She received a total makeover — but why wouldn’t he let her look at her reflection?

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Mirella touched the bandages on her face. “Are you really sure I’m gonna look all right?”

Ronald nodded and smiled reassuringly. “Of course, my love, scout’s honour. It’s what you’ve always wanted, right?”

“Yes, you’re right. Anything else is better than what it was.”

Mirella had hated the way she looked. Her nose bump, her floppy ears, the overhanging eyelids. She had never been a looker, but with age, she had become even less attractive to the point where she avoided mirrors as best she could.

She had been elated when Ronald offered to give her a total makeover. Being a plastic surgeon, he was able to provide her with a good package deal. He had done all her facial work in one operation, which meant she had been in excruciating pain for the past few days. Everything hurt, and the parts that didn’t hurt itched from the bandages. She longed for steak and fries instead of the slush she’d been fed.

“So, are you ready for the big reveal?” Ronald asked.

“Oh yes, definitely. I can’t wait to see myself.”

Mirella appreciated the look of love on his face, how eager he was to reveal his work on her.

She still couldn’t believe how lucky she had been. Only one consultation had been enough to flare up the spark between them. He had taken her out to dinner to the most exclusive restaurants, places she had never visited before. She was only a hairstylist, a job she loved, but also a job that had her looking into a mirror all day long. And she knew how to fix things with different hairstyles, but a bad nose and droopy eyes were beyond her capabilities.

“Well, let’s get us started,” Ronald said and began to undo the fixtures of the bandage.

Mirella hissed as her lover pulled at the windings to undo them. With every layer removed, his anticipatory smile grew. When he uncovered her chin and then her nose, he couldn’t resist a grin, and Mirella thought she saw the first hints of lust unfold in his eyes.

“Careful now, I’m gonna release your eyes. Keep them closed for the moment. They’ll be very sensitive to light.”

Even the light that was now touching her eyelids was fierce, so she wasn’t inclined to open them just yet.

With one tug, he pulled away the last of the bandages. “That was it. Oh, girl, I wish you could see yourself. It’s turned out like everything I hoped for, and more.” She found it touching his voice was overflowing with emotion.

Mirella thought she recognized the sounds of a zipper being lowered. Surely that couldn’t be?

“You’ve made me so hard,” Ronald said with a gruff voice.

The soft skin of his member stroked her lips.

“Wh..what?” Mirella started, and as she spoke the word, Ronald pushed his dick between her lips. Mirella was stupified for a moment but quickly turned to sucking. He had given her a total makeover at a bargain price, so this was the least she could do. After all, she had been longing for it as long as they had been dating.

He was rock hard. He gave her little time to suck him. Instead, he pushed deep into her mouth, pulling her head backwards to have a better angle.

“Finally, you’re mine,” he grunted.

Mirella had little time to ponder this statement. He could have had her weeks ago if this was what he wanted. She struggled to accommodate him.

Ronald withdrew from her. “Get up.” He pulled her out of the chair. “Get on the desk.” He helped her to sit on the desk before pushing her torso down onto it. He undid her jeans with a surgeon’s precision and pulled them down, together with her panties.

Ronald positioned himself between her legs. He stroked her labia with his cock. “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.”

“You could have asked,” Mirella stated softly.

“Quiet! You ruin the moment.” She had not often heard him speak so angrily. She wanted to apologize but didn’t think that would make it better.

“Finally, I get to fuck you. After all these years. Am I your big boy now?”

Mirella had no idea what he was talking about, but before she could wonder about it, he pounded his big dick into her pussy. She arched her back at the intrusion. Wow, the circumstances may be strange, but his hardness felt fantastic inside of her. She stretched around him deliciously. She uttered small moans of delight.

“Quiet, like I had said!”

She quickly shut her mouth and enjoyed the fucking in silence. She hadn’t guessed this man could be so feral, so utterly wild in his lovemaking. He fucked her so hard it almost hurt.

“Oh, yes…yesss,” he exclaimed before he rammed extra deep inside her and reached his orgasm.

When he was done, he pulled out and walked away.

Mirella squinted against the bright lights but managed to open her eyes. Ronald was a few steps away, his chest still expanding from his deep breaths. Mirella sat up and jumped off the table. She pulled up her panties and jeans.

“Are you okay?” she asked him. She walked over to him and touched his shoulder.

After another deep sigh and with an eerily strange smile, he turned to her. “Yes, of course. That was the fuck I’d been waiting for all my life.”

“Do you have a mirror?” Mirella asked carefully, not wanting to set him off again. She’d been waiting so long she now wanted to see the results of her operation.

“Of course.” He walked behind his desk and turned around a full-length mirror.

Mirella quickly made her way over.

Ronald stood behind her, still wearing that weird half-smile.

Mirella touched her face in disbelief. This was her? She didn’t recognize herself at all. She looked at Ronald and then back at her reflection. This didn’t look like her, though it did seem familiar in a way.

Behind Ronald on the desk, his mother’s picture grinned enigmatically into the distance.

This story was inspired by the commentary series by Luxeria to the 2004 plastic surgery reality TV show ‘The Swan’ on YouTube. No affiliation whatsoever, but check out this amazing series here:


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  1. I really enjoyed this Liz. I worked out what he had done part way through but hoped I was wrong. You had me hooked as in red on to find out what she would do when she realized. Missy x

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