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Corinna had to stand trial, could she live with the verdict?

“Please rise.”

Corinna stood up and straightened her skirt. She was wearing her best outfit, especially for this occasion. She didn’t know where to look when the judge entered the courtroom. Should she even look at him? She glanced for a split second at him and shuddered at his stern visage. She only hoped his ruling would be fair.

“In case 234987, I have reached a verdict. On the charge of neglecting matrimonial duties, I find the defendant guilty.”

Corinna gasped. This was what she had feared the most.

“I hereby sentence the defendant to fifty strikes with the cane and judicial fornication, to be issued immediately.”

Corinna looked up in confusion. “Fifty, really?” She touched her backside tentatively.

“The court has ruled. After the sentencing is done, you can make an appeal if you so desire.”

Corinna could swear the judge was smirking.

“Now, make your way over here and present yourself.”

“Yes, your honour.”

Corinna made her way over to where the judge was standing behind the desk.

“Bend over, skirt up,” the judge ordered.

She took the position.

“Keep the count.”

Corinna yelped in pain as the first stroke hit her. “One, Sir.”

“Very well.” The next burst of strokes followed in quick succession.

After the fifteenth, he rubbed her buttock. “Let’s see if you have discoloured.” He pulled down her panties and groped her ass. Corinna hissed in response.

“That’s nowhere red enough as it should be. Let us continue.”

Corinna shrieked harder as the first hit on her bare flesh landed. “Ow, sixteen, Sir.”

The judge continued in silence.

When Corinna counted ‘forty,’ he halted. “Hmm, just ten more before I’m gonna fuck your ass,” he mused.

Corinna’s eyes widened in shock. “No, not my ass, Sir. Forty-one, Sir.” The adrenaline now rushed harder through her. She did not fancy anal sex, but she knew she had little to bring in today. Of course, she had her safeword, but she also knew she had to endure some hardships for her Dominant.

When the fiftieth stroke had hit her, Corinna stayed in position on the table. She scrunched her face and squirmed as the cold lubricant hit her ass. He was really going to do it.

“I love how tender your flesh is. Look how hard you’ve made me,” he stated as he rubbed his erection over her ass.

“Yes, Sir,” Corinna replied in a small voice.

The judge put his erection to her tight hole and began to push inside. “Relax, like we practised. Oh God,” he exclaimed as she swallowed a larger piece of him. “Your submission is so hot,” he added.

Corinna dealt with all sensations simultaneously: her bruised ass cheeks, the intrusion inside her ass and the loving words of her Dominant. Despite her distaste, feelings of pleasure began to course through her body.

The judge entered her deeply and fucked her hard. He took hold of her assaulted buttocks and released his cum inside her.

Corinna slumped forward when it was over.

The judge inhaled and slapped her ass. “Come, they’ll need this room for the next case. Lunchtime is over.”

“Yes, Sir.” Corinna got up from the table and made her outfit decent.

“Do you wish to file an appeal?” the judge asked with a smile.

Corinna cringed. “No, Sir, I think I’ve had enough of this case. Will you be at home for dinner?”

He nodded. “Yes, I will. I’m looking forward to seeing you sit tonight. It’s not often my rulings have such an immediate and lasting effect.”

“Have a nice day, Sir.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek and left the courtroom.

Corinna loved her husband, she really did, but she knew it would be hard for her to sit for the next day or two. At least both her D/s and marriage were alive and well.