Picture from Depositphotos.com, edited by Liz BlackX
Picture from Depositphotos.com – edited by Liz BlackX

Brapax announces his return home — now what is Enania going to do?

Brapax tried to adjust to his new planet and their customs. During his first visit he was nearly successful. Much to his surprise, his human shows him ‘BDSM.’ Together they discover the benefits. Brapax takes on the challenge and discovers primal sex. Brapax invites his brother Brayhr to join in on the fun. BDSM is still forbidden on planet Earth, so when they find out Enania is convicted, this includes Brapax and all his family members. Brapax’s half-brother Bralar shows up. He’s not amused at the restrictions he now suffers, but together with Brayhr they have fun together. Enania invites her friend who is interested in BDSM. Enania has no idea she is ‘Yr’ and how the Aicahn despise this race. Bralar is intent on getting revenge on the human girl and enlists help of his alien lover Quorta. Together with Brapax, Enania manages to settle the scores with the aliens who had assaulted her.

“Enania, is news.”

Enania looked up in shock. She had never heard him speak so earnestly. “What is it, Brapax?”

“Tomorrow, I return.”

“You return? You return where?” Enania shook her head in confusion.


“But I thought…?” She gestured with her hands to her immediate surroundings. “This is your home.”

Brapax shook his head. “No. I return real home. Land of the Aicahn.”

Enania turned pale as she glanced at Brayhr, who also nodded.

“Oh, you mean your home planet. But I thought you were here as refugees,” she continued.

“Yes. And now go back.”

“Oh.” Enania couldn’t hide the disappointment from her voice. “But is it safe?”

Brapax nodded. “Yes, is safe. Family says it is.”

Enania’s heart sank. She hadn’t known how long their relationship would last, but having him move to another planet certainly limited their time together.

“I want sex. Brayhr wants too. One last time.”

Enania swallowed and smiled weakly. “Yes, I suppose we can do that. One last time.” She sighed and followed the aliens to the bedroom. She had been so happy with her real-life BDSM experiences, and now she would have to find a new partner. Life wasn’t fair. She would make sure to enjoy it this final time.

Brapax pulled Enania into his arms when they were in the bedroom. “Hug cuddle first?” He asked.

Enania smiled and placed her head on his shoulder. “Yes, hug cuddle is good. I’ve taught you well.”

They hugged for about ten seconds when Brapax let her go and said: “Sex now?”

Brayhr let out a short growl. “Me hug cuddle too,” and pulled Enania into his arms.

She loved both of them; she truly did. She dreaded having to return to life without them in it, no matter the problems they had been through together.

Brapax had used the time of her embrace with Brayhr to strip off all his clothes.

Enania blushed lightly as she was confronted with his two cocks standing proud. “I guess it’s time then,” she said it in a thick voice before taking her clothes off. Brayhr, too followed the lead.

Without saying a word, Brapax fastened a clamp to her left nipple and then to the right one. Enania yelped at the pain. Brayhr grinned and slapped her on her ass. Brapax pulled on the short chain between the two clamps. He bent her forward so that his brother had the opportunity to spank her.

Brayhr used it gladly and spanked her several times. Enania had forgotten all that had been going on before. She was overtaken by feelings of both lust and pain as the two aliens assaulted her from both sides.

Brapax guided her head to his groin. Enania opened her mouth, and her alien lover pushed his upper penis inside. Now Enania had to focus since she was still dealing with Brayhr’s spanking on her ass. She opened her jaws wide to avoid biting. In response, Brapax pushed in even deeper, his lower dick now pushed against her chin.

Brayhr grabbed the chain of the nipple clamps right above her nipples and pulled each clamp to the outside, tearing her breasts apart as far as the chain allowed. Enania’s back arched at the tension and took even more of Brapax’s dick inside her throat.

Even though his top penis wasn’t as sensitive as the bottom one, she felt him get harder and harder.

Brapax pulled out and walked over to the bed where he lay down. “Here!” He commanded.

Brayhr let go of Enania’s nipples and shoved her towards the bed. Smiling, she climbed on the bed. She straddled Brapax and was about to guide his lower penis inside her pussy, when he erupted a loud “no!”.

Momentarily confused, Enania stopped. The two aliens had a short discussion in the Aicahn language which made Brayhr grin.

He took hold of Enania’s wrists and bent her forward. In one hand, he took his brother’s two penises, pushed them together and placed them at the entrance to Enania’s pussy. Brapax held her lips apart and slowly thrust them in; Enania emitted a long moan as she was stretched to the limit on his purple flesh.

“Yes, all me,” Brapax grunted and let out a long roar when he was all inside. His eyes stared at a faraway place.

Brayhr took his position behind the woman and placed his top penis against her ass. Enania wanted to protest, but before she had any chance, Brayhr pulled the chain of her nipple clamps up and pushed his dick in. All three moaned in lust and desire. Brapax and Brayhr synchronised their thrusts.

Enania didn’t think this could go any further, but Brayhr pulled out, spit on his dicks and pushed them both inside her ass. Enania wailed as she was now really stretched to the limit. She was helpless as she was being railed by these two strong aliens.

Brayhr pulled the chain between her tits up at every thrust, increasing her discomfort even more. Brapax looked like he was on cloud nine, and Enania felt his orgasm rising. Brayhr, too seemed to get closer as he pulled the chain up very high so that he could close his hands around her throat. Enania felt the pressure rising on all sides until finally, Brayhr squeezed her throat shut, and she lost consciousness.

When Enania came to, she didn’t recognise her surroundings. She was strapped in some kind of chair, only clad in a sheet. Her body was still sore on all fronts, from her nipples to her pussy to her ass. “Where am I?” She asked groggily as she wiped her hair from her face.

“We on way home,” Brapax replied happily.

“Home? But where? This is no car.” The small round windows didn’t give her a clue either.

“To Land of Aicahn,” Brapax said proudly.

“No, this can’t be.” She tried to get up but couldn’t get the straps of her seat free. “Why am I here?”

“You with us. You my breeder.” Brapax was still mighty proud of himself.

“No, I’m not. I’m from Earth. What the hell happened? Yesterday you couldn’t even go to a bar because of the restrictions, and now we’ve left the planet?”

Brapax nodded. “Yes, return home always allowed. And you my wife, my breeder, so you come too.”

“Wife?” Enania repeated confusedly. “But I have things to do…my work? What will people think happened to me?”

Brapax’s face turned annoyed. “You home with me. I happy. We do BDSM always. You mine.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right. Couldn’t you have showered me at least?” Enania didn’t want to aggravate him any further but could still feel the sperm leaking from both her holes.

“No time. We need leave.”

She rubbed her temples. That’s what you get for dealing with an alien and wild race. She was being abducted to their home planet. Was it against her will? She wasn’t even certain. She didn’t leave that much behind on planet Earth. And she liked the idea of a future with Brapax and unlimited bouts of BDSM. But she would have wanted a say in the matter. Maybe one day, she would return. Who knew? For now, there was little she could do to change her circumstances.

“Hug cuddle?” She asked her purple lover.

“Yes.” He undid her seatbelt and pulled her close to him. “We do many hug cuddle in my home.”

“That’s perfect, Brapax. We have some manner issues to discuss, but I like hug cuddles. I love them as I love you.”

“Me love you, wife.”

They kissed and continued their journey, a journey that would take her far away from what she was used to. In Brapax’s arms, Enania felt safe. In a way, all her dreams had come true. And who knew what lay ahead on the new planet. She gave Brapax another kiss, the wild and unruly alien she had taught BDSM.


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