Inspired by the Zumio I Spirotip Clitoral Stimulator

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She Deserves To Be Spoiled

“I’m so proud of everything you have accomplished, dear; I bought you a gift,” Roger announced.

“You did?” Skylar’s face melted into a smile. “Show me!”

Roger chuckled. “No, no, no. It’s not gonna be that easy, chipmunk. I have come up with a plan to reward you properly.”

“But what is it? Can we do it now? My mom isn’t here yet.”

Roger shook his head decidedly. “Nope, we can’t. I need plenty of time to get you in the right mood and spoil you the way you deserve.”

The doorbell rang. “Ah, that’ll be your mom. Be sweet to your mother, and don’t overthink about my surprise for this evening.” Roger ended the sentence with an ominous smile and went to open the door.

The butterflies in Skylar’s stomach jumbled through each other. What could Roger possibly mean? What could he have in store for her?

Her mother’s visit seemed to never end. Her mother had to repeatedly repeat her questions because Skylar was too far away to give an adequate response. She loved her mother dearly but was happy when the visit was over, and her mother was once again on her way.

“She’s gone, Roger. We can start.”

“Don’t think so. That’s not for you to decide. I think we’d best have dinner first.”

Frustrated though she was, Skylar knew when a battle could be won, and she knew now was not the time. Her boyfriend of three years was very headstrong, and she knew her pleading wouldn’t improve matters. Reluctantly, she began making dinner. It was a simple pasta dish, so it was easy to prepare.

After dinner and after a cup of coffee, Roger turned off the TV and turned to his lover. “What do you think? Shall we do it now and wait a couple more days?” He grinned mischievously.

“No, now’s good,” Skylar replied quickly. She couldn’t bear the thought of having to wait even longer.

“Perfect. Go to the bedroom, strip and wait for me on the bed. Tie the blindfold around your head.”

“Yes, Roger.”

Skylar’s nerves were now back in full swing. She was finally going to discover what her boyfriend had in store for her.

Once in the bedroom, she quickly took off her clothes and retrieved the blindfold from her nightstand. She laid down on the bed and tied the scarf over her eyes. She made sure she couldn’t see a thing. Roger wouldn’t be amused if she cheated.

Zumio I Spirotip Clitoral Stimulator

Although she had tried to listen intently, she still yelped when a hand touched her thigh.

“Spread your legs,” her lover whispered. She did and held her breath when he touched her most intimate spot.

He didn’t go any further but instead shifted his attention to her breasts. Suddenly a vibrating sound filled the room, and an intense stimulation went through her right nipple. Skylar arched her back and gasped. Moments later, the movement sprung from her right to her left nipple. Skylar had no idea what this could be, apart from some kind of new vibrator. It felt different from any toy she had ever used. Roger circled her boob with the vibrator before making the way down via her side and stomach. When he had reached her mount, he switched the toy off.

Skylar let out a small sigh of disappointment. She didn’t have to wait long before the ministrations resumed.

Roger spread her labia, and an immense amount of pleasure followed suit. This was no vibrator; this was Roger sucking her clitoris! Skylar let her head fall back onto the pillow and enjoyed the waves of lust coursing through her body. He entered her pussy with one finger. Skylar tilted her pussy, so he had the best access. Roger withdrew his finger and replaced it with the toy. Combined with his hard licking and sucking, it only took moments before Skylar reached an earth-shattering orgasm.

When she had returned to earth, Skylar took off the blindfold. “Roger, that was…”

“That was good?”

“Oh yes, better than ever before. What was that?”

Roger held up a thin blue toy. “A Zumio pinpoint vibrator. Doesn’t vibrate, really. Did it stimulate you enough?” He gave her the toy.

“Yes, definitely. I’d heard of the brand, but I never thought it would be like this.”

“I thought you deserved a gift after all your hard work. And I hope that’ll be a nice incentive for the future.”

“Definitely.” She sat up and gave her lover a big embrace followed by an intense kiss. “I don’t know which I preferred more: your lips or the toy.”

“Hey, careful now!”

She giggled. “I’ll always prefer you, you know that. Thank you.”

Skylar studied the toy in her hand. Roger knew exactly how to please her, and the combination of his sucking and the Zumio toy had been heaven. She couldn’t wait to get back to work and gain more of these rewards. She was one lucky girl.

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