In Part 1, Donna sought help from Topaz Gord, a spiritual adviser. She wanted to know if there could be more to sex than the monthly chore it was now. Topaz assured her there was. In Part 2, Donna returns to her for more insights…

Donna woke up feeling refreshed after last night’s adventures. For the first time in her life, she had had a glimpse of what sex could be like, how good it could feel. She quickly got ready for work.

From the car, she called Topaz, as she had promised she would.

“Topaz Gord,” the woman answered the phone groggily.

“Hi, Donna here. I promised I would call to let you know how my evening went. Let me tell you, it was amazing! Thank you so much for your help. I could never have done it without you. It did get me thinking, could it be that Randy is part of the problem too?”

“Donna, wait, wait. Thank you for calling and telling me this, but I forgot to tell you not to call before noon. I only do client help in the afternoons.”

Donna blanched. “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“That’s okay. Do you think you can come by later?”

“Yes, well, I have work, obviously, and I would like to make dinner for Randy first, else he’ll get cranky if I miss dinner two days in a row. Is it okay if I come by after?”

“Fine. Bye, Donna.”

“Till tonight, Topaz.”

Donna felt a little bad she had called Topaz at what was apparently such an inconvenient hour, but she was so happy with what happened last night, she just had to share it. Tonight she would be able to tell her all what happened and maybe learn some more tricks. She could hardly wait.

The day seemed extra long, but finally, her workday did end and Donna got to go home.

“Hey, love,” Donna greeted her husband when she entered the living room.

“Mmm,” he replied as a way of greeting while looking disturbed from the racing game he was playing.

Donna sat next to him on the couch. “Last night was lovely, don’t you agree?”

“Yeah, sure.” He leaned right to help him make a sharp right turn in the game, nearly pushing Donna off her seat.

Donna let out a small sigh and went to the kitchen. She wasn’t going to get an honest answer out of him soon.

Donna prepared chicken with roast potatoes and mixed vegetables. She served the meal to the dinner table.

“Dinner’s ready,” she told Randy.

“I need to finish this tournament, be right over.”

Donna punctured her food with a fork. After waiting for five minutes, she began her dinner. She stared at her husband, still wholly taken in by the game. When they had just gotten together, she had thought it cute he was still into video games. She had admired his passion and zeal. In a way, she still did; she only wished she could get a little of his attention too.

Just as Donna had taken her last bite, Randy shut down the console and joined her.

“Ended up fifth,” he said gnarly and began to shove his food down.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Maybe you’ll have better luck next time. I’ll be off to Topaz soon. I hope I’ll learn some more. I loved it last night.”

Randy quickly glimpsed at her before returning to scrape the last bits of his plate. He nodded with a faint smile.

Donna brought the plates to the kitchen and put on the coffee pot.

She figured she didn’t need to change. Just a bit of deodorant and a splash of water would suffice.

Feeling refreshed, she gave Randy a quick kiss goodbye and went to Topaz. Who knew what would be unleashed in her this evening?

After Donna had rung the doorbell, the door was opened by a red-haired woman Donna had never seen before.

“Hi, I’m here to see Topaz?” Donna asked carefully.

“Yes, come in. You’re Donna, right? I’m Ruby.” The woman pulled her into a quick hug and kissed her twice on the cheeks.

Somewhat baffled, Donna followed her inside. The heady smell of incense welcomed her. Topaz was seated in a large armchair in the middle of the room. “Welcome, Donna. It’s good to see you again.” She inclined her head, almost as if she were a queen receiving an audience from one of her subjects. She motioned for Donna to sit down. Donna sat down where she had sat the day before. Ruby sat down next to her, like real close, and took Donna’s hand.

“Ruby, have you offered our friend a drink yet?”

“Not yet, Miss Topaz. But look at her hand; it’s so pretty.”

Donna smiled uneasily.

“A tea would be fine,” she said to the question no one asked.

“Coming right up.” Ruby jumped up.

“Before we begin today, Donna, I’m afraid we have some unpleasant business to get out of the way first. Please fill out the form in front of you. You will find the bill for my services underneath. Please fulfil it within seven days.”

“Of course.” Donna hadn’t realised she would have to pay for Topaz’ guidance, but she guessed it made sense. She took both the form and the bill to take it with her.

“Fill out the form now,” Topaz instructed.


Donna clumsily hovered over the coffee table and did as she had been asked. Name, address, telephone number, date of birth, place of birth – it was a long list of personal information. Donna was sure Topaz knew what she was doing in asking all this information.

Ruby returned with the tea. She placed it on the table before Donna and resumed her seat. Donna put down her pen.

“All done.”

“Ruby, please hand me Donna’s form.”

“Yes, Miss Topaz.”

Topaz went over the details. “So Donna, I gathered you had fun last night?”

“Oh yes. I felt so sexy, and I got Randy to join, and I think I even…orgasmed,” she whispered the last words.

Topaz smiled broadly. “Well done, you. So you’re ready to continue to the next step in the program?”

Donna frowned at the word. “Yes, I suppose so.”

Ruby’s fingers were walking from her hand up her arm.

“Go fetch Onyx, Ruby, and the dildo. Tell him to be ready for service.”

“Yes, Miss Topaz.”

“And, Donna, how did you like the pill?”

Donna rubbed her arm where Ruby had stroked her and shrugged. “I don’t know, really. I don’t think it helped much. I didn’t feel any effects.”

Topaz nodded. “Would like you to have one now? Maybe it’ll help you relax for the next lesson?”


Donna wanted to try anything to help her with the weirdness of the situation she was in. The incense gave her a headache, and she didn’t understand where that Ruby girl had come from. Was she Topaz’ girlfriend? It didn’t look that way. Why was she so clingy?

Topaz handed her a pill, only one this time, and Donna quickly washed it down with a sip of tea.

Donna’s breathing hitched when the door next opened. Those eyes were captivating, the arms and what she could see of his legs, wow. Donna instantly wanted to tear away the towel he was wearing and see if the rest of him was just as magnificent.
Only then did she realise she was practically drooling over a near-naked stranger.

“Hi there,” the man said with an amused grin.

His voice was so deep she wanted to crawl inside it. “Hi,” Donna squeaked, her cheeks crimson red.

Donna hadn’t even noticed Ruby had come in and had pulled Onyx tight to her. “Handsome, isn’t he? You can touch if you want.” Rube stroked over his tight abs.

“No, that’s okay,” Donna uttered, her voice still squeakier than she had hoped.

Gosh, one day, she had been just as smitten by Randy as she was now by this guy. But man, what a sharp contrast.

“Onyx, this is Donna. We’re going to help her to spice up her marriage.”

Onyx walked over to Donna. She clumsily stood up, and they shook hands. “Very nice to meet you, Donna. I hope to be of service where I can.”

To be so close to a near-naked man was heaven for Donna. She could smell his fresh body wash.

“Yes, I hope so too.” Oh darn, what had she said now?

Onyx grinned friendly at her and adjusted his towel. “So, Miss Topaz, what did you have in mind?”

Instead of sounding like her servant, it was more like he was asking for directions.

“I want Ruby to show Donna how to give the best blowjob, so she can do the same to Randy at home. Donna will copy the moves on the dildo.”

“Perfect. I’m always up for a free blowjob.” Onyx tore away the towel and began stroking himself.
Donna gasped at the sight of his magnificent large, hard cock and moved back, falling back into the couch.

Topaz grinned. “See, Onyx, you still have the power to make women fall for you. Sit down next to Donna. Ruby, bring the dildo and start your show.”

“Here you go. I’d suggest you place it on the couch and get on your knees before it like I do. Then you’ll know you’re doing it right.”

Tearing her eyes away from the delectable sight next to her, Donna did as she said. Possibly, this made things even weirder. She was now so close to his cock, she could even smell the manliness.

“First of all, be sweet to him. Give him soft kisses. Focus on the top; that’s what’s most sensitive.”

Donna kissed the silicone dildo and felt like an utter fool. She knew this already. How could this make things any better?

“Then, slowly take him deeper. Warm-up his dick, make it slick with your saliva. Yes, like that.”

Donna followed the instructions, taking the dildo deeper inside her mouth.

“Now start sucking. Not too hard, you don’t want to hurt him, but just a little to make it pleasant. And pay attention to your body. I always love this part, and it makes my pussy clench with desire.”

To her surprise, Donna felt the same. How could sucking an inanimate object turn her on? Onyx began to utter light sounds at Ruby’s work.

“Listen to your man, or in this case, my man. Pay attention to what he likes. I know Onyx particularly enjoys this move.”

Ruby took him in deeper and sucked hard. Onyx groaned hard.

Donna blushed and even thought she was getting wetter between her legs. She shouldn’t lust after another man. What was she doing?

Apparently, the instructions were now over. Ruby continued to suck her man’s cock intensely. Donna gave her toy another try. Could she do it like that too? Donna tensed at the touch of a hand on her head. When she moved up, she saw it was Onyx who was stroking her. This small move sent a thousand butterflies through her stomach. Onyx was still lost in pleasure by his girlfriend’s blowjob, and all this energy was now shared with Donna.

Suddenly, the grip on her hair tightened, and he let out a moan of release. Donna was fascinated and stared at his face, his stomach, his dick inside Ruby’s mouth. Everything twitched and contracted in one beautiful flow.
When he came to, he smiled lazily at Donna. “Did you enjoy the show? You look flustered.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” When Donna turned away from Onyx, she found herself in an embrace with Ruby. Before she knew what was happening, Ruby had pressed her lips on Donna’s and kissed her passionately. Donna answered the kiss, overwhelmed by the tenacity. She could still taste Onyx’ cum on the woman’s tongue. It was the sexiest thing she had ever tasted.

“Well, guys,” Topaz interrupted. “I’m afraid I have to stop the instructions here before everything gets out of control. Do you think you can work with this, Donna?”

Donna blinked and looked from Ruby to Onyx. Real-world, yes, she had to get back home and go please Randy. Not Onyx and definitely not Ruby. Randy was her husband, and she was going to blow his mind. Or his dick. Or both. She shook her head, trying to lose to the fog that had built up inside of it. She let out a short sigh.

“Yes, I suppose I can make this work.”

“Good luck to you, Donna. Let me know how it went.”

“I will.”

Donna was eager to get home and show Randy all she had been taught. She was confident he would enjoy it as much as she. But how was she going to forget how Onyx had sounded when he reached his orgasm? And Ruby’s kiss…



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