This week’s prompt is ‘Past, Present, Future.’ My song does not contain these words per se, but enough of the lyrics are about what has happened earlier in your life and about your personal future. Why else would you need to ‘design your universe?’

I chose this song because I have listened to it hundreds of times, and it was incredibly inspiring to me during a particular time. At that time, I was still working in retail, and I wondered if I should make a choice for myself: joining an amateur theatre group. I remember on the way to rehearsal listening to this particular song. I felt so empowered by it.

‘Take the chance
Design your universe.’

Around that time, I had left my partner and had moved out on my own. It was an extremely stressful time. I had just been living on my own again for a few months when I lost my job, not because of anything I had caused. Several years later, the company went bankrupt, so it really wasn’t me. Choosing to do theatre was a big move for me. I had done so some years earlier. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to combine it with work and my studies. In the end, it worked out fine. I look back very fondly at that time. I loved going to the rehearsals and having fun in the group. It is one of the things I miss the most in my current life.

So many people are full of hate
While love and light are in their reach

These lines spoke to me as well. I’ve had a rough life and encountered my fair share of ‘people full of hate.’ I have never understood why people chose to be this way. There is no need for it, after all. Even when life maltreats you, I believe you can still decide how you want to deal with it. Not immediately, of course. But after weeks, months, years, you should be able to reflect and realize: I don’t need to be this way. I can choose to be kinder to myself and to those around me.

To take for taking’s sake
Will leave a path of loss and strain

And in the end, you should take responsibility for your life. In the end, you choose how you react, what choices you make. I’m not saying life is easy or that making the right choices for yourself is simple, but it will be right in the end.

Don’t forget you’re able to
Design your own universe

Design Your Universe – Epica

Released in 2009, written by Jansen

Song Lyrics Sunday is a prompt by Jim Adams, other entries can be found here:

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