. “Never mind.”
Cybil also returned to her screen and resumed working. Nathaniel and his weird ideas. Nothing good could ever come of it.

Half an hour later, Cybil’s phone beeped.
‘Sorry, can’t make it hope to reschedule someday.’
Cybil’s heart sank. The date hadn’t even begun, and she had already failed this guy. She had been looking forward to seeing his dark eyes in real life. She wanted to know if he was as attractive in real life as he had been over the chat. But now she had the distinct feeling the rescheduling was not going to happen.
Cybil considered her colleague’s earlier words. Maybe there was something to it. Her usual way clearly didn’t work.

“We’re almost done for the day,” Nathaniel commented. “I can’t wait to be home, actually. I’ve seen enough of this damp place.”
Did she dare? Was she really going to ask him? One glance at her phone pushed her over the limit.

“Nate, can I ask you something?”
“Sure, shoot.”
“That thing you talked about earlier, that project, can you tell me some more?”
A grand smile formed around his lips. “Really, Cybil? I thought you weren’t interested.”
She shrugged. “Ah, well. My date tonight was cancelled. Maybe your procedure will help.”
Nate rubbed his chin. “As I said, I’m not sure it’ll work and what the effects will be.”
“What’s your intent?”
“The main goal is for the subject to be more relaxed before interacting with her intended partner. It’s a combination of a light dose of mind-altering drugs and hypnosis.” Nate kept his gaze firm on his hands.
“Drugs, Nate, really?” Cybil swallowed. This was more than she had foreseen.
“I’ve done my research,” he said apologetically. “Just the hypnosis would be too weak and on average wears off too quickly. A microdose of the substance increases the effects by a thousandfold.”
“But is it safe?” His description didn’t sound too comforting.
“I’ve tried the drugs on myself. What I remember is that I had a great relaxed evening.”

Cybil considered the information. She trusted Nathaniel. They’d been working together for many years, and she had come to know him as a conscientious, serious worker. In fact, she had asked him to relax many times. A project by him had to be good.

“Well, let’s go then. You do your voodoo on me, and I’ll go to the bar tonight and see how far I’ll get.”
Nate’s face lit up. “Really? Oh, right. Erm. I’ll go set everything in order. I didn’t think you would actually do it. Great. Just wait, and I’ll get things ready.”

Nate went into his consulting room, where usually he would see his patients.
Cybil’s nerves were awakened. What the hell had she gotten herself into? She trusted Nate, sure, but with a mind-altering substance? She hoped things would turn out all right.

Half an hour later, Nate called her in. “Come on, Cyb, things are ready for ya.”
“That took you long enough.”
“We don’t want any mistakes, now do we?”

Cybil entered the room.
“Lie down on the sofa,” Nate instructed.
Cybil’s hands were shaking by now. “Is this all right, Dr Freud?”
“Yes, yes, perfect,” Nate replied absentmindedly. He was busy preparing the syringe. He shook his head, put away the needle, and instead took up the headphones. “Here, put these on. I’ll do the injection in a bit.”
“Oh, okay. Sure you’re all right?” Cybil sensed his nervousness, which increased hers.
“Yes, yes, everything’s fine. Oops, I..that’s the wrong file. Erm, I think I need…yes, this one’s better.” He gave her a weak comforting smile as he placed the headphones over her ears. He tapped her hand. “Everything’s fine. See you on the other side.”
“Nate, I don’t know…” The recording had started before she could finish her sentence. Ah well, might as well give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen?

Three hours later, Nathaniel removed the headphones. He shook her shoulder gently. “Wake up, Cybil, we’re done.”
Cybil carefully opened her eyes, squinted against the bright lamps, and blinked a few times. She slowly moved her head from left to right.
“Where am I? What…”
Her eyes locked on Nathaniel. “Master Nate!”
In a frantic, she looked around her, tumbled down the couch and crawled over to the man nearby. “I am so sorry I wasn’t in position, Master. How can I make it right? Do you want a blowjob, Master?”
Nate took a confused step back. “I…no…that’s not necessary. How are you feeling, Cybil?” He asked tentatively.
A broad smile grew upon her face. “Now that I am with my Master, everything’s all right. I submit to you, Master.” She held out her hands, palms upward.
“Yes, thanks, I guess, Cybill.” This was not the effect he had foreseen. Now what was he going to do?


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