Picture of Liz in Bondage

Two legs in bondage, a two legs in greaves bondage

Copyright Liz BlackX

When I started this blog, I vowed I would never take pictures of myself. I don’t like the way my body looks, I’m quite stiff and clumsy, and I’m afraid to be recognised. But I do read other people’s blogs. And then I came across this post by Mrs K. I actually send the post to a chat group with my husband and a friend because I thought the pictures, and the bondage, were so pretty. Fifteen minutes later, I receive this picture. My husband sent it of a tie he made on his own leg.

A leg in bondage

Copyright Liz BlackX

So that was it. Now I too wanted pictures of myself in this particular bondage. I think they came out pretty well. We may do it again some time…

Two legs in bondage, a two legs in greaves bondage

Copyright Liz BlackX
Two legs in bondage, a two legs in greaves bondage together with a glimpse of a (well-spanked) ass ;)

Copyright Liz BlackX


  1. It makes me smile that Mrs K bondage post ended up inspiring your husband and you’re desire to bind your own legs and take pictures! This was the sole reason I started TmuT to begin with, in the hope that people would find joy in tying and sharing with each other. So I’m so happy I saw your post pop up!

    I love how both your husband and you each used several colours. Your pictures are literally making me feel like I want to get some ropes out right now and do some myself ?

    1. Thank you ?
      It was a great excuse to actually do bondage again. We both love the act, but too often it just doesn’t happen. You know how that goes…

      The purple and turquoise rope is actually hemp which we bought in Germany last year at a BDSM fair. It feels really good too ?
      It may be the perfect excuse to buy more of this rope…

        1. I think this fair was in October 2019. Amazing to think that only a few weeks later, the world shut down.

          And you’re right, I should get more rope. Now if only I could find the business card of the company where we bought it. I remember the people where we bought it were really nice, but I don’t know if that’s going to help ?

          1. Okay, last night we did an in-depth search through calendars, navigation software, chat logs and even Facebook ?
            The event was in July, not in October, which makes sense because it was so hot that weekend I nearly blew up my Apple Watch’ battery. It was called Erotik Szene Markt in Oberhausen. But I still don’t have the seller.

            So – do you by chance know of any good rope sellers who ship to The Netherlands, preferably natural hemp rope in nice shades?

          2. Thank you ?
            It’s great to hear from you ☺️
            Would you have guessed my husband to make his debut on a sex blog on a picture while in bondage ?

  2. Oh. I’m so happy my post inspired you and that you sent it to more people to view and hopefully inspire them 🙂
    I hope to see you at TMuT often 🙂
    I also don’t like how my body looks and didn’t liken posting pictures of myself but my blog has really given me more confidence. And receiving huge compliments like this is super helpful. Thank you!!!!
    Your ties look so great!

    1. Thank you ?
      I really wouldn’t have guessed how you feel about your body and I’m glad to hear posting pictures on your blog helps.

      And thank you for your compliments about the ties. We’ve been into bondage for a long time, but usually it just doesn’t happen. We also never take the time to make pretty knots like the ones on the picture. I may or may not be a bit impatient ?
      But now that it was for the right cause and with some funny background music, we both loved the whole thing. So yes, I do hope we’ll do it again. Soon.
      Thanks for the inspiration ?

  3. I absolutely love the ties you have done. The multi-colors are gorgeous and the glimpse of your bottom in the last one quite enticing. So glad you decided to join in with the rope, and yay for MrsK’s inspiration 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. How cool that you noticed ?
      When my husband took the picture, I figured it would be way too nude and that it would go into our private collection, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the result ?

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