Adventures begin at the end of your comfort zone. Colin showed them the way to many…

Picture by Angie Sage via Pixabay
Picture by Angie Sage via Pixabay 

“Honey, Colin is coming over later. We have some work things to discuss.”

“Okay, love. No problem. Will he stay over for dinner?” Sabine asked her husband.

“I don’t know, really. You never know what’s going to happen with that guy.”

Sabine smiled to herself. She had met Colin before, and he was indeed what you would call ‘unpredictable,’ which made him immensely attractive. She would have to make herself scarce while he was here. As a married woman, she was allowed her fantasies, but it would not do to act upon them.

Today would be a good day to do the laundry. It would give her ample time upstairs in the washroom and in the bedroom to put away clean clothes. She went upstairs and put her plan into action.

The butterflies in her stomach fluttered when she heard snatches of Colin’s deep voice when he had arrived. Control yourself, Sabine; you’re a married woman. Collect the white T-shirts next.
Being a grown-up can be so annoying when you have to do practical tasks. When bouts of laughter reached the upper floor, it became harder and harder for her to focus on the task at hand.

“Sabine? Love? Colin wants to ask you a question. Come here for a moment.”

Sabine didn’t need more encouragement as she quickly deserted her work area and descended the stairs.

“Hi Colin,” she said when she entered the living room. He indeed was as irresistible as she had remembered, especially with his broad, welcoming grin.

“Hi Sabine, great to see you. David tells me you’re hard at work with your chores.”

Sabine smiled shyly. “Yes, I am. It’s gotta be done.”

“True, true. I have a question for you. When a married person kisses someone else, is that cheating? Your husband says it is. What do you think?”

Sabine blinked. She had not expected this question. “That depends on the kiss, I guess. You can congratulate someone on their birthday and give them kisses on the cheek. I don’t think that’s cheating.”

Colin rose and walked to the woman. “That’s obvious and not what I meant. May I?”

Sabine looked from Colin to David. The latter shrugged.

“Sure,” she replied hesitantly.

Colin pulled her into his arms and placed his lips firmly on hers. “What about this?” he asked when he had removed his lips, though she was still in his grip.

“Oh, I, erm, don’t know. I think that’s stretching it.”

Colin looked mock-surprised. “Really? Then this would be over the line, I suppose.” He placed his mouth again on hers and kissed her passionately. Before realising what was happening, Sabine answered the kiss and was swept away by his alacrity.

She was out of breath by the time he released her, her cheeks burning bright red. “Yes, yes, that is out of line.” Her protest sounded feeble. This man’s energy was overbearing and such that she wanted to curl herself up in it.

“Come with me. You sit over there, David.” Colin guided her over to the couch and pulled her into his embrace. To Sabine’s surprise, David did as he was told. And what surprised her even more was how natural and pleasant it felt in Colin’s arms. It didn’t feel wrong or naughty, but like it was always meant to be this way. She enjoyed the slow rise and fall of his chest against her.

“My move must come as a shock to you both, as a happily married couple. I’ve always sensed there was more to you, David. What I’ve learned over the years is that people are very rarely happy within their comfort zone.”

“No, I don’t think that’s…” David began, but Colin shushed him. “Hold still. I’m talking here. People may think they’re happy, they will tell themselves they’re satisfied with life every day, but they’re actually only going through the motions. And that’s a shame. There is so much more to life. All this time, you, Sabine, have been having intense fantasies about me, am I right?”

Sabine thought her cheeks had been red before, but now they were crimson. She kept her gaze firm at the couch’s fabric. “Maybe,” she softly uttered.

“So let’s make some dreams come true.”

Her head snapped to Colin. “What? How? How can you be sure this is what I want?”

“Everything about you just screamed ‘bored housewife.’ I mean, who would enjoy spending a full day doing the laundry? It’s only natural for your fantasies to reach out to an attractive man in your environment, one who isn’t your husband. That would be boring. And I hope the same goes for you too, David.”

David had been way too quiet during all this. Somehow Sabine had expected, maybe even hoped, he would be offended and would free her from this big man’s arms. To her surprise, he said: “I do have dreams, sometimes.”

“Good boy,” Colin praised him. “Tell me: what do you dream of? Different girls? Men?”

David opened his mouth to answer but closed it again.

Sabine stared at her husband. What wouldn’t he tell her?

“Or is it your secret fantasy to see your wife fucked by another man?”

Sabine sat up straight and pushed Colin away. “David, no, this can’t be?”

By the way he averted his eyes and was as bright red as she was, she knew the truth. She looked in shock from David to Colin. “How did you know?”

Colin shrugged. “It’s a common fantasy. Most men will deny it, naturally. I’ve alluded to this before and from his reaction I knew. Combined with your love-stricken look, I decided to act on it. But I’m not a total brute. So, what do you say to my proposal?”

Sabine’s head spun. She looked at her husband for support, but he looked as confused as she was.

“Can we think about it?”

“Nope.” Colin’s response was instant. “When you have time to analyse, you’ll find a hundred reasons not to do it. Your comfort zone’s pull will be stronger and will resist any intrusions. It’s now or never.”

“Do it.” David’s response was soft, but to Sabine, it was loud and clear.

“Nice. Sabine?”

The wheels inside her head were turning at lightning speed. She was a decent woman. Married even. Monogamous. Why would David agree for her to cheat on him? And why did she desire it so badly?

“Okay,” she uttered at last.

“Perfect,” Colin replied with a big grin. “So suck my dick.”

“What? No, I…”

Colin pushed her off him a little and took his penis out of his pants.
“I’ve come prepared,” he said as he held up a condom which he continued to unpack and roll over his member.
“You stay there and watch,” he told David. “You can touch yourself, but don’t you dare come.”

Sabine hardly knew what was happening, but before she realised what she was doing, she was bent forward and taking the other man’s cock inside her mouth. His heady smell turned her on like nothing else. She worked his cock hard. When she glanced over to her husband, the thrill in his eyes made her work even harder. He clearly got aroused by seeing her pleasure another man.

“Good girl, take me in deeper,” Colin coached her as his hands wound through her hair, gripping it firmly. Being used like this turned Sabine on immensely. She could feel her core dampening. Unbeknownst to her, she, too, had longed to be treated like this.

Too soon for her liking, Colin reached his orgasm. She continued to lick him through the condom to maximise his pleasure. He pulled her face off him. “Thank you. David, get over here. I want your spunk over her face.”

David immediately came over and jerked himself off roughly. Sabine had not often seen him like this, so aroused and so wild. With the small moans of release she knew so well, his hot jizz soon covered her cheeks and forehead.

Sabine wanted to rub it from her cheek, but Colin grabbed her wrist. “Don’t. I want the proof of his lust on you while we discuss our future. David, sit.” Colin motioned at the floor. David did as he was asked.

“I think it’s safe to conclude we enjoyed this. All of us. I propose to do it again, soon. Next week we’ll meet again. In the meantime, I want you to come up with ideas for what you would like to explore. I don’t want you to back out and come up with feeble excuses why this is wrong. We’re humans, and this is natural behaviour. Bring me your phone, Sabine.”

Somewhat confused, Sabine got up and picked up her phone before handing it to Colin.

He entered information into the device before holding it up. “Smile.” The sound of the shutter told her he had taken a picture.

“No, I don’t want this out there.”

“Hush, I didn’t share it with anyone. This is just for you. When you doubt anything next week, I want you to take out the picture and remember how it felt. I’m certain it will bring a smile to your face every time.” He handed her the phone.

“Well, it was lovely being here. David, we’ll talk tomorrow about the connections setup we were supposed to discuss. I’ll leave you two to talk things over. I expect a text message from you tonight, Sabine, with how today made you feel. My number is on your phone.” He stripped off the condom, tied a knot in it and handed it to David. “Talk to you later.” Colin rose and left the room.

“Well, that was…something,” Sabine said after a few moments.

“Yes, definitely,” David answered with a sigh.

“Are you sorry?” Sabine asked.

“No.” David’s response came immediately. “You?”

Sabine slowly shook her head. It had been unexpected. It had been far outside her comfort zone, but she didn’t regret it. The sticky remnants on her face were a tangible memory that it really had happened. And, secretly, she was sorry Colin had left. She was already curious to see what adventures they were going to have in the near future.

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