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Open-Crotch panties and an open invitation for all, as instructed by her Master

“Here, love, I brought you a present.”

“Thank you,” Amber said as she smiled warmly at her lover. That man never stopped to surprise her.

She lifted the lid of the box and took out the contents. “What’s this?” She turned the black fabric around in her hands. “Crotch-less panties? And lipstick? What are your plans?” She pulled teasingly at his tie.

He produced two lace handcuffs from his pocket. “A sexy night out.” He brushed his lips over hers. “I thought it was time for another adventure,” he added with a voice laden with promise, revealing the sexy Dominant man she loved so much.

“I love that idea.”

“Better prepare yourself. We leave after dinner.” His tongue found hers, and they kissed ardently.

The rest of the day, her heart skipped a beat every time she saw the surprise package. What was he going to do to her that evening?

After dinner, Amber had a quick shower. She felt her temperature rising when she slipped on the crotchless panties. Even though there was very little fabric, it made her feel sexy as hell. She added a garter belt and rolled up her sheer black stockings. Next to her push-up bra, she slipped into a black dress, which was just long enough to hide her secrets underneath.

The lipstick her man had added to the package was red. It was brighter than she would have liked but dark enough to look alluring. She smiled at her reflection, pulling the dress down to reveal her ample cleavage. She was hot and ready, inside and out.

She noticed the flicker of pride in her man’s eyes when he looked her over.

“Come here, let me add these.” He fastened the lace wristbands around her wrists and added a matching collar to her neck. “Now we’re done. I’m almost sorry it won’t be my cum dripping down your thighs tonight,” he whispered in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. He helped her into a long black coat.

She followed him to the car and, after he had opened the door for her, took place in the passenger seat. The cold air caressing her lower lips shocked her and underlined her vulnerability.

He drove them to their usual bar, where they took place at a table in the back. They had a good overview of the other patrons. He fastened her wrist cuffs together.

“Spread your legs,” her Master instructed.

Amber parted her legs a little, hoping the table blocked the view.

After his drink was delivered, he offered her the glass. She took it with both hands and took a sip. The whiskey burned her throat deliciously.

He took the glass back from her and drank the remainder in one gulp.

He bent close to her. “So, have you decided? Which one is gonna be your baby daddy?”

Amber’s heart rate increased. She knew better than doubt his intentions and nodded feebly at a guy in the corner. “Him?” she asked with a trembling voice.

Her man shook his head. “You deserve better than such a wimp. What about him, the one with the coke?”

Now she shook her head. “I don’t like his eyes. Him at the bar, next to the redhead? He wears a nice suit.”

A sly smile curled her Master’s lips. “I’ll ask. Sit tight.” Amber inhaled sharply as her man rose and went over to the man in the suit. What a sight, two equally attractive men, now pointing at her, measuring her up. She spread her legs a little wider.

The stranger picked up his drink and followed her man to their table.

“I hear you have a special treasure to uncover?” he asked in a deep voice, squinting his eyes as he was trying to read her.

“I do,” Amber replied.

“She’s up for your taking,” her man offered.

“You’re both certain?”

“Else we wouldn’t offer,” her Master stated simply.

“Let’s go then.”

Amber followed the stranger outside, her heart thumping and her folds slickening. She glanced back at her man. She knew he would come outside in a moment, needing to see her degradation.

The stranger took her to a seedy alleyway just around the corner. He grabbed her hips.

“Your wrists are bound; how convenient,” he stated in light surprise. His hand went between Amber’s legs, finding her open and available. “You really are all ready.” He groped her pussy, finding her sufficiently wet.

He merely mumbled something indistinct, removed his fingers, took out his penis, bent her over and thrust hard inside her.

Amber nearly lost her balance, but he had her speared on his hard cock. She mewled at the intrusion. He pounded her with little consideration. When she looked up, she saw her man watching her from afar. It was difficult to make out his expression. Was he proud, jealous, anxious, angry or all of the above?

The stranger took her roughly, also yanking her tits out of her bra. With one final thrust, he spewed jet after jet of hot cum inside her wet pussy. He pushed her away when he was done. She landed on her knees next to an open, stinking garbage can. She had never been more humiliated.

“Thanks,” the man said before zipping up his pants and walking off.

What seemed like an eternity later, her Master approached her. “Come, it’s time to go home. Let me get you a cab. You reek. I don’t want you to smear my seating.”

Tears were streaming down her face when she was in the taxi cab after Master paid the fare due for the ride home. Why did it always have to end like this? She loved humiliation play and the excitement of a possible life-long reminder of maybe carrying this stranger’s offspring. But why did it hurt so much?

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