When I saw this prompt, I immediately knew I had to write about this song: Fee Ra Huri by Omnia. I know I had the same band last week, but there was just no other option.

This song is an upbeat one and it’s perfect to dance to during live performances. The lyrics are truly nonsense, though the band has said fans have approached them because this song is so profound and the lyrics speak to them. To each their own, I guess.
I love the song for its melody and it’s just fun all around.

Music & lyrics Steve Sic & Jenny Evans van der Harten
All music & publishing rights ©PaganScum Records 2012
Written in 2003

And after reading Jim’s prompt post, here is a bonus clip of the same band performing the first and ultimate nonsense poem ‘Jabberwocky:’

Song Lyrics Sunday is a prompt by Jim Adams, other entries can be found here: https://jimadamsauthordotcom.wordpress.com/2021/12/11/more-gobbledygook/

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