Picture by Muhammad Ribkhan via Pixabay
Picture by Muhammad Ribkhan via Pixabay 

This week’s prompt by Wicked Wednesday is to take one comment and write a blog post about it. I actually did this recently when so many people responded to the breast bondage in the story A Tight Journey into (Sub)space. The comments were the inspiration for the BDSM Bondage Extra Tight: Using Elastic Rope post.
In todays’ post, I’d like to focus on comments I have received in the past year that have stood out for me.


First, I want to say that I’m incredibly grateful for any comments I get, even if it’s just alike. When I set up my blog, I remember wondering why I should even set up a comments section. No one was gonna read or use it anyway. Now, two years later, I have garnered nearly nine hundred comments, not counting my own. I value this a lot.
I remember sitting here, alone, trying to write stories and without any feedback, I got nowhere. To receive any feedback is fantastic and especially when people take an interest in what I have to say.

Tuning Fork

Sometimes comments hit just the right spot. This one by Mary Wood has been on my mind a lot lately:

‘Probably, our soul is like a tuning fork. And the music that matches the sound of the tuning fork, to our liking. But the tuning fork can change its tone in accordance with the state of the soul. Therefore, we do not like the same music always, but the one that is most relevant to the current moment.’

Mary Wood – https://www.lizblackx.nl/music-therapy-taking-me-up-and-down/

It rang true. Music I love a lot one day can lose its power only weeks later. I love the image of the tuning fork. Sometimes the vibrations of certain music fit your mood, while weeks later, I can’t imagine why I loved it so much.

Sex Toy Review Comment

A completely different comment is this one:

‘Thank you for this review. I’ve had a thrusting vibrator for a while now and I had relegated it to the manual dildo drawer. But your tip on moving it further out, and using the thruster at the entrance instead… that is a game-changer! Thank you 😊’

thebarefootsub – https://www.lizxlikes.com/review-of-bestvibe-5-telescope-7-vibration-thrusting-dildo/

It was the first time I heard from someone using something I said in a review. I’m used to writing my reviews, having them published and never hearing from it again. It was a significant boost to hear someone actually read the review and used the information I wrote.

Bimbofication Comments

What has been immensely influential for me was the feedback I received on Mandy Gets Fixed Part 1. The story isn’t mainstream, and you can hardly call it feminist or fitting anywhere in the current zeitgeist. And yet, despite all my worries, the response I got was very positive. I even had to turn it into a series and finish the story.
I had not expected this. I was bracing myself for the harshest criticisms possible. The response I got changed a lot for me. It told me there is an audience out there for what I write – my weird, against-the-grain erotica.

Comments Are Life

The comments I receive on my blog are what keep me going. Sometimes I write a draft, and at night I wonder why I haven’t heard from anyone yet- yes, before publishing.
The replies can spark new thoughts, new posts and new stories. Before I started blogging, I never knew it could be like this. I had not foreseen how important it would become for me. I can only end this post by saying thank you for your comments and please: keep them coming!