Content Warning: This post deals with subjects of (fictional) sexual abuse and exploitation

Tell me About…Objectification

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Four years ago, my husband and I were in contact with a male submissive, the one who ghosted me as described here. He told us numerous times his biggest fetish was objectification. So, in chat, my husband was willing to go along with his fantasies.
‘You want to be an object? Fine, go sit on your knees next to the couch.’
The guy responded with all sorts of extreme fantasies. ‘Maybe you should put a large dildo up my ass, and cuff me so that I can’t remove it.’
‘No,” my husband replied, ‘you’re an object now, you have nothing to say.’
‘But what if I suck your dick while you’re watching TV?’
‘No. Sit still and wait for my commands.’

Clearly, my husband and this guy had different ideas about being objectified. Granted, it is a tough subject with a wide range of interpretations. So what is my personal opinion? Why do I count this as one of my kinks?

Early Fantasies

My first BDSM-fantasies were of me being objectified. There was no sexy Christian Grey to court me and lead me on a sensual path of discovery. Instead, in my dreams, I was ripped from the street only to be used and abused to my male captor’s pleasure.
Over the years, these fantasies have mellowed out. I no longer fantasize of being abducted and abused. The ‘use’ part, however, has remained.

Dirty Stories

Dozens of extreme stories I have written. Girls in dystopian settings where they are brought to factories to be employed as breeders, sex slaves or hucows. Their bodies only serve as vessels for the men in charge. Their will is unimportant, removed even.
The problem with these tales is that I never finish them. It’s hard to write about a protagonist whose will is removed. And in all honesty, I don’t dare to share these stories.
I am ashamed of having such fantasies. Especially in the current zeitgeist, it is not-done to dream of girls being powerless, being objectified. Women need to be strong and independent. Well, I am strong, and sort of independent, but I do have dreams like this. So where does that leave me?


My two best-selling stories are both tales of objectification. In ‘His for Two Nights‘ (named initially ‘Ass for Auction’), a girl is auctioned off for the weekend, only to be trained for anal sex in the course of these two days.
My other bestseller that I am still selling copies of is ‘From Deirdre to Deedee – An Erotic Bimbofication Tale.’ What drew me to the bimbofication fetish, was indeed the objectification side of it. Don’t think, don’t object, just smile and obey. Look pretty and serve your Master.

I explored the bimbofication theme because I didn’t understand it. I have been raised to be intelligent, to think for myself. Why would you erase that for a man?
My bimbo-character Clarissa explained it like this to Vivian, the bimbo-girl she is training:

‘”I need you to understand something. What we’ve been training so far is your submission. This is the basis of being a bimbo, but it’s not everything. Being a bimbo means pledging your life to your Dominant. You will obey him in every way. You will make yourself pretty so that he will enjoy looking at you. Even if you hate wearing heels, it’s part of the job.”

Vivian looked troubled.

“Do you have a question?”

“Well, Mistress, do you see being a bimbo as a job?”

Clarissa smiled. “In a way, yes, it’s a full-time occupation. I think I’ve said it before, but Richard takes care of me, he takes care of all my needs, and in return, I make myself pretty and give him my obeisance. But what I was trying to tell you, I will do things I wouldn’t have done without Richard if he commands me to.”

“Like what?” Vivian pondered the statement.

“I will do sexual favours for others if that’s his command.”

“Like this with me?”

Clarissa chuckled. “Oh, this is far from against my will.”‘

Excerpt from a yet unpublished (and unfinished) text, copyright Liz BlackX

In my mind, bimbofication can be seen as the ultimate form of submission. And yes, also of objectification. The female in question has to ignore and change parts of her personality to serve.

On and Off

So yes, now and then objectification pops up in my life. In real life too, as we sporadically incorporate it in our BDSM play. And if my fantasies become too strong, I write them down. Not to share them in any way whatsoever, because that would mean coming out with these thoughts. And who would want to admit in 2020 that she gets turned on by fantasies of being used as a mere vessel?



    1. Thanks, Sweet.
      It was a scary subject to write about, and I actually rewrote an entire paragraph too. I like your idea of combining the stories into one set ?

  1. A wonderful, nuanced run-down of different kinds of objectification. I’m familiar with some of the feelings of discomfort you describe, and the difficulty inherent in writing objectifying stories. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks a lot about it.

    1. Thank you so much ?
      I find it really difficult to find people who share this kink, especially in writing.
      I know they’re out there. I can find the stories on Literotica or the pictures they (used to) post on Tumblr. Only once have I beta-read for someone else in this genre, and it felt like an epiphany. I’m not the only one ?

  2. I think that your stories sound amazing and I would welcome them. I hadn’t heard of bimbofication but this sounds like the sort of objectification which turns me on. Thank you so much for writing this and I definitely share some of these fantasies. 🙂

  3. I love that you have written about bimbofication. It’s actually also one of my fantasies, though I’ve turned it more into a rubberdoll fantasy. Still they’re sort of the same idea. Being turned into an object to be used by others. It’s a great fantasy, and a lot more.

    1. Thank you, I love your blog and your pictures.
      It’s actually a very old fantasy of mine that I only since the past five years or so, interpreted as a bimbofication fetish. I’ve always loved the ‘used’ trope, in whatever form possible. And it boggles me why you would want to disengage your intelligence for sexual pleasure. The rational part of my brain doesn’t agree with that.

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