Slave twiddled her thumbs while standing before Master in his office.

“What is it, slave?”

She opened her mouth to answer him but instead looked away. She couldn’t get the words out.

“Say it, slave,” Master commanded.

She tried again. “I wondered, I just, I know it’s not my place to ask,”

He regarded her sternly.

“I would like to go to my happy place, Sir, if I could.”

Master nodded slowly. “Your happy place? I see. So tell me, where is this happy place of yours?”

If slave hadn’t been blushing already, she definitely was now. 
“It’s when you spank me, Sir.” She stared at the floor.

“Okay, so just a spanking. Then go get the whip.” An amused grin began to form around his lips.

Slave had to explain it further.

“Not just the spanking, Master. Do you remember that time when you had tied me up after a spanking? That felt so good.” She glanced up at him shyly, relieved to have finally shared her heart.

“Oh, I remember. You looked lovely. That is a whole lotta work for me, though. What do I get out of it?”

Slave stared at the ceiling while she thought. “You get to spank me, Sir,” she finally uttered.

Master laughed heartily. “Can’t argue with that. I do enjoy turning your ass another colour. And I must say, you did a good job the other night with Waylon. Go prep yourself in the playroom and wait for me.”

“Yes, Master, thank you.”

Wearing a big smile, she hustled off towards the designated room. She took off her clothes and mentally prepared herself.

She was grateful Master had taught her how best to receive spankings. He had shown her they weren’t all about pain and torture, but if she sank into the pain, there was a whole lot of pleasure to be discovered.

A short while later, Master entered the room. Slave was in her slave’s position. She sat on her knees, wide, of course, and her hands open on her legs.

“I thought you were here for a spanking. Why aren’t you on the bench?”

“I’m so sorry, Sir.” 
She quickly amended her mistake and assumed the correct position on the wooden structure.

“Slave, are you going to be a good girl today?”

“Yes, Sir,” she quickly replied.

“So there won’t be any need for me to tie you down?”

“No, Sir, I’ll stay in position.”

Without warning, he hit her ass for the first time.

She shrieked and flexed her body upwards in response.


“I’m sorry, Master, please forgive me.” Slave quickly resumed her position.

Master hit her for the second time. This time she did remain in position, though the pain made her gasp. The first few hits were always the worst. It wasn’t until the fifth or sixth stroke that it began to feel good.Master hit her several more times. “I love the stripes on your ass, slave. How did you enjoy the cane?”

“Good, Sir. The cane bites.”

“That it does. Is this better?” He hit her hard with a different implement.

“Unph. Yes…Sir.” Slave couldn’t identify the tool immediately, but it was a broader, duller pain.

The next twenty or so swats were with this tool. Master stopped and stroked her ass. “The paddle always makes you nice and hot. Is this the kind of hot you needed for your happy place?”

“Yes, Sir.” Slave was already well underway to the floating-place a spanking induced.

“I think we can do even better.” He continued the spanking with a tool he applied faster.

Slave merely closed her eyes and underwent the assault. She guessed this was the flogger. Often this didn’t hurt too much. It was quite a pleasant feeling, really. Only the occasional swat hurt. Master continued with the flogger until every bit of skin available to him in this position had been covered.

Slave was moaning and floating at the same time. Even though the sensation was friendlier in a way, it still hurt and released all the right pleasure hormones.

“Get up from the bench, slave.”

Slave blinked a few times, but she quickly got up from the bench when the words sank in.

“Hands behind your back,” Master commanded.

As soon as she had done so, the flogger’s strands now hit her front. Slave turned her head aside to avoid being hit in the face. Occasionally the flogger found her nipple with full force, which elicited a squeal.

“Quit complaining, slave.”

Slave bit her lips, trying to keep from making any noise. 
Just as she thought it would never end, Master put the flogger away.

“Come here.”

Slave frowned as he put wrist cuffs on her wrists. She thought she had tried hard enough to not need them.

“Take out your yoga mat and kneel on it.”

Slave quickly performed the task.

“Kneel down, head on the mat, slide your arms backwards past your thighs towards your ankles. Well done, slave.” Master patted her ass. She flinched at the sore skin.

Master attached ankle cuffs to her legs and linked each wrist cuff to an ankle one.
“Close your eyes, slave. Will this bring you to your happy place? Or do you need more spanking?”

“This is perfect, Sir,” she replied blissfully.

He stroked her body some more. “ThenI’ll leave you to it. I’ll be right over there. Tell me if something is wrong.”

“Yes, Master.”

He walked off, and the scraping of a chair on the other side of the room told her where he was.

Slave’s entire body buzzed from the spanking she had just received. She made tiny movements spreading the sensations further. Since both sides of her body had been afflicted, there was always some part that hurt. It was a delicious feeling. She could not comprehend how it worked; she only knew that it worked. When she closed her eyes, she saw beautiful imagery — colours, touches…Master. This was definitely her happy place, knowing he was close by to take care of her and her every need. She drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

She half woke up when Master removed her cuffs and straightened her from the cramped position she had been in.

“Don’t worry, slave, I’m here for you.”

He lifted her and brought her to bed. There, she continued sleeping.

She awoke refreshed the following day. Master grinned at her when she moved into the kitchen. “Sleep well, slave?”

She rubbed her face. “Yes, Master. What time is it?”

“Ten AM.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Master.”

He chuckled. “Nothing to be sorry for, slave. I’m only sorry I had to make my own coffee. Did you sleep well?”

She nodded. “Yes, Sir. The best sleep I’ve had in weeks.”

“Good girl. That means you’re ready to serve me well today.”

“Yes, Master, of course. Thank you for bringing me to my happy place.”

“You’re welcome, slave. Anything for my good girl.”

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