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The past week, there’s been controversy in my country, The Netherlands, about a ‘new’ phenomenon. The local fair had the opportunity to win so-called ‘Penis plushes,’ soft stuffed toys shaped like a penis but with a smile. Now the entire country is in cahoots whether this should be banned, forbidden, banished forever or perhaps, maybe, be allowed?

The fairs where this toy can be won are open to all. The game where it can be obtained is aimed at children. For a few coins, you can try to catch one. And, of course, as soon as a couple of people have won one, others will see it and want one, too.


The controversy lies in the fact that many people deem this an inappropriate toy for small children. The question is whether it is. Many people say that children are bound to come into contact with imagery of the genitalia in school with sexual education, on the Internet or on television.
Other people say this shouldn’t be the case, and children shouldn’t be confronted with a toy like this. Especially young girls shouldn’t be cuddling with a smiling dick before they are of age. There’s even a political party who has spoken out against it:

My Opinion

So, what is my opinion as a sexpert and sex toy reviewer? First of all, I don’t think this toy should be forbidden. I think parents can decide for themselves what they feel about this product and whether they approve it. I live in the Netherlands, which, until recently, was a free country. We have democracy and the right to free speech. I don’t think it’s damaging for children to cuddle with a plush penis. Will this make them overly sexual? No, I highly doubt it. Let’s not forget it’s a toy. It doesn’t make noise, it doesn’t move, it’s a plush toy with a smile drawn on its face.

I Would Have Wanted One

As for myself, I don’t know whether I would have been given one before the age of 10. But I was born in the eighties and raised in a strict situation. There’s even a chance my mom would have laughed at the product and had gotten one just for laughs. And as soon as I was over 11 and my sexual exploration had begun, I would have loved it.

I Want One

Actually, I’m turning 41 this weekend, and tomorrow, my XXL edition of the plush penis, one meter long, will arrive. I couldn’t resist since I am a sex blogger and sex toy reviewer. I hope many other people in my country will enjoy their time with their ‘Piemel knuffel!’

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