She had tried to find money for a present, but now had to pay the price

“Idalya, what is this?”

Idalya shuddered in her bonds. Yes, she was tied to the spanking bench, and she was prepared it was going to hurt, but the tone in her Master’s voice made her shudder.

Master pressed play on the remote. Idalya blanched as the image appeared on the screen. Her image.

“That is me, Sir.”

“So I noticed. And why did I find you on a site like this?”

Idalya cast her eyes down. “I needed the money.”

“And why didn’t you tell me?” his voice thundered.

“Because I knew you wouldn’t approve,” she replied in a small voice.

“Hah! You were right there. And you know what’s even worse, slut?”

“No, Sir.” Idalya was near tears.

“It was Robert who notified me of your site. Who congratulated me on the fact I have such a hot girl. Do you know what I don’t like about humiliation? When it happens to me.” He was outright fuming.

“Yes, Sir.” Idalya had feared his reaction and had hoped it would never come to this. It had been unlikely it would never come out, but still.

“So today, you’re going to pay. Every item of clothing you’re gonna lose in this video means one response from me. Pay close attention.”

Idalya cringed as the video resumed, and her video self took off her blouse. Her Master hit her ass with the paddle. Idalya mewled in pain. Her maintenance spanking had only been two days ago, and she hadn’t fully recovered from it yet.

Video-Idalya shimmied out of her skirt. Master hit the life-Idalya with a loud hit.

She braced herself since she knew her bra was up next. Master wasn’t going to like this. As expected, he hit her twice, one for each breast exposed. Idalya looked away as the video showed her using a dildo fake-fucking her tits.

To her surprise, Master fastened two cuffs around her thighs and slid them up. He slapped her ass ten times in a row when the pussy-shot emerged. After the tenth swat, Idalya breathed in relief. That was now done.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said submissively. There was no need to antagonize him any further.

“Oh, but we’re not done here. I don’t think you have learned your lesson yet.”

Idalya shrieked as a sharp pain went through her pussy lip. Master fastened it with a short chain to her leg-cuff. He repeated it on the other side.

“We’re gonna watch it again. I liked your striptease, but I think it warrants more intimate torture.” He exchanged the paddle for a narrower implement.

He started the video over. When video-Idalya slid the blouse from her shoulders, Master hit the live girl right between her legs. She screamed in agony. By the time the video had ended, Idalya was crying and sobbing from the pain.

“Now we’re getting somewhere. One more time.”

“No!” Idalya screamed, but her Master was relentless. During the next screening, he hit her ass with the thin strip at exactly the same spot, over and over.

“This is what you get for humiliating me. Tomorrow I’ll let you pay for Robert watching the video. Exactly how many of these videos do you have online?”

“Eleven,” she replied through her tears.

“Then you have your work cut out for you.”

Idalya dropped her head. This was what she had feared from the beginning. She figured she’d better cancel the video she had scheduled for release tonight. She had only needed the money for the surprise she would get Master. She figured the surprise would have to wait.


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