No Hugs, Just Spanking

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Two coffee cups
The two coffee cups we bought early in our relationship

I’m one of the most unromantic people in the world. That’s why I decided to take this challenge when I saw this meme. In all fairness, I push my husband away more often than that I show affection. I don’t do hugs, cuddles, and random kisses. Just give me a good spanking once in a while, make me cum, and I’m good.

No White Dress

Due to many circumstances, even our marriage was unromantic. We had a free ceremony on Thursday morning where we signed the papers on the counter. No white dress, no flowers, no witnesses.
I don’t regret doing things this way. I’ve never been a girl who dreamed about her wedding, detailing years ahead which dress and which colors for decorations. But still, I sometimes feel sorry for my husband who is way more romantic than I am. Something you wouldn’t expect from an IT specialist who’s into metal music. So even though it’s not a tradition here in The Netherlands, here’s my attempt at writing vows.

My Vows

Dear H,
From the first moment we chatted, I knew you were special. Our connection was instant. It was like our souls connected and recognized each other. Everything between us is natural and meant to be.
You were my Dominant from the first time we met. Submitting to you is easy, even though I may struggle and object. That’s why you love me.
I know I’m supposed to say ‘through good times and bad times,’ but we’ve seen so many bad times already, that I think saying such a thing is superfluous.
We’ve come out stronger every time, and I’m confident we will continue to do so in the future, whatever harm may come upon us.

You have taken care of me like no other person has ever done before. You force me to speak my mind when all I want is to keep it inside. You respect me and all my fickle outlandish plans I may come up with. All of this is why I love you.

I love your silly jokes because silly jokes also have a right to exist. I love your random hugs, even though I push you away. I love your random kisses. I love how you never give up on me.

I promise to continue to love you, to take care of you. Yes, I will continue to bring your coffee and tea. I continue to support your fickle and outlandish plans. And yes, I will submit to you.

I could not have found a Dominant who is a better match for me than you. I submit to you, I kneel for you, and I love you.
Today, tomorrow, and for all the days of my life.


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