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In Part 1, Donna went to the spiritual helper Topaz Gord to seek help with improving her sex life. In Part 2, Donna returned to Topaz for another session and learned how to give the best blowjobs, with help of two others, Onyx and Ruby. In Part 3, she showed her husband what tricks she had learned and he was convinced Donna must be cheating on him. In Part 4 Donna leaves Randy to stay with Topaz, Ruby and Onyx for a while. Ruby takes care of Donna and introduces her to girl on girl love-making. In Part 5 Randy visited Topaz to ask about her plans with Donna. An argument ensued. Donna, on her part, became so emotional, she sought refuge in Ruby’s arms, and also had an encounter with Onyx. In Part 6 Topaz spoke sharply to Ruby. Ruby, as a result, made a visit to Randy which went further than he had foreseen. In Part 7 Donna receives spiritual guidance from Onyx. They connect on many levels.

Part 8

Donna stirred her coffee, and again, and then some more. For once, she regretted not having to work today. Escaping the house would have been a good idea.

She had slept well last night. Her dreams had been filled with rainbows and quiet pastures, as if, after what happened yesterday, she had made peace. But now, she couldn’t imagine anything like peace. The evening she spent with Onyx had been majestic, but she had been intimate with Onyx. While she was still married to Randy. And had developed feelings for Ruby, Onyx’ girlfriend. Oh, why did everything have to be so darn complicated? Onyx had explicitly asked her not to tell Ruby. But could she?

“Good morning, sunshine! Did you have a good night?” Topaz asked as she entered the living room where Donna was.

Donna smirked. “Yeah, my night was okay.”

Topaz squinted at her. “Uh oh, not all is right in the state of Denmark. What’s wrong, love?”

“Nothing,” Donna replied as she shook her head.

Topaz poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down opposite of her in her throne. “How did things go with Onyx yesterday?”

Donna swiftly looked away.

“Aha, that’s what makes you so uneasy. I hope he has been gallant to you.”

“Yes, he was gallant,” Donna replied softly.

“I can tell from your demeanour you two were intimate. That’s all right. Sometimes that’s where the joining of two souls leads us.”

“Topaz, I, I don’t know what to do. I mean, it was wonderful and all that, but there’s Randy at home, and Ruby, and, oh, I just don’t know.”

“Donna, calm down. I’m sure Ruby’s gonna be all right with it. After all, didn’t you three do something similar a few days ago?”

Donna frowned. “That was different. And how do you know?”

“There’s not much I don’t know that goes on under this roof.”

“Please don’t say anything. Onyx asked me to keep it quiet.”

Topaz huffed. “Onyx knows full well what I know and don’t know regarding his movements. What have you achieved while staying here, Donna?”

That was a brilliant question. What had she achieved, apart from the utter mess she had created for herself?

“I was right; there was more to life than what I was having with Randy. But other than that, I don’t know, really,” she mused pensively.

“That sounds like a big win to me. Do you regret coming here?”

“No.” Donna’s answer was immediate.

“I’m happy to hear that, Donna.”

The creaking of the stairs told them someone was on their way down.

“Looks like our private time is over. Don’t worry too much, Donna. Whatever happens, will unfold in the right direction.”

“Let’s hope so.”

Ruby entered the living room. “You hurt me, Donna. I thought you were my friend.”

Donna’s head sunk. Just what she had feared.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Careful, Ruby, remember to act from a place of love,” Topaz interjected.

“A place of love this is all right,” Ruby scoffed. “I opened my arms to her, and more, to teach her what I knew, and now she runs off with my man behind my back.”

“After you ran off with mine!” Donna replied sharply.

“Oh, like he was such a tough nut to crack. He was more than happy to finally have proper sex.” The words came out like venom.

“Ladies, ladies. Let’s all settle down for a minute. Everyone here is hurt in their own way, but there is no need. Ruby, do you remember what I taught you about universal love?” Topaz asked.

“We’re all one people, we’re all one flow, the love we share with one another will always come back to us,” Ruby rattled off without much conviction.

“Exactly. Society has taught us we can only love one person in our lives, except for children and family. We can be different. Why shouldn’t we be able to choose our own families? I have to go out soon. I want the three of you to get together and fix this. Arguments like these will only block your heart chakra while it should be flowing. Remember, you’re here to heal. Ruby? Donna?”

One question still bugged Donna. “I thought you wanted us to be together, Ruby? Else I would never have allowed it to go as far as it did.”

“Donna, I thought you were shy and appreciated my help. Imagine my surprise when I found my boyfriend in post-coital glow discarding a used condom yesterday evening. Don’t you see how that would hurt?”

“Yes, I get that.” Donna had thought everyone here was openminded. She guessed there were limits to that openness after all.
Donna drank the last of her coffee. “I’m going upstairs.” She needed to get away from these two women. All they were doing was complicate matters.

On her way up the stairs, she bumped into Onyx, who was descending. “Hi,” she said.

“Hey. You okay?” He placed his hand on her shoulder. The spot tingled, and the connection they had made the night before was reestablished. “Did the vultures down there devour you?”

“You could say that. I need to recuperate, Onyx; please let me go.”

He held his hands up in defence. “I’m not stopping you. Do what you have to do.”

Donna passed him quickly, ignoring the delicious places their bodies touched and hurried to her room.

Once in her room, Donna opened the window and began clearing up the place. She collected what needed to be washed and folded and put away everything else. Soon, the space looked a whole lot better. It also felt like she had made space in her mind. She briefly considered calling Randy but decided against it. She wasn’t ready for that conversation just yet.

Instead, she sat down with a notebook and pen and began following Lynns example by making a list. On one side of the page she wrote ‘Randy’ and on the other side ‘Topaz’ bunch’. She tried to list the pros and cons of each team, but she kept on striking through items and wanting to move them over to the other side. She tore out the piece of paper and began anew. Soon enough she had a pile of crumbled notes and no answers really.

Donna was startled by a knock on the door. “Donna?”

She opened the door. Ruby stood there, holding a plate with two sandwiches on it. “We figured you might like some lunch. Maybe you’ll join us downstairs if you’re up for it?”

Donna sighed and nodded. “Thanks.” She took the plate from Ruby and followed her to the living room, her head still spinning from the soul-searching she had done.

Donna sat down at her usual spot on the couch, where Onyx was sitting too. Ruby sat down on a separate chair. It was as if no one dared to sit down in Topaz’ throne.

“Well, I’ll begin. I’m okay with the two of you doing whatever you did last night. Onyx and I just discussed it and it’s clear you two have a bond.”

“Thank you, Ruby; I appreciate that. Like what I have with you, Donna and I are kindred spirits too.” Onyx scooted in closer to Donna and placed a hand on her thigh. She gasped at his touch and hurriedly ate her food. She had some inkling where this might be headed.

Onyx continued: “We connected on a spiritual level. That’s how we both felt, wasn’t it Donna??”

Donna swallowed her last bite. “I agree. I’m really sorry, Ruby; I had never meant for it to go this far.”

Onyx opened his arms for her. “Come here; we need to celebrate our bond.”

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Donna went over to him with a shy smile and straddled his legs as she sat on his lap.

As if by magnetic pull, her lips found his. Their kiss was slow, soft and intimate.

Donna gasped as suddenly two hands grabbed her boobs while Onyx’ hands were on her ass.

“Then at least let me be a part of your connection,” Ruby whispered as she stood bent over behind Donna and placed small kisses on her neck.

Donna crooned at the ministrations.

For the longest time, they stayed like this; one puddle of love, kisses and massages. Sweet whispers and gentle moans were all that was uttered. Then Donna kissed Ruby, then Ruby kissed Onyx.

‘So this is what Topaz means with ‘one flow’’, Donna thought. She hardly realized her clothes were missing. One moment she just found herself naked.

Onyx was between her legs, kissing and sucking her most intimate spot. Ruby sat next to Donna and took her hand so that Donna could please her. Again they were one bundle of giving and receiving sexual pleasure.

Donna fingered Ruby the way she had been shown. Donna felt her orgasm rising, but Onyx stopped before she went over the edge.

“Turn her over,” he instructed Ruby.

Next, Donna found herself on her knees on the couch.

“One moment,” Ruby whispered as she opened her mouth and welcomed Onyx’s cock. She kissed him lovingly before taking him in deep. She bobbed her head. “You’re almost good to go.” She rolled down a condom over his hard dick.

“Thanks,” Onyx uttered before sinking his cock inside Donna’s pussy in one fluid movement.

Donna moaned at the intrusion. This position was extra intense, and he felt larger than ever. Onyx rode her with long, slow strokes.

At one point, when he was fully inside of her, he bent forward and nipped at her lower jaw. With his arms around her, Donna felt cradled and safe. “One day, I’ll fuck you bare. That’s when we’ll truly connect.”

“Oh yes, Onyx, please.”

They were so caught up with each other, they hardly noticed the doorbell. Ruby did; she disentangled herself, quickly arranged her clothes and went to the door.

“Donna can’t come to the door. Randy, no…wait!”

Randy stormed into the room. He halted as he took in the scene before him. His wife being fucked by another man! Everything went red before his eyes as he punched Onyx in the face. “Get off my wife, you idiot! And don’t you tell me ‘this isn’t what it looks like’. Your spunk is still running out of her, you stupid asswipe!”

Onyx shielded Donna, even though he was still naked. “Don’t you dare touch her. That’s not my spunk, you bloody idiot. That’s what a woman looks like who’s boiling hot with desire, not something you would be familiar with, huh? Why do you think she ran into my arms when she had the chance?” He rubbed his cheek where Randy had hit him.

“What are you, Mr Holier-than-thou who will gladly steal and fuck someone’s wife when possible?” Randy spat at him.

“At least I know how to satisfy a woman so she won’t have to go looking elsewhere,” Onyx replied defiantly, appearing to have the upper hand, even though he was undressed.

“Guys, please!” Ruby interjected. “Randy, go over there. Onyx and Donna, get dressed. Donna, you okay?”

Donna rubbed her forehead. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She quickly grabbed her clothing from nearby and got dressed.

Out of everything that could have happened, this was a worst-case scenario. She had been looking for a way to tell Randy what was going on, but this was not how she had imagined it. Now, what was going to happen? How on earth was she going to get out of this with her marriage still intact — and did she still want to?


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