Castle bedroom

Image by 139904 from Pixabay
Image by 139904 from Pixabay 

Robert was driving the car while Lydia was staring out the window.

“Careful! You, with your reckless behaviour, you’re going to wreck this car too!” She shook her head in disbelief. It became harder and harder for her to remember why she married this man at all.

Robert turned the wheel swiftly and avoided an accident. He sighed. It wasn’t his fault the other driver wouldn’t give a signal before changing lanes.

“Do you know where we are even? That looks like a pretty castle; maybe they can give us directions.”

“Yes, dear.”

Robert made his way over and parked the car in the castle’s parking lot. He had to agree it was an enticing castle.

“Hello? Anyone there?” his wife bellowed as soon as they entered the massive entrance.

A man appeared from the corner. He looked the butler type, wearing a full costume. He bowed in front of them. “Good day to you, dear travellers. How can I be of service to you?”

“Yes, well, we need directions to Oberton City. The signs above the road make no sense at all.”

The butler smiled politely. “But of course. Maybe you would like a refreshment first before you continue on your journey?”

“I bet that’s gonna cost me a million Dollars, judging by the look of this place.”

“No, ma’am, I assure you it’s on the house. If you would follow me?” He extended his arm to a nearby door.

“Come, Robert, this nice man is going to give us a drink. Heaven knows I need one before getting back in the car with you.” The two followed the butler.

“You two are married?” the butler asked while walking.

“Twenty-three years and counting,” Lydia stated proudly.

“Excellent, excellent.” The butler nodded and opened a door. “Please wait here while I get your refreshments.”

The couple entered the room. It was lavishly decorated, just as you would expect from a 19th-century sitting room.

“Do you think we can sit on the couch?” Robert asked carefully.

“Of course, we can; he said so himself.” Lydia plumped down on the couch. “What’s the smell? It’s like they spilt rose oil somewhere.”

Robert sat down next to her on the edge of the seat.

“It’s taking him long enough, that’s for sure,” Lydia remarked a few minutes later. “I wonder what’s behind that door.” She got up and made her way over. “Oh, the stench comes from here.” She covered her nose. “But look at that bed! Come here, Robert, come and see.”

Robert rose and joined his wife.

The bed was indeed lovely; it looked made for a king.

To his surprise, Lydia was taking off her coat and began to unbutton her blouse. “Lydia, what are you…?”

She came at him and kissed him passionately like she hadn’t done in years. “Robert, come on, you must feel it too.” She fondled his groin. “Ah, it’s affecting you too. You’re never this hard anymore.”

Robert had to admit something as indeed in the air here. He wasn’t even surprised when his wife pulled him towards the bed, sat down, pulled his pants and underwear down and took his cock inside her mouth.

“Oh, Lydia, wow, wait, I…” He lost his train of thought and gave over to the sensations. Her last blowjob had been, what, five years ago?

“Don’t protest, Robby. This is what I need to do.” She bobbed her head again. She sucked him off with extreme care and passion. Her actions filled his head with other plans too.

“Lyd, can I, please, make love to you?”

“Yes, now!” She tore away her pants and panties and laid back on the bed, her legs spread.

Robert grinned and quickly sunk his hard-on inside her wet pussy. They both moaned at the intrusion. “God, this is heavenly.”

“Oh, Robby, take me hard, pound that pussy!”

He thrust into her harder than he had done the past couple of years. Everything seemed right at the moment. Only a few moments later, he reached his orgasm and released a mega-amount of cum inside her.

Lydia twisted and turned before also reaching her moment of bliss. With short shrill screams, she announced her level of pleasure.

The couple was completely out of breath after this tryst.

“I think we should get dressed before the butler returns,” Robert suggested.

“Yes, I suppose you’re right.”

They both redressed and returned to the couch in the main room.

The butler returned, pushing a cart with refreshments. “Excuse me for my tardiness. I hope you have entertained yourselves?” he asked with a wink as if he knew full well what had happened just now.

“We enjoyed each other’s company,” Robert replied as his wife kept silent.

“Good, that’s always good. Enjoying each other’s company is essential to any marriage. Tea?”

After they had finished their teas and biscuits, the couple returned to their car and returned on their journey, following the butler’s directions of which roads to take.

“I liked that castle, Robby. Maybe we should return there someday,” Lydia remarked.

Robert nodded. “I agree. I liked that castle, and I like you, wifey.”

Lydia blushed and turned away.

Robert giggled like a schoolboy in love. He didn’t know what had been in the air, but it had reawakened feelings in both of them. And for the first time in a long time, he was happy with Lydia as his wife. He placed his hand on her thigh and squeezed it. Every marriage needed reconnection now and then.


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