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In Part 1, Donna went to the spiritual helper Topaz Gord to seek help with improving her sex life. In Part 2, Donna returned to Topaz for another session and learned how to give the best blowjobs, with help of two others, Onyx and Ruby. In Part 3, she showed her husband what tricks she had learned and he was convinced Donna must be cheating on him. In Part 4 Donna leaves Randy to stay with Topaz, Ruby and Onyx for a while. Ruby takes care of Donna and introduces her to girl on girl love-making.

Part 5

Randy rang the doorbell of Topaz’ place. Maybe he made a fool of himself the last time he was here, but he was man enough to admit his mistakes. Why this weird witchy therapist lady asked to see him, he had no idea. But for Donna’s sake, he’d do anything.

The red-haired girl, Roxy, he thought she was called, opened the door. 

“Hi, come in.” 

He followed her into the living room. The stench of incense was overwhelming. Good thing he didn’t have asthma. 

The Topaz woman was sitting on her throne.

“Hi Randy, thanks for coming over. Sit down. Would you like a drink?”

“Coffee is fine.” He sat down. 

“Ruby?” Topaz said and inclined her head towards the kitchen.

The girl nodded and went off. She did have her friends well trained.

“Well, Randy, as you know, Donna came to me for help with her relationship. Do you have any idea why?”

As if he was going to spill his heart like his wife had done. He knew she always did that. 
“No idea. I guess just being a bored housewife or something.” 

Topaz tilted her head. “But Donna has a job. What makes you say that?”

“Cause being bored with life isn’t just for housewives. It’s just what you call it.” He shook his head. How could she miss something so obvious?

“Is that what you are? Bored with life?”

He rolled his eyes. “Maybe, I don’t know.” 
No one has ever gotten any better from airing their dirty laundry to strangers, his momma always said.

“Can you see why Donna would feel this way?”

Ruby returned with the drinks. She handed everyone their coffees and sat down next to Randy.

“She’s a woman,” he replied while shaking his head.

“You don’t think men feel this way?”

“Look, I have no idea what you’re getting at or why you’re after my girl. She is my wife. I’m sorry that she’s unhappy. If staying with you for a few days is gonna make it better, then so be it. But quit whining.”

“I agree, Randy.” Ruby scooted in closer to him and placed a hand on his thigh.

He shoved her hand away and rose. “Get off me. I don’t get what you’re after. You want my money?” He took out his wallet and distributed some bills over the table. “Is that enough? Or do you need my firstborn too?”

Topaz held up her hands in a shushing motion. “Calm down, Randy. Everything’s okay. We want to help, both you and Donna. We don’t mean any harm. The bill I sent you is only for the tablets Donna’s taking and as compensation for our sessions.”

“Bill? What bill!”

Topaz smiled uneasily. “I thought Donna had already given that to you.”

“You’re a quack! And you’re a lunatic, a sex-ridden lunatic, and you’re all abusing my wife for your sick fantasies. My wife, you hear me, my wife. The woman I love and with who I’m gonna grow old with. Not you crazy lot.” 

He stormed towards the door. “This is not the last you’ll see of me.”

Randy left the house and went home. He was gonna win back his wife from these serpents. He didn’t know yet how, but he would. They were not going to take her from him.

Donna returned from work and rang Topaz’s doorbell. After an unusually long wait, Ruby opened the door for her. 

“Hey Donna, come in. Let’s go to my room,” Ruby said after placing a kiss on her cheek. 
“Hi, Ruby. Why?”

“Oh, no reason. I just, well, wanted to show you something.”

Donna frowned and followed her friend inside.

“When is this bullshit going to end, Topaz?” a loud voice shouted in the living room.

“Is that Onyx?” Donna asked.

“Ssh, yes. Let’s go upstairs.”

Donna heard Topaz answer something but couldn’t make out the words.

“I’m not your fucking prisoner! Let me go already!”

Ruby was already halfway up the stairs.
“Come, Donna.”

Donna’s skin tingled. This didn’t sound right. She had never seen Onyx this upset. What could possibly be the reason?

She dumped her bag into her room and then went over to Ruby’s.
Ruby sat behind her desk. Donna took her place on the sofa bed.

“What was that?” Donna asked Ruby.

“Oh, nothing. Sometimes they do that.” Ruby giggled nervously.

“Sometimes they fight? But what was Onyx saying about being a prisoner? About being let go? Surely he can leave if he wants to?”

Ruby sighed. “It’s complicated. Oh, your man Randy was here this morning. He, too, was angry.”

“What? Randy was here? Why?” Donna felt a headache threatening with all this news.

“Topaz had asked him to come by. Since we only know your side of the story, Topaz figured it’d be nice to hear the other side too.”

“Oh gosh. Well, how did that go?” Donna asked while wringing her fingers.

“Kinda like you just heard Onyx,” Ruby uttered carefully.

Donna shook her head. “Oh no. I was afraid that was going to happen. Now what? Can I even stay here? Am I still welcome?”

“Of course you are. Randy scared us a little, that’s all. Come here.” Ruby rose and opened her arms. “If anything, it showed how good it is that you’re here.”

Donna accepted the girl’s embrace and rested her head on her shoulder. Ruby was a darling. Being in her arms, enjoying her warmth and her peachy perfume brought back memories of their earlier dalliances. She may be confused about them, but she definitely didn’t regret anything. Actually, her nights were often infused with hot dreams about the things they’d done together.
“Thank you, Ruby. I appreciate it.”

“Well, show me.” Ruby’s eyes had a mischievous look over them.

A flutter went off inside Donna’s stomach. “How?”

“You know how…” Ruby took Donna’s hand and pulled her onto the bed. She laid down and pulled Donna on top of her.

Donna straddled Ruby and looked down, her chest heaving from the excitement. Never before had she desired to make love to a woman, but with Ruby, it all felt so natural.

Very carefully, she stroked Ruby’s left arm.

“Good, Donna, go on.” Ruby’s voice had taken on a husky tone.

“But Ruby, I don’t know-how. What…”

Ruby pulled Donna down into a kiss, a deep and passionate one.

“Don’t worry so much. Let the desire lead you. What do you want to do?”

Images flashed before Donna’s eyes. “Could I…? No, I can’t say.”
Her cheeks bright red, she turned away.

“No, look at me. Say it. I won’t laugh at you.”

“Could I see your breasts, maybe?” she uttered shyly while looking at the sheets.

“Of course, my lovely. You only had to ask. Scoot, I’ll take my shirt off.”

Donna made room for Ruby, who sat up and removed her shirt.

“Unclasp my bra.”

Her fingers trembling, Donna did what had been asked. Why was she so nervous?

Ruby shrugged the straps over her shoulders and turned towards the other woman. “Take it off.”

Donna lowered the cups, revealing the soft boobs within.

“Did you only want to watch them?” Ruby asked.

Donna shook her head.

“Well, come on, don’t be shy.”

As if observing someone else, Donna viewed in amazement as her hands cupped the woman’s breasts and began to fondle them.

“Good job, Donna. Squeeze them harder; they won’t break.”
Donna followed the advice and squeezed them with more strength. With the electricity sparking between them, this was more exciting than she had dared imagine. Yes, they felt similar to her own, but they were slightly larger. The naughtiness of doing this with another woman made it thousand times more special.

The door flew open, Onyx barged in and slammed the door shut behind him.

“Ruby, prepare yourself. That Topaz woman crawls under every inch of my skin. Oh, Donna.” He suddenly noticed her while he was undressing.

Donna was about to leave the bed when Ruby pulled her close.

“No, don’t leave, Donna. We don’t mind if she watches, right, Onyx?”

Donna could see the options were spinning his head in a thousand directions as he stared at one woman and then the next. He briskly shook his head. “I need you, Ruby. I can’t fuck her. She can stay.”

“I know something fun,” Ruby said happily while she quickly undressed. “Take your shirt and bra off. I want to feel your naked skin underneath me.”

Donna gasped as she slowly realised what was going to happen. Onyx and Ruby and her…underneath?

“Ruby, now!” His deep voice once again bellowed through the room.

Donna hurriedly did as Ruby had suggested and laid down on the bed on her back. Next Ruby straddled her and kept her ass up in a doggy style position. Onyx mounted her and immediately began pounding his hard rod deep inside of her.

Donna couldn’t believe what was happening. Ruby once again playing with her breasts while occasionally rising up when Onyx thrust into her hard. The groans, the moans, the hard strokes right above her. The longer it continued, the more distracted Ruby became. Onyx’s hands found Ruby’s breasts, and he took hold of them while fucking her. 

Donna had never seen such an eruption of lust so close by. Everything in the room seemed to be on fire. Lights were exploding on the peripheries of her vision. Her hand sneaked inside her panties. 

“Is it okay if I touch myself?” She asked softly. 

“Oh damn, stupid cunt, make yourself cum, or I’ll fuck you next!” Onyx exclaimed. He was thrusting inside Ruby faster and faster.

Donna found her sensitive nub and rubbed it carefully. Oh my, she was already so wet!

Ruby saw what Donna was doing. She bent down and bit her nipple. 

Donna wanted to scream at the pain, but she felt so much hotter suddenly. She increased her own rubbing, and her body clenched before sending wave after wave of immense pleasure when Ruby bit her other nipple.

The next few minutes went by in a blur. Donna’s body was still trembling, while drops of Onyx’ hot sweat dripped down on both women. Ruby was so close, Donna thought she could feel what she was enjoying. The three of them were in one pink bubble of sex. Onyx let out a deep groan. Ruby, too, moaned hard and collapsed onto Donna.

Donna suspected she had passed out but was awake again when Ruby kissed her. “You’ve done well, lovely.”

Onyx snuggled up to them on Donna’s right side. “Can I get one of those too?”

Ruby kissed him languidly. 

“I think she wants one too,” Ruby said, pointing to Donna. 

“Oh, I don’t know…” Before she could protest further, Onyx’ mouth had covered hers. His kiss was so strong, so manly, and so utterly delicious.

“Well then. What’s for dinner, Ruby babe?” Onyx said with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Chicken Massala. And I think Donna here will help me, won’t you, darling?” She tapped Donna’s cheek.

“Yeah, sure.”

Donna’s head was still in the clouds. What on earth had just happened? Had she just witnessed the most intense lovemaking ever right above her? How could she make sense of that? And Randy? How could she ever tell him Onyx had kissed her? And that she wanted more of it, and not only a kiss…

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