Romantic Story of Two Lovers Reunited

“Congratulations, Wendy, on your one year anniversary.”

“Thank you,” I replied as I smiled at my therapist. One year already, and what a year it had been.

“I must say, with the Lord’s help, of course, you have come a long way. We got you away from the group, gave you the tools to build a new life, and look at you now. Our prayers helped.”

“They sure did.” If only I could be as enthusiastic as she was. A day never went by where I didn’t miss them. Where I didn’t miss him.

“So, do you have anything planned to celebrate this milestone? Dinner with your parents, maybe?”

I shook my head. “No, nothing really. I didn’t think it was that big a deal.”

She looked affronted. “Not that big a deal? Oh, Wendy, how wrong you are. I can’t believe how much work you’ve done. Speaking of work, how did your job interview go?”

I smirked and shook my head. “They didn’t think I would fit in the team.”

She looked at me with empathy. “I’m so sorry, Wendy. I’m sure you’ll find a job soon enough. Do you pray for it?”

I nodded piously. “Yes, ma’am, I pray for strength and guidance every day.”

“Then I’m sure the Lord will send you to a good place soon enough.”

Our conversation went on for another twenty minutes.

I was happy to be outside in the sunshine again. The hot rays warmed my skin, and I couldn’t help but shoot a short prayer to Gaia, the Mother of all Life. She is the one I felt a genuine connection with, not the Christian God my ‘saviours’ wanted me to worship.

I hastened home. It was indeed the first anniversary of me leaving ‘Gaia Lives’, but it wasn’t a joyous occasion. Not a day went by that I didn’t think about my life in the group. I missed my friends and what we had shared together. The world without them was bleak and mean. My world without him…

I quickly ate my lunch, stuffed my white linen dress in my bag and went to the bus stop. My one year out had not granted me the privilege of a driver’s license yet.

After a short bus ride, it was still an hour’s walk to where we congregated. 

Even though it was already a bright day, the air seemed even fresher when I reached our clearing. A cloud of emotion washed over me. Every twig of this tree held memories of my former family of friends.

Not having heard or seen anyone around, I took off all my clothes and changed into my dress. I spread my arms wide and approached the tree, my tree. 

Through my bare feet, I grounded with the earth; through my hands, I connected with nature. The tree’s energy made my hands buzz as it flowed through me. All was as it should be.


I blinked. Was the tree’s magic so strong it could even produce hallucinations of my leader’s voice?

“You returned.”

I turned my head, and my mouth dropped. 
“Sky?” I asked tentatively.

A beautiful smile spread over his face. He nodded.
“Yes, Sunflower.”

I released the tree and ran over to him, taking him into my arms.
He felt real, so real. Tears welled up in my eyes.

“Sky, I missed you so much. I didn’t know how to live without you. And now you’re here.”

“Oh Sunny, I missed you too. Let me take a look at you.” He stroked a lock of hair behind my ear. “You look well. The sun still reflects in your eyes.”

“But how can this be?” I asked, still not believing it was true. “I thought they were after you.”

He waved dismissively. “They had no evidence. You can hardly put anyone away for loving too much, and I loved all of you so much. But you most of all, Sunflower.”

His lips found mine. Our connection was still the same. Guided by nature’s magic, our tongues danced and intertwined. My body sang to his rhythm, elated to have found the missing element.

Both breathing heavily, our eyes connected. Our hands found each other, and from palm to palm, we stood. Our souls reconnected, shedding off last year’s problems. Tears escaped my eyes. I had nearly forgotten how wonderful it was, how wonderful he was. My soul remembered.

Sky let go of my hands and pulled me into an embrace. A cloud of sparkly twinklings erupted around us. Nature gave us her blessing.

Sky removed my dress before taking off his clothes. He pulled me down to the earth and again into his arms. We lay chest to chest, nose to nose. Our breathing synchronised.

My long lost lover pulled my leg over him. He entered the core of my womanhood. More tears flowed over my cheeks.

“Pain?” He asked with concern.

I shook my head and laughed and cried at the same time. “Longing, completion, fulfillment.”

He smiled and continued to fill me with his presence. He rode me softly, lovingly. Deep into our souls, our connection flowed, Sky and Sunflower once again reunited.

Time escaped me. Only our bond existed. We were the world. 
We moaned and gasped as one. What we shared was primal.

When he released his seed inside of me, it triggered my prayers. “Thank you, Mother Nature. Thank you, Father Sky. I welcome your essence. Your seed is sacred. You are sacred.” 
I smiled shyly.

Sky beamed at me. “I am so proud of you, my darling flower. Now go into the world and spread our message of love. I expect you here again next week.”

“Really, Sky?”

“My sweet Sunflower, they can’t keep us apart. As you know, the sky needs its flowers to reflect its love.”

“Thank you, Sky.”

I got up and put on my street clothes. Sky, too, was redressing himself. 

I stood before him, wondering if I could kiss him.

“No, Sunflower. You have had enough of my love,” he replied, once again reading my thoughts, just like he always could.

I bowed my head. “Of course, Sky. I will leave you alone to recharge. Thank you for your offering.”

I put my dress inside my bag and quickly left. Sky was not to be disturbed after a coupling. How stupid of me to have forgotten that.

With a new spring to my step, I began the walk to the bus stop. I had work to do. Instead of small prayers now and then, Gaia should be the centre point of my life. And Sky as its human personification. Finally, I was whole again.


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