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Returning to how they used to celebrate his birthday, would she once again accept his dominance?

“Go to the bedroom and prepare yourself,” Edwin commanded.

Julie raised her eyebrows. What was this? 

Of course, she knew what it was. They had played like this hundreds of times during the five years of marriage and D/s relationship. It was just that the last time had been, well, more than a year ago? But okay, reigniting their love life could be fun, so she would comply.

She went to the bedroom and stripped naked. She spread her legs, put her arms behind her back and lowered her head. That was how Edwin liked to see her.

Only a few moments later, he followed her inside and went straight to the closet where they still kept their BDSM equipment and rummaged through the selection. Julie tried to sneak a peek but couldn’t make out what he was getting.

Edwin returned to her, holding a length of rope. He grabbed her boob and turned her towards him. He first led the rope around her neck and shoulders before looping it several times around each breast.

Julie huffed at the restriction. “Oh, not this, please.”

When the bondage was set, he stroked her already swelling breast and pinched her nipple. “Oh no? Not this? Do you remember what day it is today?”

Julie’s head fell forward. “Your birthday, Sir.”

“You do remember? I figured you had forgotten all about it.”

“I hadn’t, Sir, I promise. It just…”

She really hadn’t forgotten; she hadn’t got round to congratulating him yet, having only had her morning coffee and breakfast.

“I don’t care for your excuses. Remember what we used to do on my birthday?” He pulled at her other nipple.

“I would be yours to play with all day,” she answered, feeling defeated.

“Exactly. So I’m claiming that right now.”

“But I can’t wear this all day,” she uttered in despair.

“Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. Wear that red dress I love so much, and make sure these boobs are on display. I’m gonna enjoy your torment.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied demurely, knowing she had been bested.

The next hour was uncomfortable for Julie, but, despite her misgivings, her sexual need was growing. Her bound boobs hurt her, but her cunt interpreted it as delicious torture.

“Did you have cake prepared, or did you forget that too?” her husband asked.

“No, Sir, I hadn’t forgotten. I will get you a slice.”

Julie went into the kitchen and returned a moment later, holding two plates with a slice of cake on each. 

Edwin had lit a short stumpy candle on the coffee table.

“Kneel before the table. Place your boobs on it and, of course, hands behind your back.”

Julie frowned and assumed the position. Edwin took the plates from her, placed one on the other end of the table and one in front of her boobs. He put the candle right in between her breasts. She winced at the heat.

He picked up the pastry fork and scraped over the intense red, taut skin of her tit. “Now, this is a perfect birthday treat. Wait, it needs a little more decoration.” He tilted the candle above her boob and let the wax drip on it. Julie winced at the pain.

“Perfect. Stay in position while I eat my cake.”

When he finished his cake, he dropped more wax on her breasts and nipples. She squealed.

“Okay, that’s it. Now you’ll have to fix this hard-on of mine.” He pulled her up by her hair and shoved her over the dining room table. After roughly pushing her down, he freed his cock and rammed it inside her hot pussy.

Julie could hardly comprehend what had just happened. Her breasts were squashed underneath her, still tingling from the wax burns, and now her man was fucking her like crazy. She was shocked at how wet her pussy had become from only having her boobs restricted so tightly. She gave in and simply rode the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. It wasn’t long before he spewed his load deep inside of her.

He pulled out of her. “Come, let me remove the rope. You should tidy up and get ready. I think my parents will be here in fifteen minutes.” He kissed her on her lips. “Thank you for this exquisite birthday present.”

“Happy birthday, love,” she replied. This wasn’t how she had foreseen this day would go, but, in all honesty, she didn’t mind. Even though she hadn’t got to eat her cake, her submissive self was deeply satisfied. And she hadn’t seen Edwin this aroused in a long time. Maybe a year had passed, but this was the perfect beginning for the coming year. Happy birthday indeed.

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  1. What I like about your work is that it’s always surprising. There’s always something that grabs me and says, “I bet you haven’t thought of this.” I realize, yeah I have’t thought of that and now that I have, I want it. Thanks for the post!

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