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Picture from, edited by Liz BlackX
Picture from, edited by Liz BlackX

Brapax was more civilized than his brother, but how far would this Aicahn go to keep his promise?

In ‘Greeted With a Punch’, Brayhr is introduced as a member of the Aichan race who hold special customs. His brother Brapax is more mature and better adjusted to the planet he now lives on, but will he keep his composure once alone with a human girl?

Brapax smiled wearily as he saw yet another woman follow his brother, her hands stretched out and facing down. She was his third catch this evening. No wonder the brothel they frequented loved him so much. After months of nagging, Brapax had finally given in and accompanied him to the establishment this evening. There were no round twos for the women his brother had visited. He suspected they were led out the back door, unable to serve other clients that evening.

Brapax smiled to himself. His brother Brayhr was still young and unruly, unable to restrain himself. Brapax, on the other hand, was a fugitive and well aware he was only a visitor to this planet. He had learned to adapt to the planet’s customs. His ‘slap and punch’ greetings were not well-accepted over here, so he had learned to suppress the urge and instead shake hands like they did around here.

The owner of the establishment approached him. She sat next to him and bent in close. “Good evening, sir. I hope everything is all right?”

He nodded. “Yes, all good. Lovely ladies I like,” he replied with an appreciative smile.

“Glad to hear it. I have something of an unconventional question.”
He nodded that she could continue.

“Well, I have heard men of your kind when they ejaculate…”

He grimaced at the problematic word.

“When they cum, orgasm?” while waving her hands in a giant explosion image from the groin and squinting her eyes in mock-pleasure.

He squinted and nodded.

“I heard your sperm, what comes out, is the colour purple, like your skin?”

“The fucking fluid? For making babies? Yes, is purple.” He had learned the word for the colour of his skin long ago. “You need
babies?” he asked the woman seriously while lowering his chin.

She smiled nervously and waved it away. “No, no, not like that. I was wondering if we could please you, and then you cum over a girl so we can take pictures, you understand?”

“Pictures? Like photographs?”

She nodded vehemently. “Yes, like photographs.”

He rose and unbuttoned his pants. “Here?”

“No, no, not here.” She pulled him back in his seat. The other aliens grunted in response, all ready to flare up and fight.

“Upstairs, in a room. Private.”

He nodded solemnly.

“One woman will pleasure you, you will cum on her body, and my other friend will take pictures. Is that all right?”

Brapax extended his hand for a handshake. That was how deals were settled, right?

“But I have one more question for you. Please don’t hurt the woman this time.”


“No punches or choking like you usually do.” She mimicked what she meant.

He smiled when he understood. “It’s Brayhr’s way. Not me.” He knocked on his chest. “Good.”

“Can we do it now?” the woman asked.

He nodded.

She scoured the room for a candidate she would bring along. “Emily?” The girl scurried over to her.

“Yes, Madam?”

Madam bent close to the fair-skinned light-blond girl and told her the plan. Emily’s eyes darted to the big purple alien male but gave her consent.

“Please take him to the suite, get him showered and in the mood, while I send in Lorna to take the pictures. I am not sending Sam, because I don’t want to make him angry,” she said while nudging at Brapax.

“No problem, I’ll get it done.”

Emily remembered full well what had happened when the other purple alien had gotten into altercations with the other guests at the bar. Seemingly unprovoked, security had needed to step in multiple times, and that never had ended well. The conflicts had been with both human men and men from other planets, so no man was a safe bet. Better safe than sorry.

Emily took Brapax’s hand and led him to the suite.

Brapax liked the girl leading him on. She reminded him of the human breeders sent to his planet before the collapse. He could do her.

Once inside the room, Emily showed him the en-suite. Brapax took a shower and came into the room a few minutes later, stark naked.

Emily went over to him and trailed his purple chest with her fingers. “Hmm, so muscular.”

Both Brapax’s penises rose in response to her crooning.

Emily’s finger slid over the top cock. “I never had a man with two,” she remarked with a smile. “Are they both functional?”
Brapax looked confused.

“Do they both do it?”

He nodded. “Yes. This one better, but this one good too.” He gripped his lower dick first and then pointed to the top one.

He nearly doubled over when Emily took a firm grasp of his ‘better one.’ “Ah, I see it’s more sensitive. If I suck your top one, will this one rise too?” she asked with a menacing grin.

Brapax groaned in response, took hold of her hair and pushed her to her knees.

“Let’s see,” Emily said happily, unfazed by the rough treatment. She closed her lips over the top penis and immediately began to suck hard. If he wanted it rough, he could get it rough. Even his smell increased her arousal, like it was laced with pheromones on steroids.

It wasn’t long before his second penis stabbed her in her neck, being just as erect as the one she was sucking. The moment she switched to the bottom one, Brapax nearly lost his footing. He uttered swearwords in his language.

At that moment, the door opened, and another woman entered. “Oh, didn’t know you had already begun. I’m Lorna, here to take the pictures.”

Brapax composed himself and grunted in response. Yes, he was polite, but with a naked woman caressing his body, he couldn’t stay polite forever. He had shoved Emily aside so she couldn’t suck him for the moment.

“What now?” he managed to utter, knowing he had made a deal and had a task to complete. Aicahn people always fulfilled their promises.

“Ehm, I don’t know what you need to cum. For the final shot, I want her on the bed and you spewing your load over her stomach and face, ‘kay?”

Without warning, he picked up Emily and threw her on the bed. He used both his hands to jerk off. He positioned himself over her body.

He stood in this position for the longest time. Emily lay still as a mouse, not wanting to break his concentration.

“So, can we help, or anything?” Lorna asked finally.

Brapax increased his jerking and reached his orgasm. His one dick shot its load all over Emily’s flat stomach; the other’s ejaculate went up her nostril and over her cheek.

“Perfect, good,” Lorna uttered clicking the camera.

Emily sputtered at first but maintained her still position, not wanting to ruin the shots.

“Yeah, that’s it, I’m done. Thanks, I guess,” Lorna said lowering her camera.

“Out!” he screamed.

Both women were shocked. A giant purple naked alien was not a pleasant foe.

“Out!” he repeated. Brapax pulled Lorna by her arm and shoved her out the door. He slammed the door shut after her then locked it.

“Down!” he yelled at Emily who had sat up in the bed. She quickly lay back down, her chest heaving in fear.

He slapped her face hard. Droplets of the sperm glued to her cheek now spattered on the sheets.

“What is happening? What are you — oomph…” Emily struggled to comprehend, but he was inside of her before she could finish her sentence.

The aroused alien sank his lower penis into her pussy. Yes, this felt the same as the human breeder he had once had. She felt good.
He pounded her hard. His top penis rubbed her clitoris with every thrust, making Emily dizzy with desire. She spread her legs wider, which triggered his instincts.

“Oh, yes…” she moaned and writhed at his girth. This was no act for the clients, it really was more than she had ever felt.

He lowered himself on the bed and fucked her even harder and deeper. His hands went around her throat, and while he came close to his second orgasm, he tightened them. Her surprised body spasmed at the lack of oxygen. Only when she had lost consciousness he ejaculated inside of her, filling her pussy to the brim with his purple cum.

Brapax removed himself from the bed and grunted happily. Two jobs well done. The pictures had been taken, and he had bred this girl. This Aicahn had fulfilled his promise.

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  1. 2 for 1!!!
    I’m not usually into smut of this sort, but I had already read the whole thing before I realized I needed a quote for my tweet.
    Great writing. Held me captive until the end:)

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