Content Warning: This story contains themes of dubious consent and unsafe sex. No characters were harmed during the recording of this tale.

King Quatrecents

Babette squealed as she read the mail. It had finally happened, the day had come! She was chosen as a servant to King Quatrecents.
She had known there were only four hundred positions available, so she had expected nothing. Every girl her age was hoping to get this position.

No, he was not a real king. King Quatrecents was what you called a VIP. He owned so many businesses that some said he even owned the sky.
He possessed restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and, what was most important, he owned the country’s largest online store: This website sold everything you could ever want and need.

Every year, he invited four hundred girls into his entourage, which was jokingly called this his harem by some. You could apply via the website. Being invited meant you could be summoned to court. No one knew what was going on there. Babette was eager to find out.

Another perk was her lifetime discount of ten per cent on everything on NuncOmnes. But that wasn’t the reason why Babette had applied. She longed to meet King Quatrecents, the man of her dreams. He was enigmatic, attractive, commanding.
He was mysterious too. He would never appear in any interviews, neither did he attend opening nights. Some said he didn’t even exist. Babette disagreed, she had seen the paparazzi shots of him. He was definitely a live man. And she was going to see him!

One week later, it was finally time. This day Babette was going to meet the most important man in the country. She hadn’t slept for three nights. What would he be like? Would she get to see him from up close? Would she get to meet the other 399 girls? So many questions.

Since Babette couldn’t sleep anyway, she got up extra early and started to get dressed. She had bought a pretty dress, yes, on NuncOmnes, and put it on. She was so happy when the entire outfit she had selected matched perfectly. She had also bought new shoes and a necklace. The dress was tight around her body, and it flowed wide till above her knees. She had selected a white dress, as per instructions in the acceptance letter. Now off to the headquarters.

Babette was lucky the bus stopped right outside the building where she needed to be. She did need to change buses three times, but that was all right. Anything for her King.

Her heart still racing wildly, she took in the magnificent building before her. She had seen the pictures but had never been this close to it. The walls were sparkling white as if they had been cleaned with a toothbrush that very morning.

Babette quickly went inside. She approached the reception desk.
The lady behind the desk welcomed her with a professional smile.
“Good morning. Welcome to NuncOmnes. How can I be of service?” Her voice was overly sweet.
“Yes, good morning. I have an invite from King Quatrecents.”

Babette fiddled with her phone to show her acceptance e-mail.
The women on the other side of the desk brushed it away. “Yeah, yeah, it’s okay. Just follow the signs with 400. Do not enter once you’ve arrived. You will be called inside.”
“Oh, okay. Certainly. Thank you.”

Babette wasn’t sure it was possible, but her heart started to race even harder now that she was actually getting closer to her goal. She followed the signs until she reached the final one with a bench next to it. She looked left and right but didn’t see anyone or anything, so she sat down.

Once seated, she tried to control her breathing. This was it. She was so close. Behind the next door was her idol. She hoped he was as good-looking as on the paintings. Instead of being photographed, King Quatrecents preferred to have portraits painted. That only showed how sophisticated this man was.

After the longest time, the door finally opened. A girl stepped out.
“Are you of the four hundred?” she asked briskly.
Babette nodded. “Yes, yes, I am.” She still could not hide the glee in her voice when talking about this.
“Get in then. King is waiting.”
“Yes, yes, of course.”

Babette grabbed her bag and hurried inside. The girl disappeared through a side door.

The room Babette had entered was large, way more massive than she had expected. She only noticed one thing: the large throne in the back of the place where the King was sitting.

“Hurry up, girl. We don’t have all day.”
Oh, his voice was as splendid as she had hoped.
“Yes, my Liege,” Babette muttered.
Her acceptance letter had said that was the only way to address the King.

She swiftly made her way to the other side of the room until she was in close range of the throne. She hardly dared to look him in the eye. From when she did dare to glimpse at him, she noticed he was as beautiful in real life as she had hoped. His hair long and shiny, his dark eyes sparkling. He was every bit as amazing as she had dared to dream.

King Quatrecents sighed. “Welcome to my court…” He squinted.
“Babette, my Liege,” she quickly added.
“Yes, welcome Babette. I hope we will be able to build a relationship that can benefit us both, in the name of NuncOmnes, of course.”
“Yes, my Liege, I hope so too.” Babette could not stop smiling. To be this close to him was like a dream.

“Come closer, girl. I’d like to give you a hug.”
Babette was next to him in a flash. The King had risen and stood with his arms wide, ready to embrace her.

He closed his arms around her. Babette was scared the butterflies would jump out of her stomach, that’s how excited she was.
The King let go of the girl and took a step back. He eyed her from top to bottom.
“She could have chosen a better outfit,” he muttered to himself.

He stood up tall. “Now girl, would you like to see my penis?”
Babette thought she had heard wrong. Had he really said that? She bowed her head. “Ehm, yes, of course, my Liege.” It would be impolite to refuse such a thing, she guessed.
He rummaged with his wide pants before they dropped to the floor. Babette hadn’t even realised he was in a full King’s attire, that’s how natural it looked on him.
“Kneel and pay your proper respects.”
This took the girl by surprise, but she obeyed nonetheless. She was struck by the strength in his legs. He was a real man. When her eyes travelled up, she could see more proof of this. His large penis was half-erect, but twitching for attention.

“Well, go on, give it a kiss.” The King sounded impatient.
Babette bent forward and placed a kiss on the side of his penis. She had fooled around with boys before, but it had never felt this serious.
“Is that all you got?” he asked, still impatient.

Babette hesitated for a moment, then started to kiss her King’s dick all over. This was such an honour.
“Good girl. Now take it in your mouth.”

Babette followed his command. She could not believe this was happening. She was allowed to please her King, in the most intimate way of all.
She suckled on the top of his cock, trying to bring him the most pleasure she could.

An involuntary moan escaped the King’s mouth. “Good, go on,” he uttered, his voice softer now.
Babette enclosed his penis with both her hands, holding it up so she could please him best. She sucked him harder.

“Oh, yes, like that. Deeper,” he urged.
Babette’s world consisted only of the dick in her mouth. Everything else was forgotten; her only duty right now was to fulfil this task.

She sucked him harder and took him in deeper. The King was now moaning loudly. His fingers had woven through her hair as he guided her movements.
Babette knew he was getting close. His pre-cum already coated her tongue.

“Yes, yes, mmm.” He took hold of her hair and forced his dick all the way into her mouth. This extra stimulation was enough to send him over the edge. “Ah, fuck, yes.” Strong spurts of salty cum filled her mouth.
He wiped over her cheek. “Swallow it. Become mine.”

Babette hadn’t needed much more encouragement and took everything in quickly. Not only had she been allowed to perform this task on him, but she even had his essence inside her.

The King slumped down on his throne. He took a deep breath. “Okay, girl, thank you and such.” He waved his hand.

Babette considered it for a moment, and then realised he was sending her off. Yes, of course, the King had other business to attend to. She scrambled up and wiped her mouth.

“Thank you, my Liege. Thank you for bestowing this honour upon me.”
The King didn’t answer, he only nodded, and again waved her off.

Babette picked up her bag before leaving the room. She wasn’t walking, it was as if she was floating on air. She could not believe her luck. How had she suddenly become this rich? To have been invited by the King, and to have been allowed to bring him such pleasure. She surely was the happiest girl in the world. The world of NuncOmnes and beyond.

This short story was inspired by the song ‘Messias’ by Subway to Sally. ‘Messias’ is German for messiah, but I transformed that to king to avoid any religious connotations. If you watch the video, you will see what the origins were for my king ?

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  1. I’ve not read the piece – for obvious reasons. I’m in a good place and I quite like how it feels.

    I’d like to thank you wholeheartedly for your content notice on theme.
    After all, how can we make an choice and take responsibility for those choices without all the information to consent to read?

    Best Wishes
    Swirly ??

  2. You have to watch the video too – and for some reason it made me think about Mrs Merton’s question to Debbie McGee “What first attracted you to millionaire Paul Daniels?” (and in real life Paul and Debbie were really lovely, kind people as it happens)

    1. I love this quote on Paul Daniels’ Wikipedia: ‘Daniels’ autobiography, Under No Illusion, includes descriptions of his and McGee’s joking life: “I was writing and needed to concentrate, so I had a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on my back. Eventually I went to bed and Debbie was lying stark naked on the bed – eat your heart out fellas! She was wearing the sort of sleeping blindfold you get on long-haul flights. Printed on it was ‘Do Not Disturb’. But further down her body she had a sign that said ‘Disturb’!”‘
      I wish I had come up with something like that ?
      Thanks for reading ?

    1. Thanks, Rebel ?

      Four hundred girls per year may be a bit too much. Maybe one group of four hundred would have been more realistic. Though can you imagine having to control four hundred eighteen-year-olds? ?


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