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An unknown family member is affected by the court’s ruling against Enania, how will this end?

Brapax tried to adjust to his new planet and their customs. During his first visit he was nearly successful. Much to his surprise, his human shows him ‘BDSM.’ Together they discover the benefits. Brapax takes on the challenge and discovers primal sex. Brapax invites his brother Brayhr to join in on the fun. BDSM is still forbidden on planet Earth, so when they find out Enania is convicted, this includes Brapax and all his family members.

Life had pretty much returned to normal. Yes, they dealt with the restrictions of the court’s rulings every day but managed to get round them them pretty well.

This day, Brapax was at Enania’s place. He was still trying to learn human customs and language, and she was more than willing to help him. And, because he needed to sate his unusually high sex drive, they had hot intimate times whenever required. They had just made love when the doorbell chimed. Enania frowned as she looked who it was.

“Brapax, look, that’s not Brayhr, is it?” The purple alien at the door looked very similar to Brapax’s brother, but not quite. His eyes were bluer than purple like the two Aicahn she knew.

“No, is not Brayhr.” His stance turned aggressive immediately.

Enania looked troubled but went to open the door nonetheless. “Hi, can I help you?”

“Enania?” the unknown purple alien uttered.

“Yes, that’s me,” she replied. Even though she was used to the punches the Aicahn gave upon meeting, the stranger’s punch shocked her and was more intense than usual. She staggered back while Brapax pushed her aside and confronted the stranger. What transpired next was pushing, shoving and shouting in the Aicahn language.

Enania slid out of the hallway into the living room. Via her front door camera, she watched what happened. She knew some Aicahn words, but this conversation was so heated she could barely make anything out.

When she saw the two aliens exchange punches, she knew the fight was over. They had gotten back to neutral ground. Not long after, they entered the living room.

“Is half-brother Bralar,” Brapax introduced the other alien.

Keeping her safe distance, Enania nodded to the newcomer. “Nice to meet you.”

“You is why I’m restricted?”

Oh fuck. The conviction had been for Brapax and his family. Enania had assumed only Brapax and Brayhr were affected. She hadn’t known about this half-brother.

“Yes. I’m so sorry.” She extended her hands flat to the floor, showing her submission Aicahn style.

Brapax intervened and apparently explained what had happened, as Enania picked up the phrase ‘BDSM’ a couple of times.

“BDSM, huh?” Bralar said. “So me hit you, you like?”

“It’s not that simple.”

Bralar growled and shook his head in confusion at Brapax, who explained how he saw it.

Bralar licked his lips and smiled deviously at Enania. “Me like. How expensive?”

Enania then gathered that Brapax explained they were in a love relationship and there was no need for payment.

“You his?” Bralar asked.

Enania nodded. “Yes, I suppose you could say that.”

“Okay, then I won’t fuck.”

Enania smiled uneasily. “Would you like a drink?” she asked him.


The human female poured two drinks and brought them to the living room, where the aliens were seated. She excused herself and went to do the laundry in the bedroom. She assumed these two had a lot to catch up with together and was sometimes frightened by the loud roars emanating from the other room.

An hour later, when she passed through the living room on her way to the kitchen, Brapax called her over. “Enania, we talked. Tonight, Brayhr is coming over too, and we do BDSM on you.”
She blushed bright red. “Wh-what?” she stammered.

“Yes. Bralar want see and meet Brayhr too. Together we play and sex.”

“Oh, but Brapax, I’m not sure I….” She glanced at the blue-eyed purple stranger.

Brapax shook his head. “Is good. I promise is okay.” He hit his chest to stress his words. “With Brayhr was good too, no?”

She shrugged. “Yes, I suppose so, but….”

“This same.”

“But Brapax, I know and trust you. I don’t know your brothers. They don’t know how far they can go.”

Brapax was silent and looked away for a moment. “Okay. I whip you, brother fuck you.”

Enania shook her head. “No, not brother fuck me. Only you get to fuck me; the rest can watch.”

Brapax bared his teeth at her response and had a quick discussion with his brother, who had followed the conversation closely. “Yes. Brothers watch. I fuck you.”

Enania smiled in relief. She went over to him and placed a kiss on his cheek. He hugged her clumsily in return. When she stepped back, Bralar had widened his arms, apparently waiting for a hug too. If he was going to see her naked later that evening, she figured a hug wouldn’t be so bad.

He pulled her tight against him. His scent was intoxicating, and the musky foreign smell turned her on immensely. She had wondered if she would be in the mood again tonight, after just having had sex with Brapax, but she only needed to be close to this alien to have all her desires awakened. Her chest was heaving when he released her, and it wasn’t from the gentle tap to her ass.

“I’ll, erm, make some dinner now first.” She hardly dared look at Bralar, who grinned at her knowingly.

“Yes, food good,” Brapax stated and pulled his brother back down.

Enania hurried into the kitchen and grasped the counter. Wow, she didn’t know if this was some kind of alien magic, but that stranger affected her like nothing had ever done before. She almost regretted having bargained her way out of sex with him. If making love would be just as intense as this short hug, then she would be in for a pleasant surprise.

Shortly after they finished dinner, Brayhr arrived. He, too, was surprised to see his half-brother, and like the two siblings had earlier this afternoon, he was quickly off into a deep conversation with the newcomer.

When Enania had finished her after-dinner tea, Brapax sent her to the bedroom to prepare for the night’s events. She stepped into the bathroom and had a quick shower to freshen up completely. She put on the thin silk robe Brapax loved so much. She didn’t bother with any makeup, knowing that would be futile anyway.

When she entered the bedroom, she was shocked to encounter three naked aliens. “Oh, I hadn’t expected you here yet.”

Brapax smiled. “Come here. We do hug first.”

She traipsed over to him and was welcomed into his arms. Both his penises pressed against her mound. “You will take care of me, right, Brapax?” she whispered in his ear. 
He looked genuinely hurt. “Is promise. Of course.”

Hands pulled her off him and into the second alien, the one she had only met today. He, too, gave her a hug while sliding the robe off her shoulders to the floor. She could just bite back a gasp while their bodies connected. He held her in a close embrace, longer than was suitable.

Enania yelped as a searing pain went through her ass. She looked over her shoulder in shock and saw a grinning Brapax behind her, holding a leather strap.

“You hug Bralar, I whip you. You hold?” he asked his brother.

Bralar grunted in response.

Enania didn’t know how she felt about the new situation but didn’t have much time to consider it as her lover struck her again.

Bralar truly didn’t mind, as was testified by both his penises growing hard at experiencing this female getting whipped in his arms.

Enania got confused by the contradicting sensations. Her ass hurt and grew increasingly painful with every hit, but Bralar’s scent brought her to levels of sexiness she had never attained before.

She hardly knew where she was anymore when the other brother Brayhr roughly pulled her away from his half-brother and forced her to her knees. He pushed his top penis into her mouth. She sucked him readily, bobbing her head up and down.

Someone else bound her wrists together at her back, else she would have jacked off his lower cock too. He pulled his top cock out of her mouth, and someone else hit her ass with the strap. As she recovered from the hit, her mouth was filled with purple flesh. This cycle was repeated multiple times.

Brayhr’s hands circled around her neck and began to apply pressure when she was sucking him. She gasped when he released her and was both intensely aroused and slightly panicked.

There was an altercation between two of the aliens, and she was relieved when she found herself in Brapax’s arms. He, too, demanded a blowjob and pushed her back to her knees to suck him off.

She took him in deep and soon got him to the threshold. She wrangled herself away from him and looked around the room.

“Bralar!” she called.

Emitting a loud roar, he pushed the stunned Brapax aside and quickly took his place.

Taking this alien’s meat into her mouth was all it took to bring Enania over the edge. Her stomach clenched, and wave after wave of pleasure erupted through her. Her loud moans set off a chain reaction.

The three aliens gathered close around her and intensified the stroking of their lower penises. It didn’t take long before the first one reached his orgasm and shot his load over Enania’s boobs.

This made her moan even louder.

Load after load was shot onto her torso. Soon she had purple cum dripping from her hair, nose, her nipples, really everywhere. The trajectory of one spurt clouded her vision so that she saw everything through a purple haze.

After everyone had settled down, Brapax came to her and released the bonds from her wrists. He refused to hug her but sent her into the shower.

Enania gladly did so, exchanging flirty smiles with everyone in the room as she exited.

She rinsed her body and face clean under the warm water, dried herself off and returned to the bedroom.

Everyone was there as she had left them.

“More sex?” Brayhr asked her.

She shook her head. “No, Brayhr, not today.”

Bralar rose and pulled her into his arms. “I like you. Thank you.”

“I like you too, Bralar,” and she added in her thoughts ‘more than I should.’ Even now, his scent awakened thoughts she had no place for at this moment.

“Enania, get here,” Brapax shouted from the bed.

She shrugged her shoulder apologetically at the alien holding her and went over to join her original alien lover.

Brapax pulled her in close and placed a kiss on her lips. “Hug cuddle now, right?”

She smiled. “Yes, Brapax, very good. Hug cuddle after sex.”

He yelled something at his brothers, who both rose, hit their chests and left the room.

“I kept promise, right?”

“Yes, Brapax, that’s all right. You did your best. I liked what happened tonight. Thank you. We’ll repeat it soon.”

“Yes, soon.” They kissed each other intimately.

Enania was troubled. She loved Brapax dearly and was happy to have explored BDSM with him this far. But the brother she had met tonight, well, he was of a completely different calibre. Some changes would have to be made, but she had no idea how to break that message to her current lover. Ah well, those were issues for tomorrow. For now, she needed rest, and she had plenty to dream of tonight.

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