‘Bedroom time,’ Donna cringed as she saw the item in her calendar. It was always a hassle, the monthly intimate time with her husband. Clumsy fondling under the sheets, the never satisfying foreplay, the static up and downs, in and outs, until the zenith, his – not hers, and it was over, and they could get to sleep. Donna forced herself to bite through it. After all, it was a part of marriage, and she didn’t want Randy to go looking somewhere else to still his needs.

Donna sometimes wondered if there couldn’t be more to it, to the sex thing. She giggled softly to herself, even thinking such a naughty thought. The magazines she read made it sound like so much more. Evenings spent in sexiness, one partner seducing the other and both – both! – partners reaching the ultimate height possible. Donna shook her head. That was not for her. It was time for her to get to work. She would endure the fifteen minutes tonight, and then she would have another month of respite. She shouldn’t even be thinking about these lewd things. There were more important issues to worry about, like how to deal with her new boss. No matter what she did, he never seemed satisfied with her. And with Randy’s frolics, they definitely needed her income.

“How could you do that, Donna! Sometimes I don’t even know why I’m keeping you around. Distributing last week’s schedule for this week’s meeting. You made me look like a fool in front of the entire department.”
Donna listened to his tirade, keeping her head down. “I’m sorry, Mr Danell. It won’t happen again.”
“I should definitely hope so. Now go type out the minutes. I need them.”
“Yes, Mr Danell.”

Donna scurried off to her desk and began the work. How could she have that mistake? Part of her knew why: it was those lewd thoughts she was having earlier. She shook her head and started typing.

Her colleague Lynn entered their office. “I heard you were again told off. Guess he was having trouble at home again with his Mrs.”

“Oh, I bet. I really wonder what it’s like in their home.”

Lynn huffed. “Seeing how he behaves here, I guess he is not the one wearing the pants.”

Donna snickered. “We shouldn’t be saying these things.”

Lynn shook her head as she sat down at her computer. “He should treat us better, then he’ll get my respect. So do you have news?”

Donna blushed and stared at her keyboard.

“Ooh, I know that look, tell me,” Lynn insisted.

“Well, what I was wondering.” Donna glanced at the door and was relieved to see it was still closed. “You know a lot about intercourse, right?”

A smirk crossed Lynn’s face. “Now, now, Donna. Where does that come from?”

Donna shrugged and avoided Lynn’s gaze at all costs. “I don’t know. I just, I wondered if there could be more to…you know.” She mouthed the word ‘sex.’

“More, you say. More than what?”

Donna huffed. “You know I love Randy to death, but it’s so…boring. I was hoping it could be more adventurous.”

“It’s just what you make it, girl. That reminds me. One of my friends was in a similar situation to yours, and she got great help from this gal.”

Donna rolled her eyes. “A friend, a situation, a gal. It all sounds extremely vague.”

Lynn dove into her bag under the table and emerged holding a business card. “You should give her a call. My friend was most enthusiastic about her service.”

Donna took the card and studied it. “Topaz Gord? What is this? Some kind of new-age self-help chick?”

Lynn shrugged. “I don’t know how she does it, but my friend was delighted with the results. I really think you should give her a call.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Do it now. It’ll only take a second.”

Donna twisted the card in her hand. Maybe she should just do it. Her relationship with Randy was suffering. Perhaps this could turn the tide.

After a final glance at the door, Donna took her phone and dialled the number. She could at least see what the woman had to say.

“Topaz Gord speaking, how can I make your day better?”

“Hi, Donna Palmer. My friend says you do, erm, relationship, erm, things?”

“Well, Donna, your friend was absolutely right. I gather you are looking for advice?”

Donna nodded. “Well, yes, but I…I don’t know, really.”

Topaz laughed. “I get you. Why don’t you come by and we can discuss it? Just a cup of tea, nothing special, no strings attached.”

“I’m at work,” Donna replied.

“So come by after work. Do you have my address?”

“Yes, I have your card.”

“Well, you’re all prepared then. I’ll have the tea ready, Donna.”

“Okay.” Donna stared at the phone as it disconnected. That was a weird conversation. The woman at the other end had sounded friendly, though. And, like she had said, it was just a cup of tea.

Lynn smiled at her knowingly. “Well done. If I believe my friend, you’re not gonna regret it.”

“Let’s hope not.”

After work, Donna drove to the address. She had sent Randy a message saying she would be home a little later. Her heart pounding, she rang the doorbell.
A woman sporting a big smile opened the door. “Donna, welcome. How nice to meet you.”

“Hi.” They shook hands.
“Come in, let’s get that tea I promised you. I hope tea is all right?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

The house was just as new-agey as she had expected. Loads of flowers everywhere, hangers with strange symbols, posters of tarot cards and prints of sayings like ‘”Feeling grateful to breathe a new day. Gratitude is a way to submit to the flow of life.” ― Vishwas Chavan’

Topaz waited for Donna. “Oh, you like that quote, right? Vishwas himself gave it to me. Such a blessed happening that was.”

Donna smiled politely.

They sat down in the living room, where a pot of tea was already set.
After Topaz had poured them both a cup, she began: “Well, Donna. Why are you here?”

Donna stared into the hot liquid inside the cup. “My colleague said you helped a friend of hers.”

Topaz nodded encouragingly.

“I don’t know if you can help me. It’s just…my marriage,” Donna finally uttered.

“It’s okay. You can tell me. Is there something lacking?”

Donna nodded slowly. “I…I don’t know how to say it if I should say it, but our, well, lovemaking is…”

“It could be better,” Topaz added. Donna nodded in relief.

“That’s perfectly all right. Many women suffer from that issue. You’re not alone. I can help you.”

“You can?” Donna looked up in surprise.

“Oh yes. I’ve helped many women like you.”

“So, should I bring Randy to you?” Donna hoped not. She could already see Randy’s sceptical gaze staring at all the new-age frills in this house.

Topaz smiled and shook her head. “No need. There’s lots you can do to improve the situation.”

“Me? But how?”

“I have a simple solution.” She took a jar from the table and took out some pills.
“Take these two pills, and everything will solve itself.”

Donna frowned. “My momma always says, ‘if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.”

Topaz nodded. “Your momma is very wise. Tell her to come by, and she can see for herself.”
Topaz handed the other woman the tablets.

Donna turned them over in her hand. “What’s in them?”

“Can’t tell you that, secrets of the trade. Let me put it this way: take two a day, and you’ll start seeing the effects immediately. You’ll feel better, more confident and a lot sexier.”

“And it’s safe?”

“100 %”

Donna swallowed the pills and washed them down with a swig of tea. “Here goes nothing.”

“Very well done, Donna. I’m sure Randy will be happy with his renewed wife.”

“I feel nothing,” Donna remarked.

“That would be too soon. Go home, have some dinner and call me tomorrow if you noticed any effects. Drive safe, and I wish you loads of fun tonight,” Topaz added with a wink.

Donna left the premises and drove home. She felt a bit woozy, but that could also be because she was weirded out by the strange encounter.
After greeting Randy, she made a simple pasta dinner. During the meal, the meeting kept replaying in her head. Could this really work? Would this be the answer she had been looking for?

After dinner, she still had no noticeable effects of the pills, but she did get very hot. Probably the warm meal. She went upstairs to change into something lighter than her office garb. She browsed through her clothes until she found a thin nighty with a matching thong that she had actually never worn. Well, if she was going to be a new and confident, sexy woman, then she’d better dress the part. Wearing the almost see-through dress felt good.

Donna called her husband.

“You okay, hun?” Randy inquired and entered the bedroom.

“Quite all right, dear.” Donna lay on the bed with her legs crossed while she played with the arm strap of the nightgown.

“What’s going on here?” Randy asked.

Donna tapped the bed. “Come here. Our calendar says it’s bedroom time tonight. I thought we could change things up a little.”

“Okay,” he replied hesitantly.

“Come on, kiss me, just like that first night.”

“Oh really, that’s where you want to go?” He climbed over her.

Their mouths found each other. Just like that first time in the parking lot on the back seat of the car, they kissed like they hadn’t in a long time. Donna’s hands roamed her husband’s body, going underneath his shirt, touching all intimate places.

Randy’s hand went straight to her pussy. He yanked off the skimpy thong that matched the nighty and plunged his finger inside of her.
Donna moaned at the intrusion. Her body sparkled, her skin tingled; everything was so alive.
“Take me, Randy. I need to be yours.”

“Hold that thought, woman.” He went off the bed and quickly took off his jeans and underwear. His cock stood proud, and the tip was already glistening with pre-cum.

He spread Donna’s legs and plunged inside of her. Donna’s moan was the loudest she had ever cried out during sex. Every thrust brought new pieces of her body alive. He hit her in all the right places.

Her hand went down, and she touched herself at the most sensitive spot. Never before had she done that. It made everything else a thousandfold more intense.

“Oh Randy, please, yes…”

Randy wasn’t the talkative type. With a face full of concentration, he worked hard at his job, plodding and ploughing his wife.

“Oh Randy, oh, no, oh!” Donna erupted into what may have been her first orgasm ever. Randy quickly followed.

Donna stroked Randy’s sweaty hair out of his face. “Randy, that was amazing.”

He nodded, wearing a proud smile. “Yeah, that was pretty good.”

“We should do it again,” she sighed happily.

“Yeah, well, not tonight. This boy is gonna sleep.”
He rolled off of her and turned over.

“I love you, Randy,” Donna said a few moments later. She was answered with soft snores.

She let out a deep sigh. Her plan had worked. The tablets had made the sex a million times better than what it had been. But looking at her snoring husband, the lingering feeling of unease remained. Maybe she wasn’t the only part of the problem. She would have to discuss it with Topaz tomorrow. But for now, she could go to sleep, having finally had satisfying sex.


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